Goblin and Gong Yoo Lead the Nominations for the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards

The nominations are out for the 53rd annual Baeksang Arts Awards, to be held on May 3rd in Seoul. Leading the pack on the television side of the nominations is last year’s runaway cable drama hit Goblin: The Lonely and Shining God – netting Best Drama, Best Actor for Gong Yoo, Best Actress for Kim Go Eun, Best Screenplay for Kim Eun Sook, and Best Director nods for the main production team players. While Goblin got the most awards, the pundits think the best chance for the drama to win are in the categories of Best Actor for Gong Yoo and Kim Eun Sook to get her third Best Screenplay trophy after winning for Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris. Other dramas to get multiple nods are Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, W: Two Worlds, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, and Another Oh Hae Young. Check out the full nomination list for the drama side and pick who you think should/will win.

Baesang Drama Nominees:

Best Drama:

W: Two Worlds
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
Goblin: The Lonely Shining God
Dear My Friends

Best Actor:

Gong Yoo (Goblin)
Namgong Min (Chief Kim)
Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Jo Jung Seok (Incarnation of Jealousy)
Han Seok Kyu (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)

Best Actress:

Kim Go Eun (Goblin)
Kim Ha Neul (On the Way to the Airport)
Park Bo Young (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
Park Shin Hye (Doctors)
Seo Hyun Jin (Another Oh Hae Young)

New Actor Award:

Gong Myung (Drinking Solo)
Kim Min Seok (Doctors)
Kim Min Jae (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)
Kim Ji Soo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
Jinyoung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)

New Actress Award:

Kang Hana (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
Gong Seung Yeon (Master – God of Noodles)
Nana (The Good Wife)
Minah (Beautiful Gong Shim)
Lee Se Young (Laurel Tree Tailors)

Best Screenwriter:

Kang Eun Kyung (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)
Kim Eun Sook (Gobin)
No Hee Kyung (Dear My Friends)
Park Hae Young (Another Oh Hae Young)
Song Jae Jung (W: Two Worlds)

Best Director:

Jung Dae Yoon (W: Two Worlds)
Song Hyun Wook (Another Oh Hae Young)
Yoo In Seok (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)
Lee Eun Bok (Goblin: The Lonely Shining God)
Hong Jong Chan (Dear My Friends)

I’m most surprised to see nods for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which is still airing, but then none for Defendant which aired a dash earlier and has wrapped. Unless SBS is putting that drama out for next year’s selection, but then poor Ji Sung‘s performance will be less memorable with a year interim. Oh wells, overall this is a very popular-skewing nomination list which is usually the case.


Goblin and Gong Yoo Lead the Nominations for the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards — 166 Comments

  1. Best Director – Lee Eun Bok (Goblin)
    Best Screenwriter – Kang Eun Kyung (RDTK)
    Best Drama – RDTK
    All of the nominations are fine and well deserved, every one of the nominees left a lasting impression
    I’m betting on the drama Daesang to go to Han Suk Kyu, he is really excellent

    • Congrats to ALL the nominees. To be honest i think YOONA and JICHANGWOOK deserved to be on the nomintaed list as BEST ACTRESS and BEST ACTOR for TVkdrama too. both did amazing acting. Yoona and ji chang wook even had to work without full scripts bcos the writer was so lazy and biased. of course Yoona and Jichangwook did amazing acting even without full scripts, Therefore an extra merit for them. (clap, clap, clap…)

  2. Thank goodness that Flopsuk didn’t get any nomination, he already got a daesang in MBC awards, but then MBC nominated Jin Se Yeon too, and MBC had a voting system.

      • I think this is Missjb she cganged her name after I called her out. Coz on other articles completely unrelated to him this troll is bashing him
        Lol so much time on hands

      • @missed appointments: please pretty autumn is not me. I bet we have different IP address to prove it. I might be not a fan of his acting, but please. Not to the extend create different account all together. If i have the need to comment about lee jong suk i will do it with my ID.

      • Not liking is one think. Calling him names is so immature

      • Bashing an actor because you don’t like them is completely immature and stupid.. It is disrespectful

  3. In my opinion, Han Suk Kyu definitely deserves the Best Actor gong. He was passed over the award for Kim Soo Hyun back then. I don’t know if Baeksang will do that again to merit the popularity over quality. Gong Yoo may stand a chance if they are going to reward HSK with a daesang. But if it is to my preference, my pick is Nam Goong Min. The man has been demonstrating charisma back to back.

  4. I’m sorry but Kim Go Eun definitely doesn’t deserve best actress award for Goblin. She was soooo much better in Cheese in the Trap and se played Hong Seol better than Ji Eun Tak. I’m sorry but some one like PBY could have portrayed Ji Eun Tak so much better, she was unimpressive in Goblin, which was a shame because she is a fine actress.
    Also why is PBY nominated for SWDBS? The drama isn’t even finished and Na Bong Sun from Oh My Ghostess is so much better than Do Bong Soon, although I understand that SWDBS made jtbc history, but they could have nominated Park Hyung Sik too.. Kim Ha Neul, Park Shin Hye and Seo Hyun Jin are the only female nominees from this list that I can see why they got their nomination. And I agree that HSK should get a Daesang. But why on Earth didn’t they nominate Ji Sung from Defendant for best actor???

      • @Haeki, Han Suk Kyu is a fine actor who absolutely deserved his Daesang and still deserves it. Ducksuk didn’t even desrve his MBC Daesang, but then, it was based on votes i.e popularity. Han Suk Kyu and Ducksuk aren’t even comparable to each other 🙂

      • Rofl. What a joke. Did you know when lee yoo ri won daesang in 2014, it based on votes too, why you didnt complain then? Oh because you hate Lee jong suk, when he receive award based on votes you claimed it as popularity when others did its because of acting, right?

      • I know the competition is so tough but LJS could have gotten a nomination

    • W isn’t that great to be honest… MBC has nothing last year that he won empty house.
      If you put next to other dramas it fails flat in comparison on acting

      • Have to disagree. W was great honestly but the actors’ section is really competitive this time

  5. I find the nominees for Best Actress award are weak against the Best Actors. Tough competition there!! All were fantastic. This list is for 2016, so I guess Ji Sung will be nominated next year. He better !!!! Also that ahjussi actor who acted as the father in the Rebel, he was awesome too.

    Jisoo got nominated for New Actor? He’s been acting for a while now. Both PBY and Jisoo got nominated but not our puppy Hyungsik? Not fair.

    As much as I love PBY, I don’t think it warrants best actress though…in fact, none in the Best Actress list are fantastic enough.

    • I was wondering where is Ji Sung. If Ji Sung wasn’t nominated because Defendant completed not too long ago then why is Namg Goong Min nominated for Chief Kim which ended later than Defendant?

    • Hyungsik was already nominated for best newcomer for What happens to my family so it makes sense that he is not nominated here.

    • I’m completely confused about Park Hyung Sik not being nominated. If any other actor is in that part this whole drama wouldn’t be as good. I can’t think of one other actor that could be so puppy/sexy as Park Hyung Sik is playing Ahn MinHyuk.

      • I agree…I’m disappointed in Jtbc! (+knowing it’s their Awards’ show) Nominating Park Bo Young and Ji Soo but omitting to include their male lead is like a slap in the face. Should I remind them that without Hyungsik the show wouldn’t be this popular. They may think Park Bo Young is the one bringing the ratings but I beg to differ : it’s her fantastic chemistry with Hyungsik that made the show watchable and popular. Hyungsik is holding his own very well alongside Park Bo Young. Give the credit where it’s due. And no, I’m not that delusional to think he would win (seeing the fierce competition)but they could have at least included him in the list of the nominees. In all fairness, the right thing to do would have been not to include any actors of the show…it’s still running after all.

      • When pby is selected for nominees. Is jtbc the one to choose for nominees? Is jtbc responsible for choosing nominees?

      • can not agree with you more.. i am very disappointed that they didn’t nominated Hyungsik. It truly is a slap in the face for him.

        Ji Soo is not-so-new comer, isn’t He?

  6. just wondering why Park Hyungsik is not included but Jisoo and Park Bo Young are. he did really well in Hwarang and is pretty good in SWDBS.

    i agree with the commentor that the Best Actress nominees are weak vs the Best Actor.

  7. @anon and @julisean
    I’m sorry But I disagree with you completely. The actress nominees are as good as the actor nominees. You can’t seriously claim that e.g Park Bo Gum and Nam Goongmin are above those female nominees. In fact all of those female actresses have left a lasting impression to viewers with memorable portrayal of their characters. Heck, Seo Hyun Jin’s Oh Hae Young and Park Shin Hye’s Yoo Hye Jung created a Girl Crush Syndrome in 2016. I feel like girls have to be 2 times better than men to get even half the appreciation from viewers that men have. I do wonder why didn’t they nominate Jeon Do Yeon for Perfect wife…

    • Yeah, I just finished The Good Wife, it was an excellent work, from the acting to the writing to the directing and music, I couldn’t find much to fault about it. It doesn’t seem to be getting much recognition with not even a nomination for Jeon Do Yeon who had one of the most complex female characters of the year.

      • If we are comparing actresses, she should have been nominated for The Good Wife. She beat all the actresses in this category. GHJ is foreever overlooked in awards. She is much better than some of those nominated

    • @Juliesean, true but those actresses are NOT weaker than some of the men in men’s category, you can’t claim that Park Bo Gum or Nam Goongmin are actually better in acting than any of the actresses in female category. So your statement that actresses category is weaker than actors category is false and biased

      • Why are you getting so worked up? We are all entitled to our own opinions. I didn’t force you to agree with me.

        To me, none of the actresses can hold a candle to the male leads.

      • @julisean, well to me Gong Yoo is VASTLY overrated and Kim Rae Won deseved nomination instead. Also Park Bo Gum and Nam Goongmin don’t hold candle to ANY of the actresses 🙂

      • @Juliesean you are super biased. GY’s role wasn’t any special and he didn’t win anything for this movies as well. But yes the ladies can’t hold a candle to the male lead.
        In my opinion KGE did much better than GY even her role might not be the best. All the actresses have their reasons to get the nomination and well deserved so.

    • perhaps, i didn’t phrase it correctly. i’m not saying that the nominees for best actress category are not good, just felt that there were more deserving nominees like gong hyo jin for jealousy incarnate, kim go eun should have been nominated for cheese in the trap instead of goblin, kim yoo jung for moonlight drawn by clouds, etc.

      for the best actor, definitely missing ji sung for the defendant.

      • GHJ played the same role she has done in every of her drama. While KJY was good for her age but the one the stole the show was PBG and he was nominated. KJY’s character fell flat or didn’t have much play ground after a while. She could have nominated as best new actress but not enough in best actress category.. KGE did well for her character and had probably the best performance in Goblin. So she deserves to be there even her role in cheese is much better.
        Those judges are better critics than you and me anyways.
        I do agree about Jisung though.

      • KYJ literally did nothing but cry in the 2nd half of MDBC and even in the first half she didn’t have much to do except cross dress and be boisterous. PBG was the heart and soul of that drama and without him it would never have worked as well as it did hence his nomination.

        GHJ was good in JJI like she is in everything but that character was nothing to write home about which is probably why it wasn’t nominated.

        And Goblin is bound be nominated for just about everything coz it was a record breaking drama on so many fronts.

  8. – No defendant? No Ji Sung?
    – SWDBS: PBY and Ji Soo? And the drama is still running.
    – Yoona is nominated while she has barely few minutes on the movie?

    Cant at least Kim Yoo Jung be nominated in best new actress? I found the list of best new actors and actress is very strange. Kang Ha Na? Gong Myung? Ji Soo? Min Ah?

    I think Dear My Friends might win big and Goblin go empty hand. Kim Ha-neul or Seo Hyun-jin, I like both role, but it will mean more for SHJ.

    • KYJ has been acting for over a decade so a new actress award would be quite weird at this point. Ji Soo too has already broken out so I don’t understand his new actor nomination either.

      The rest of the list is fine except the lack of Defendant and Ji Sung. Why exactly is he missing from the list!?

      • Lee Se Young is a child actor too, with more or less 50 projects. Half of the list are idol turn actor, even jinyoung got nomination.

        It will be Nana or Lee Se Young. Kim Min Seok has pretty good year so far. The funny thing is I see people criticise Ji Soo the most in SWDBS than any other drama he has been on and thats the drama got him nominated.

      • LSY and everybody else in the list (minus Ji Soo) have only just broken out. Before that they were fairly unknown so hence it makes sense to nominate them for the category. KYJ has already broken out and has had a sufficient number of successful projects before MDBC so it makes no sense to nominate her in the category.

      • Ok I check back KYJ was nominated in 2012.

        Also in 2012, Kim Soo Hyun won over
        Cha Seung-won – The Greatest Love as Dokko Jin
        Han Suk-kyu – Deep Rooted Tree as King Sejong
        Park Si-hoo – The Princess’ Man as Kim Seung-yoo
        Shin Ha-kyun – Brain as Lee Kang-hoon
        so anything can happen

        Maybe Baeksang will broadcast on JTBC thats why the historic drama SWDBS just get nominated despite havent finish its run.

      • I don’t expect kyj to be nominated in new actress category I never see or heard that one actress nominated in same category twice shes been nominated for this category during tmets.time.

    • YOONA DID AMAZING ACTING in her movie ConfidentialAssignment/cooperation, PEOPLE LOVES YOONA’S EXCLLENT ACTING!!! her role is maybe small, but her acting and role had HUGE and BIG IMPACT! she was named the hardcarry of ‘confidential assignment/cooperation’currrently her movie ranks #1 kmovie 2017 at Korean box office of Year, her movie beating theking, even her movie is the ONLY kmovie2017 among the TOP BEST of ALL TIMES kmovie by Korean box office.

      YOONA SLAYING!!!! … ofc, Yoona also deserve to be nominated as Best actress support for kmovie, and also best actress for TV kdrama too.

    • YOONA DID AMAZING ACTING in her movie ConfidentialAssignment/cooperation, PEOPLE LOVES YOONA’S EXCLLENT ACTING!!! her role is maybe small, but her acting and role had HUGE and BIG IMPACT! she was named the hardcarry of ‘confidential assignment/cooperation’currrently her movie ranks #1 kmovie 2017 at Korean box office of Year, her movie beating theking, even her movie is the ONLY kmovie2017 among the TOP BEST of ALL TIMES kmovie by Korean box office.

      YOONA SLAYING!!!! … ofc, Yoona also deserve to be nominated as Best actress support for kmovie, and also best actress for TV kdrama too! SHE DESERVES IT.

    • Actually I think Bo young nomination for best actress is so on point she portrayed her character in a very flawed script to the best I can imagine. She is the savior of the drama (along hyungsik) she is a great actress. And the fact that the drama broke jtbc history cannot see why the astonished reaction at all. For jisoo I actually still wondering how is he still in “new best actor” category lol. Anyway I think the male actors are overrated (personal opinion) let’s give some credit to the female actresses as well ugh

  9. The actors are all excellent while the actresses are all a bit weak. It’s true Korea really needs more talented actresses while the competition for actors is so thight. I got Oh Hae Young and Strong Woman are popular but I’ll give the best actress to Kim Ha Neul.

  10. FUN FACT IN 2016 BAEKSANG: Song Hye Kyo of DOTS got 2 votes in Best TV Actress while Kim Hye Soo of Signal had 3 votes. In the Best Actor Category, Yoo Ah In of Six Flying Dragons beats Cho Jin Woong of Signal with just one vote also. There are 5 judges back then.

      • Last year, there were 10 judges. 5 Judges from TV were different from 5 in Movies Section. There was an article last year in Naver and was published by Jongang Ilbo, that TV judges had a difficult time selecting a winner. In first round, SHK of DOTS and CJW of Signal were leading but in second evaluation one judge has swayed to Kim Hye Soo of Signal and YAI. Then the third round came and they have come up with the decision same with the second round. Similar thing happened also in selecting the Daesang winner. All jurors agree to give the Daesang award to a TV program. It’s a battle between DOTS and Signal and also had a 3 rounds selection. They decided to give DOTS the Daesang because the show had a huge contribution in the Korean economy during that time while the Best Drama to Signal because of its quality. Long read isn’t it haha

    • Thank you so much for the long answer ?
      I thought the juror for TV and movie are the same.
      I wonder who will receive the daesang this year. I don’t know why but somehow my guess it will be related to Goblin. It could be the writer or the drama itself. Some might disagree but it’s just my prediction tho.

  11. I’m also one of the majority who think that this year’s Best TV Actress nominees are very weak compared to last yr- Kim Hye Soo, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran and Hwang Jung Eum.

    • Why compare to last year? Why don’t you list out the actresses that you think should be nominated this year instead?

    • Unfortunately the 2nd half of 2016 didn’t have as many strong/good female characters compared to last year. PSH and SHJ were the only ‘kickass’ characters but even they got shafted at some point due to poor script and/or too much emphasis on male characters. Even JJH came across as bland in LOTBS.

      Hoping for stronger female characters this year with equal amounts of screen time as male characters!

      • Seo Hyun Jin and Park Hin Hye are kickass? Disagree. Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Ha Neul are. I even think Nana in Good Wife better than SHJ and PSH lol.

      • @Miu, Nana better than SHJ or PSH? It’s time for you to stop smoking that thing that makes you stay in delulu land 😉

    • UGHHHH this is why actresses in their twenties never get the chance to explore and prove themselves when some Luddites are banging their heads over how actresses in their thirties/forties are *sooooo much better* than these younger actresses. I’m glad there are nominees in their twenties (and Seo Hyun Jin is in her thirties already), because hopefully this will make the scriptwriters write more challenging and meatier FEMALE characters for younger actresses to.
      ALL of those female nominees are fine actresses. Get over it. And I’m sorry, did you just say Hwang Jung Eum is better than the current nominees..?????? Laughable. Even Song Hye Kyo has been criticized for her acting in the beginning of her career for your information

      • PSH & SHJ had ‘kickass characters’ so yes. They played strong female leads and even though JDY did put in an incredible performance and most likely should have been nominated but that does not undermine the fact that SHJ & PSH deserve their nominations.

      • Preach!

        They compared actresses in their 20s to actresses in their 30s and 40s and wonder why they failed in comparison? Even JDY is always a wonderful actress but she didn’t even shine that much. Hence we didn’t see her in the list.
        I like airport but I wasn’t impressed by KHN either. The 2nd lead actress was better than her at some points.
        People are praising Nana when she never had a lead role. Remind me how they praised Krystal better than PSH in Heirs, just because the role fit it her. Nana can be in the list if she lead a drama as she did in her small role.

      • @gilgit…what hwang jung eum is laughable???do you even know what u are saying? hje is an amazing actress based o the previous works she has stard in…don’t make that insult coz you’re more than laughable with your ignoramus behavior..

      • @Gilgit I’m totally agree with you..we are in the same boat..i actually think that how can the actress in their twenties can show their acting skill like the actress which is older than them or compare to the actor if almost all drama writer in korea will always make the actor become their central role or give the good script to other actress which is already have much experience..how can their prove themselves if there is no offer or if they just get typical cast

  12. Ok. When I see the nominees, I have the impression there were only 15 dramas in Korea the last 6 months… And I don’t understand all the nomination, in the category New actor/actress, there are actor with one drama like Nana and other with a lot of dramas, Lee Se Young was a child actress, Ji Soo had 11 dramas.. They should determine what it is “new”…

    For me, the winners are Goblin or Dear My Friend ; Goong So or Jo Jung Seok ; Seo Hyun Jin or Kim Go Eun ; in new none of them ; in writters all except the one for W (the start was great but after…) ; Lee Eun Bok.

    • Laurel was Lee Se Young’s claim to fame, her breakout role so to speak. I think they mostly nominate breakouts in new actor/actress. While some achieve that in their first drama itself others take a while. But I agree SWDBS is not Ji Soo’s breakout drama so I don’t understand his nomination.

    • Somehow my choices are same with you. For the best drama i think it will be Goblin or My Dear Friend. Lee eun bok and Kim eun sook might get award too. For the best actor I’d choose HSK, JJS or GY while the best actress might go to SHJ, KHN (didn’t watch the drama but some people says she’s good there) or KGE.

  13. I was a little surprised that Defendant isn’t nominated. It’s really a pity, but I guess it’s possible that they are leaving it for next year. Not sure if it’s eligible though. I don’t actually think that SBS should’ve pushed JJS ahead of any of the Defendant leading duo (and Jealousy Incarnate over Defendant for that matter), but that’s just my own opinion. The sad thing is that SBS will probably forget all about the drama if they churn out more hits.

      • Im saying that it’s probably not eligible for the next awards. I think every broadcast station has a limited number of dramas that they are allowed to “push”. Defendant probably didn’t manage to get support from SBS.

  14. What’s with best actresses nominations? They should put Jang Do Yeon, Gong Hyo Jin and Go Hyun Jung as best actress nomination. No matter how great the ratings, this is an acting award. Those popular actors/ actress should go to popularity category instead. Park Bo Young and Seo Hyun Jin very overacted in their latest drama.Kim Go Eun was pretty weak in Goblin. Shin Hye was quite okay but not at best performance.

      • Yes, because Guess What? They are older, have been in the industry longer thus are more experienced. That doesn’t mean that these actresses in their twenties are bad??

      • Don’t put words into my mouth. I didn’t say they were bad, just not good enough to be nominated. Many other actresses were overlooked. What’s your problem?

      • Plus I’m not the only one feeling the same way. So stop attacking me for having an opinion. Jeez….

      • @julisean
        It’s because you’re presenting your opinion as facts.. Seo Hyun Jin has much more range than Gong Hyo Jin (both are great actresses) but if you compare the types of characters they have played then Seo Hyun Jin has been much more experimental. Also you say that many agree with you? Well guess what, many on here agree that the nominee list is fine too

      • Hello when is an opinion a fact? Are u 12? You are entitled to your opinion. And I have the freedom to my own.

        I repeat. In my opinion, the nominated actresses are not good enough to be nominated, except perhaps Kim Na Neul.

    • Totally disagree. Even the Oscars don’t give their awards to the “best” actress. Its about the Baeksang critics choice. Not yours or mines.

      Quote from BBC website on the Oscars:
      ‘A lot rests on which names are being talked about at that time. It’s also about crowning an actor or actress whose “time” has appeared to have “come”‘

      So take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t get overly worked up if your bias isn’t on the list and if your bias is nominated, fantastic and good luck!!!

    • They might be better actresses but their roles didn’t make them shine as the other actresses. PSH, PBY and SHJ challenged themselves and tried a different characters that they never played before. Same can apply to KHN. It’s not just about rating, popularity or acting but how the role is challenging for the actress and left an impression to viewers.

      • But SHJ always play the same roles again and again. From what I see, she plays the same characters in Lets Eat 2, Three Musketeer and Another Miss Oh. Even in Romantic Doctor, her character also a bit similar (a little crazy and 4D kinda girl). Gong Hyo Jin and Seo Hyun Jin are similar. Though they are good actress but not that versatile for the characters that suits them.

        In my objective opinion, Song Hye Kyo is better actress. She can act so cute in Full House but also rocks in all of melodrama even saeguk.

        From the list above, I will choose Kim Ha Neul among those nominee. Her character is perfectly executed.

      • @Gilgit and @Yen I’m totally agree with both of you..we are in the same boat..i actually think that how can the actress in their twenties can show their acting skill like the actress which is older than them or compare to the actor if almost all drama writer in korea will always make the actor become their central role or give the good script to other actress which is already have much experience..how can their prove themselves if there is no offer or if they just get typical cast

    • @Gilgit…well these actresses in their 30s and 40s have also waited for their time and are now reaping the fruits of their labor so I agree that those actresses nominated are not worthy of acting nominations compared to those who are legit good now…these young actresses should honed their talents more to earn their respect and not with only some popularity awards…popularity doesn’t equal to good acting skills.

      • Disagree, why can popularity not be an appropriate judge of good acting? I think we have had this discussion every year. Majority of audience are not trained to watch acting artistically. Acting is a form of art so it is subjective. We can discuss “great” acting until the trees fall down. If the majority of the audience can relate to an actor/actress then he/she is the “best actor/actress”. There really is no best way of selecting the “best” actor/actress in any awards. We are all humans so we are subject to bias.

      • @abc yeh…i get your point that good acting is subjective…but you can easily detect good acting from not so good…and many of the times those who are not so popular are the ones showing best acting while the popular ones are not…so i think there is a distinction bet the two coz popularity is based on age,personality,physical appearance and so on…but not good acting alone…so if you associate good acting equals popularity then a lot of veterans,secondary actors etc are popular…but that is not the case…

  15. Defendant will not be nominated next year because Ji Sung is one of the nominees for Most Popular TV Actor.

    Anyway, here’s my picks:
    Daesang- Gong Yoo, Goblin or even its PD or writer.. Trust me, for the past 5 yrs Baeksang has been rewarding the people behind the most buzzed TV program (ex: DOTS, Jun Ji Hyun, Na Yeon Suk-PD, Yoo Jae Suk)

    Best Actor- Hands down! Han Suk Kyu. His sooo good in Master Kim and his performance is better compared to other nominees. Besides, his the Daesang recipient in last yr’s SBS awards.

    Best Actress- It should be Kim Ha Neul. None of the nominees came even close. Although, her show isn’t a popular one compare to other contenders.

    Best Director- Goblin or Master Kim

    Best Writer- Dear My Friends or Master Kim

  16. I’m surprise SWDBS is in the list because it’s still airing. It should be nominated next year. They should put Defendant on this.
    Jeon do yeon and Go hyun jung should be on the best actress list.

  17. best drama; dear my friends
    best actor: han seok kyu
    best actresses; kim ha neul
    best new actor;jinyoung-moonlight
    best new actresses; lee so young-laurel tree tailor
    best screenwriter; no hee kyung-dear my friends
    best director; hong jong chan-dear my friends
    in my opinion dear my friends is the best and important drama in the last 3 years and should sweep the awards.it is a tragedy that jisung,jeon do yeon and any of the many wonderful characters played in dear my friends was neglected.

    • I have a feeling best actor, screenwriter and/or director will go to Goblin. Baeksang has been awarding popular dramas these last few years and Kim Eun Sook is clearly a fav.

  18. Wow – I am a little surprised that Ji Sung wasn’t nominated for a best actor award. But then again I rarely follow korean awards so I don’t really know how they work behind the scenes. Then again, even if he was nominated, would he win.

    Is it more of a popularity contest than a quality/craft kind of thing?

    I really liked JDY in a good wife. I feel a little meh about the actresses overall. I do think they can act well but I didn’t really love any of their roles.

    • It basically is, honestly. A show can be qualitatively completely crap but win based on viewer ratings 🙁 It honestly discourages actors from being adventurous with drama selections because the world’s stupidest romcom will probably beat out any good performances.

  19. If I have a voting right for the awards, I’ll give all my votes to Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim in all the categories nominated. Best drama! Best Actor! Best director! Best screen writer! As to over-hyped Goblin, I quit right after ep 1. Not my cup of tea, it’s so boring, one of the most boring dramas of KES.

  20. The popularity vote looks like its gonna come down to PSH v/s KYJ, unless someone else comes through. Seeing how PSH has won that vote almost every time she’s been nominated my money is on PSH for the popularity vote and SHJ or KHN for the best actress award.

    • I saw most of her fans are tired of voting…
      It’s been 5 years and winning another one might not have any impact to her.
      But some still try.

      • I seriously doubt there is such a thing as too many awards an actor.actress can win either for the person concerned or their fans (especially their fans). Besides PSH’s performance for Doctors has actually won her the least number of awards among her recent projects and considering the fact she wasn’t even nominated last year due to lack of activities I’m quite sure she’ll win this time. Besides her fan blog is going crazy on the voting from what I can tell.

      • @sia, I think Yen meant that her long time fans want her to finally get recognition from acting rather than ’just’ popularity. Her newer fans are going crazy over votings, and anyone who has stamina and patience to go through voting process…It’s true that Doctors didn’t get her as many awards as, say, Heirs (which is truly unfortunate because Doctors is better imo..) but regular South-Korean drama viewers liked Yoo Hye Jung that they started calling her an actress whose skills one can trust..

      • @Dilnaz PSH should really win at Baeksang for YHJ even if it is a popularity award coz I dnt knw when else she’ll ever be offered such an awesome role, even if the overall writing was sub par. I think most of her fans feel that way.

    • Her fans are truly impressive. She wins one every year irregardless of how popular her project is that year. But rather than another popularity award, I want her to win the Best Actress, even though some may think she doesn’t deserve it.

  21. Yes, I agree. Kim Ha Neul did a fantastic job nailing her role in On the Way to the Airport, making a seem-to-be-boring drama memorable to watch.

      • Park Bo Young deserves from Oh My Ghostess. She isn’t as good in SWDBS in my opinion

      • The two dramas are in different genres. Strong Woman has heavy manga/anime vibes. To be funny but not absurdly awkward is also a rare acting skill. PBY did a great job being comedic with right amount of cuteness in Strong Women. While I think she’s also pretty good in Oh My Ghostess, the drama is a bit on thriller side with a serious tone in general. I found drama fans tend to think more highly of drama of serious tones than rom com. But personally PBY has left a more memorable impression on me in Strong Woman than in Oh My Ghostess.

  22. Where are Jang Hyuk ( Beautiful mind) , Han Ye ri ( Age Of youth), … Sorry but the roles of Goblin are not challenging for actors . The same for Moonlight…, Ji Sung and Uhm Tae woong were good in the défendant. If Kang Ha neul is nominate why not Lee Sang Yoon, why not kim Rae won,… 2PM chansung was good enough for best new actor too. Well another ceremony awards without meaning!

    • Oh yea I’m glad you mention Jank Hyuk. Although he’s already done many impressive works under his belt, he once again surprised me in Beautiful Mind with his brilliant acting. Like HSK in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, JH fits the definition of “great actor” to keep leaving memorable impression on viewers.

    • What about Jang Hyuk in ocn Voice? And yes, Kim Rae Won deserved best actor award and Daesang in SBS for his acting in Punch. I’m kind of offended that he didn’t get any nomination yet again.

      • No comment about Voice since I’ve not watched it yet. But I have such confidence in JH that he would not disappoint viewers. Why KRW? We’re speaking of our personal preference again???!!! KRW in Doctors? LOL..I don’t think highly of that drama and surely anyone relevant to that drama won’t be in my dictionary of being “good.” No offense. It’s my opinion. Fans better not be triggered and start name calling.

      • Doctors was kinda PSH’s drama. KRW was brilliant in Punch but too bad they sidelined him that year.

        Yes I wonder why nobody from Voice was nominated. It had high ratings for an OCN drama.

      • @Drama2017, lol if Nam Goongmin can get a nomination for Chief Kim, then why can’t KRW get from Doctors? If we judge by skills, KRW beat NGM any day, easily. Punch and Sunflower should prove you that. If KRW couldn’t win anything accept SBS PD award from his role as Park Jung Hwan, then Hong Ji Hong will get even less. You can think whatever you think, but KRW is deserving of nomination and award.
        @Key, yes, the emphasis was on Yoo Hye Jung’s character to my delight, – you don’t see intelligent professionals in k-drama everyday, especially a female character. You still can’t deny that the romance and chemistry was a major factor too in Doctor’s popularity. KRW yet again proved here that he is really seasoned and versatile actor.

      • *if KRW couldn’t win anything except SBS PD award from his role as Park Jung Hwan

    • Definitely NGM is better than KRW imho. I wish Junho is also nominated for best new actor, he shines in Chief Kim! I think Junho has better acting than JiSoo even though I also like JiSoo to be honest ?

  23. Somebody in this thread mentioned it’s all about what impression certain kind of acting has left on viewer’s mind, something like that. I second this point. Drama to me is one type of entertainment product tailored to different taste of its customer. I feel that drama fans are oftentimes too emotionally absorbed in the related debate that’s a waste of life. I read some very rude comments and replies (even when I agreed with their points) to merely personal opinions to reflect commenters’ preference. Getting worked up with attacking mode to ppl with views differing from you is way overboard. At the end of the day in showbiz, it’s all about what entertainment elements can appeal to viewers more. It’s based upon customers’ preference. Therefore better not speak as if we’re experts with higher standards than average fans.

    Idk why. I think the readers of Koala’s blog tend to be more emo than readers of other drama forums.

  24. It’s a shame that there isn’t an award for best ensemble cast. Dear My Friends was a much more low key drama than the others on the list but it still holds a dear place in my heart. It was such a lovely piece with a strong cast, directing and writing and although it may not have had the frenzy or it factor that some of the others had, it was still a very solid drama. I am bummed that Ji Sung didn’t get nominated, I am also very disappointed that there were no nods for Gong Hyo Jin or Jeon Do Yeon as they were both wonderful in Jealaousy Incarnate and The Good Wife. I really did enjoy the first half of W but the writing definitely fell a bit off the rails at some point. While credit should be given to the screenwriter for such a wonderfully different and solid world building that was in W, I personally found it more of a strong directorial piece. The acting was not bad by any means but it wasn’t that memorable of a performance from either Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk who have done better in past projects. For Best Actor and Actress, I’m personally rooting for Jo Jung Seok and Seo Hyun Jin even though it is probably unlikely that the two will win considering who else is on the list. Both Jealousy Incarnate and Oh Hae Young Again had their flaws and those two characters the two played would have been so easily unlikable if played by lesser actors by the two just did so well that I have to gush about them. Any hoo, the awards are often popularity based so we’ll see how it goes 🙂

  25. LMAO. Its a no brainer who is the most talented–> its Han Seong Hyuk, but unfortunately the award will go to PBG or goong yoo cuz popularity is always superior than talent.
    And Park Shin Hye lol! I like her but her acting was below mediocre in doctor. She is not in the same league as those very talented actresses.

    • I think it’s not delusional to say that PBG and GY also acted very well. It’s not their fault that their dramas also created tremendous buzz so we shouldn’t conclude that if they win it’s because their dramas were insanely popular.

    • Below mediocre seriously her acting in doctors is awesome although the drama it self is boring she brought Hy to the screen but you guys complaint about the story to be her flat always habit

  26. Well theres a lot of queries why JiSung isnt nominated. I do thk he should have been on the list.. but i thk the list is based off what each network sends in.
    just like MBC who didnt had alot of highly rated drama sent in alot of nomination for W- which i followed the drama while it was rating- i didnt thk it deserved to be nominated. Each year regardless of which award there will be many who disagree on the list- evyone has their own inc me.
    I did not enjoy Doctors and i saw only parts of Romantic Dr Kim- but the bits i watched i had to agree to really liking Han Seok Kyu – hes probably the most deserving for Best Actor- but thats jus me and my opinion.
    I disagree who those who didnt like best actress nominees- last yr list wasnt that great for me. I like SHK as a person and thk she did ok- but top notch- no. HJE is sometimes a hit-sometimes a miss too. I like PBY but i must admit im always bias about her- regardless of her role in OMG or SWDBS- i love both. DBS is an oddball character – due to the manga vibe and overtop comedic timing- but i felt she nailed it to make it adorable and believable and fun and yet vulnerable in parts..and also the chemistry with PHS. And for almost the same reason thats why i love NGM in chief Kim who also made his oddball character shine and generate great chemistry with his costars. If HKS isnt on that list, i would cast him my vote.
    The new actor list to me is the most ambiguous- so il refrain fr commenting.

  27. You all said that kim go eun character in goblis is weak? You’re wrong guys. Even song yoonah watched goblin and praised kim goeun’s acting. She said kim goeun was “good job” in goblin. Knetz are still hated her but korean industry loved her so much. So that’s why kim go eun picked as best actress in the nominee of baeksang. This is baeksang awards guys, baeksang will choice the nominees according skill acting not popular actors&actress. So the list of nominees were included in baeksang art awards are the best. That is the result of selected by jurys of baeksang ?
    @yen you can said that kim go eun’s role better in cheese in the trap. But according to other, kim go eun was doing best performance in goblin because she is versatile actress ?
    And you all guys said that goblin and kim eun sook doesnt deserve this awards? Hello guys, you’re wrong so much. 2 months ago, a lot of korean PD&writer association was choiced kim eunsook as best script writer because goblin deemed win in many aspects start of dialogue, charachters, plot and cinematography, goblin have everything. So you dont critics if you dunno anything ? sorry for my long comment ?

    • If it’s really based on great acting then those veteran actors in Dear My Friends should get nomination or at least Go Hyun Jung. And of course Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae too. And what on earth they don’t put Ji Sung???????

      And how can Yoona get the nomination in movie??? This list a a mess.

    • Agree with you.
      Anyway, CITT was last year nominee and KGE win baeksang for best new actress for tv drama last year. So even though some says that she did better job in CITT but she can’t be nominated for that drama again. It’s Goblin her newest drama and i think she did good job but honestly I’m not pretty sure she can win this time. SHJ is also pretty good.

  28. KGE is so boring in Goblin that I have to fast forward all her parts. Her nomination surprises me as I don’t find her entertaining at all. This is very subjective I know. I prefer SHJ & PBY!! PBY’s crying in ep 13 is so touching and cute, that’s the reason she was nominated even before the drama is finished, her acting is so daebak ??

    • I find Kim Go Eun had the most subtance in acting, despite her aegyou at times abit distracting and hide her overall emotion she is showing. The rest of the cast is just….. Well I can’t expecting a substance acting from them right?

    • I second your point. KGE’s character is so blatantly awkward and her acting forced in Goblin from the get-go. I quit watching Goblin right after ep 1 since I can’t bear with her any minute longer. PBY is a definition of young and talented. The transition of her emotions was always smooth and made audience feel connected to her character.

  29. I just want to say I expecting DOTS to get nominate instead of goblin. But it might be last year nomination? Not a fan of goblin. Lackluter acting by the leads. Thy have much better performances in their past work. Not that i expecting them to make out if this worpd acting with kim eun sok writing. But even song jong ki put much better performances.

  30. I realized Ji Sung always get snubbed in Beaksang Awards..just look at previously for KMHM, he was nominated but didn’t win anything when his performance was the best compared to other nominated actors..as for defendant, he wasn’t nominated at all even though his character & drama was the talk of the town..I just don’t understand why he’s always getting snubbed..this is really sad..

    • I`m sorry but Lee Sung Min of Misaeng who won in 2015 Baeksang is sooo much better than Ji Sung of KMHM. Misaeng is getting high ratings for a cable drama during that time and was better quality wise than KMHM. Also, KMHM didn`t even passed the 12% viewer ratings mark. Having said that, Lee Sung Min deserved the nod he got two years ago from Baeksang.

      • Okay.. since you were mentioning about the ratings, then what about defendant? Their ratings is on par with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.. Ji Sung acted 7 different characters and you were saying that he’s not any better than Lee Sung Min? No offense, I’m not criticizing anyone but c’mon, is this popularity award show or a show that rewards people who have worked hard to make the drama worth watching (like acting 7 characters in 1 drama)?

    • I agree, honestly. No offense to the commentor above me but Lee Sungmin’s performance was nothing that special. Granted he was quite good, but Ji Sung brought nuance to 7 characters, he simply did one. Heaven knows why Ji Sung keeps getting snubbed for brilliant performances. SBS had better hand him that Daesang this year because Defendant was within the top three drama power rankings (#1 for March) for the past 3 months in Korea.

  31. @candicane look like you havent watched goblin the whole episode ? so that’s why you didnt understand a unique and nice of the storyline ? up to you if you’re praised park boyong but for me PBY’s acting was stuck in strong woman. She just can a strong character and when she’s acted sadness was empty, no feel at all etc. I didnt see an interesting thing to PBY, Sorry its just my oppinion.

    For me episode 13 and 16 of goblin are on point where the crying scane was doing well by kim goeun, even knetz ever praised her for her crying scane. If kim goeun was picked by jurys of baeksang art awards 2017, it means that kim goeun was included as best actress right. You’re all not jury guys so stop to judge kim goeun and goblin please.

    Well, for the people said han sukyu deserves daesang, you wrong guys. I realized that hansukyu as best actor or best performance in RDTK but for daesang not. A few years ago, whoever got daesang in baeksang art awards are influenced things in korea such as jun ji hyun, hyunbin, PD naa young suk, dots and my lovely samson (two drama got daesang). Now are you still to think hansukyu get daesang? ??
    #sorryformylongcommen #itsjustmyoppinion #peace

    • Lmao you try to put down others’ opinion but Park Boyoung’s “acting sucked” and “Han Suk Kyu do not deserve to get Daesang”. You can support Kim Go-eun and Goblin without putting down others just to prove your bias is superior. You just sound like a conceited fangirl.

    • @Aya – you cannot even spell my name correctly! Shame on you… It is fine with me if you like Goblin, I like this drama too, but I just could not stand KGE, what is your problem here? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Stop calling out names and SHUT UP!!!

    • Another Kim Go Eun fangirl thinking her unnie is the best, better than anyone. This is the biggest problem with some KGE fans. They think she is some kind of acting prodigy and beat any actress in the industry just because she acted in a Chungmuro art film. I hate to break it to you, but she is ’only’ good, not as excellent as you think.
      Speaking about Goblin crying scene, I’ve seen much, much better and more emotional crying scenes. Han Ye Ri, Park Shin Hye and Park Bo Young, to name a few, nail their crying scenes. PBY in Oh My Ghostess is completely different from Werewolf Boy and SWDBS and she is capable of completely transforming to her role. KGE acting in Goblin is extremely similar with her acting in A Muse and Flying Sword. Only in Coin Locker Girl she was okay, but her acting there was not as nuanced and interesting than the other actors lmao

  32. Like the others putting down goblin and kim goeun @key so it’s up to me what i must to say.up to you if you supported park boyoung or hansukyu but please dont blame goblin and team because your favorite drama havent given the best performance so far.

    Be better we support our bias and our favorite drama without putting down to each other. Let’s see the result of baeksang art awards later in 3 may 2017, whoever the winner, she or he are besties.

  33. where is Yoona? where is Ji chang wook? for TV kdrama awards too. they deserve to be nominated. both did so great acting for TheK2, they received many praises bcos of their great acting and natural chemistry! TheK2 even ranked #1 on cableTV and #1 at taiwan tv and othres asian countries too.

    • The only one that deserves to be nominated in the K2 for great acting is Song Yoon-ah. And The K2 isn’t even among the most popular dramas of the year lol. Yoona’s fan might think she is all great but her performance is merely just okay.

      • I am sad Song Yoon Ah is not even nominated! sighh. She was stellar in K2.

    • Her acting inSWDBS is great. She even play sometimes funny sometimes sad , sometimes cute n even make viewers like me emotionally…. .

  34. I was dissapointed that Song Yoon Ah is not even nominated for her superb acting in K2. No offense but she’s by far more deserving in terms of performance than any of those nominated in that category except for KHN.

  35. I choose KYJ to be nominated MDBC. This drama become more popular in international viewing their acting with bogummy speaks their emotion thru their eyes… anyway they won the most popular awards. Voted by the international fan who believe on their acting in the MDBC shown in their countries. They deserved the win!!

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