C-rumor has Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi Reuniting for the Third Time in the High Profile Drama Adaption of Third Novel in the Three Lives, Three Worlds Series

There has been many rumors of who will be cast in the next Three Lives Three Worlds novel adaptation called 三生三世步生莲 following Ten Miles Peach Blossoms and The Pillow Book and a new one is making headlines in entertainment pages this week. The rumor is that the leads will be Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi which would make it their third drama together after Love is Sweet and Till the End of the Moon. All I can say it perhaps take a break from putting these two together and also please get a move on for the third drama it really shouldn’t take that long to adapt it.


C-rumor has Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi Reuniting for the Third Time in the High Profile Drama Adaption of Third Novel in the Three Lives, Three Worlds Series — 18 Comments

    • Same. Bai Lu with Luo Yun Xi (or Xu Kai) will never get old for me. I’m just smiling at the thought of them quickly getting paired up again. I just want to see projects that make the most of their chemistry. He was a professional dancer and she loves to dance. It would be amazing to see them in a drama set in the dance world. With Xu Kai, a modern romance drama with him channeling a bit of his rascally energy from Arsenal Military Academy into his character would be nice. I would also love to see Bai Lu in a drama with Xiao Zhan. The little scene she had with him in Ace Troops had me wanting them paired up immediately. But please no silly rom coms bursting at the seams with second lead or supporting character filler.

  1. Even if they work together again the drama might get shelved for 2+ years anyway so if they will reunite now is as good a time as any.

  2. Wow! They must really love costarring, if true! This always happens after a popular drama, rumors of reunions that never happen. Can’t take this news seriously.

  3. Agreed. I wanna see Luo Yunxi pair up with Yang Mi or Li Qin… at least with someone he has yet to be paired with…

  4. I have no doubt they will be pair together for the third drama as they are obviously a great pair and they enjoyed working together but I don’t think they will accept another xianxia….

  5. I doubt it. Most casting rumors never come to light. Bai Lu said she will take a break from doing costume drama this year. Plus they will not pair them up again so soon. That’ll be too repetitive for the viewers.

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  7. They are absolutely electric together. Love is Sweet was so bad except for the main couple. I can see why people want to pair them again. They also just seem like genuinely nice people to work with.

  8. No!!!Leo luo need to pair with someone older,and mature while bai lu need to pair with someone like Chen zeyuan or Bai jingting

    • He’s making a drama now with someone older. I would love to see them pair up again. By the time any drama is released, enough time will have elapsed.

  9. I’d love to see them both as a couple in another xianxia drama because they are gorgeous in it. This time, they better have a proper happy ending, not just open and butchered like in TTEOTM. I hope they’ll become a real couple in real life too!

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