Wang Chu Ran Getting Major Glow Up Thanks to Stealing Female Lead’s Visual Thunder in The Longest Promise Just in Time for Her Own Starring Role in Soon-to-air Drama Fireworks of My Heart with Top Star Yang Yang

Dang, talk about fireworks to come and also what major timing that is going the way of C-actress Wang Chu Ran. She’s currently the second female lead in The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min and honestly she’s been supporting/female lead up until now. So her casting as female lead in modern medical/disaster romance drama Fireworks of My Heart (My Fireworks on Earth) opposite Yang Yang was such news because everyone felt like she wasn’t up to his level. Fireworks is slated to air July 5th and it’s getting double hyped thanks to Wang Chu Ran looking goddess gorgeous in The Longest Promise and all the news reports about how she’s stealing Ren Min’s thunder, with Ren Min getting so much negative press for her visuals.

Ren Min actually starts looking better after episode 7 when her hair styled is changed but the first 6 episodes are rough on her and it’s a combination of her visuals not being the ethereal sleekness usually expected of xianxia female leads, the worst hairstyle ever bestowed on a female lead, and her character being a combination of sweet and dim coupled with a ear worm inducing voice dub. Ren Min is so much better in modern dramas so this is a case of wrong casting wrong drama IMO. In the same way, Wang Chu Ran is poised to breakout if Fireworks turn out to be a hit thanks to all this converging positive news for her. On a side note, Vlinkage and all the other barometers of online popularity is going to be INSANE it will be the first time top liuliang male leads Xiao Zhan and Yang Yang compete head to head.


Wang Chu Ran Getting Major Glow Up Thanks to Stealing Female Lead’s Visual Thunder in The Longest Promise Just in Time for Her Own Starring Role in Soon-to-air Drama Fireworks of My Heart with Top Star Yang Yang — 57 Comments

  1. Well Ren Min does look better from
    Ep 6 onwards. Yes Wang Chu Ran looks good. I watched the entire 8 episodes and I don’t see any issues with acting and special effects.
    Overall, I like the show compared to the novel. Anyone read full novel? Could you please share the plot differences so far? Thanks

    • A lot of differences. I just listed main differences for the plot development as of eps released so far, not to spoil upcoming storyline:

      1. Age difference in the novel is wider, 9-10 years vs. perhaps 4-5 (?) years in the drama. This is a huge difference since Zhu Yan was only 10 yrs old in the book when she became the disciple of Shuyin. I don’t recall any romantic relationship between the two during those years.

      2. How Shu-yin ended up being brought up in Mountain Jouyi is different between the drama and the novel. The arc of the OTP meeting first time in the palace was made up in the drama, not in the novel. In the novel, the hero was brought to Mountain Jouyi right after birth.

      3. The script writer appeared to vilify the principal priest, Shu-yin’s teacher.

      There’re more differences in the details.

      I actually think the script writer has done a great job adapting the novel for better that is more romantic. The Longest Promise is more interesting than the book in my opinion. The book tells the story from Zhu Yan’s perspectives. But the drama has balanced views from both OTP.

      • Thank you @Somebody who’s identity got hack by a psychopath

        Really appreciate your reply. I agree with you and I like this drama version too
        1. To be frank, I think the book makes me confused with the elaborated “special effects”. The drama provides that, visually without taxing my eyes and brain.
        2. I also like the slow burn romance in the drama, taking a longer route to explore their growth in life as well.
        3. I can understand why they making RM “cute” or “childish” appearance in the early part of this drama. Perhaps as they grow, her make up will change. I notice Ren Min looks prettier when she is acting serious.
        4. As for the second lead WCR, I think they made her role much more prominently shady to render more sympathy to the main characters.

  2. Damn, putting them side by side like that is brutal 😭
    Reminds me of Jessica Alexander getting more hype for her looks than Halle Bailey in the recent Little Mermaid movie. Except Halle is actually quite pretty, just that Jessica is more drop-dead gorgeous. This one tho, Wang Chu Ran is clearly miles more beautiful 😭

    • Koala picked uglier pics of Ren Min (perhaps deliberately photoshopped to magnify her weakness LOL) vs prettier photos of WCR. Ren Min looked pretty in many scenes although she’s also got awkward looks from just a few angles in the camera. Everyone has different aesthetic preference. I personally don’t like WCR’s looks and physique (looking oversized lol). I watched a few dramas of her as supporting roles and also trailers of her new drama as the main FL as well as some of her photos on red carpets. I just don’t get her beauty ! Ren Min isn’t the type of Crystal Liu who’s regarded as the fairy of the fairies. But Ren Min’s acting is pretty convincing, exactly as what I expect based upon the book I read. Besides, she looks gorgeous most of the time in the drama.

      • This isn’t Koala’s fault. If you compared them side by side, Ren Mi is merely pretty and Wang Chu Rang is gorgeous (aesthetically and commercially a beauty) and has been gorgeous in all the dramas I’ve seen her in. Nothing against Ren Mi as everyone has their good points, talents and admirers. But no matter how they are styled it’s an unfair comparasion to place them side by side.

        I noticed when Ren Mi was styled as the grandmother, her looks were much more striking and her appearance improved. So it must mean that this ‘baby’ type of hair styles and facial expressions don’t suit her.

      • @XoXo, NOPE! That’s your opinion. I’ve never been appealed to WCR’s visuals in any drama she’s cast. She looks plastic! She is just not up my alley. Nonetheless, I found Ren Min attractive in some ways in her prior dramas. Besides, RM’s acting exudes the aura of Zhu Yan described in the book I read. Her acting is on point as Xiao Zhan commended. We just have different preference of visuals.

        Anyway, online attacks on the FL’s visuals do not affect the rating and popularity of TLP. TLP continues to beat up all other web dramas and XZ’s popularity took over top 1 spot right away in many charts. Antis just get ready to be disappointed. LOL

  3. I don’t see Ren Min’s visuals being much of a problem in TLP as her role isn’t some top beauty. Her looks belong to the cute category so I didn’t find her dubbed voice out of place either.

    And sorry to pour cold water but I don’t think you will be able to see any fierce competition. Modern romance drama can’t compete against xianxia dramas in terms of popularity, plus Yang Yang does not have as much liuliang as Xiao Zhan has now. Don’t get me wrong though, I do find both actors handsome.

  4. I hope you’re re getting paid for lying because damn, why lose credibility over nothing? Wang Churan isn’t being talked about at all, except her plastic surgery and it can be clearly seen on Datawin that Ren Min as Zhu Yan is second highest contributor to the drama popularity. All the talk about this drama is Shi Ying and then Zhu Yan.

    Yang Yang is a top liuliang only in your imagination. He never was and he isn’t now.

    • you’re living in a denial and fantasy world for denying yangyang isn’t a top liulang. while it’s indeed true xiao zhan is the top 1 liulang right now, but lying without a blink by saying yangyang isn’t a top liulang and never was just shows how ridiculous, ignorance you are. you’re just clowning yourself. go touch some grass, yangyang hater. he is basically among the top 4 liulang since 2016, where wyf, lyf and luhan are no longer in the picture.

      • Online statistics indicate that YY is going downhills. YY used to be a hot commodity on the top in the C showbiz but no longer since he’s getting old with very limited acting chops. I used to like some of his older dramas. I hope he finds a niche beside the genre of modern dramas adapted from JJWXC novels.

  5. She was in the palace drama with Xu Kai and Wu Jin Yan, and she was already giving lead actress vibes with her looks, elegance and acting. She is like the younger version of Liu Yi Fei.

  6. Wang Churan is pretty, but I’ve always found her big features and long face unsuitable for historical dramas. Kind of like Fan Bingbing. On the other hand, those with more exquisite and delicate facial features like Liu Yifei and Liu Shishi look like they came out of an ancient painting. Wang Churan’s glamorous features are more suitable for modern dramas.

    • I agree. I’ve seen a handful of Wang Churan’s modern/costume dramas and can’t deny that she’s one of the top beauties of her generation, however she simply doesn’t fit ancient aesthetics. She has very big facial bones (cheekbones, jaw, chin, nose) on top of big eyes/eyelids and lips. Much like Dilraba, heavier makeup and bigger hairstyles seem to complement her visuals more. If anything, Wang Churan gives off more of that retro Hong Kong beauty vibe. Among the post-95 actresses, I’d say Song Zuer probably is the closest to a classical beauty just based on her face alone. She still has defined features like a tall nose bridge and big eyes, but her small face and mouth make her overall appearance more harmonious in period costume makeup and hairstyles.

  7. It was distracting, not gonna lie, to see a beauty like Wang Chu Ren next to merely cute Ren Min. The difference makes you question why the 2nd FL isn’t the main female lead.

    However, the role calls for Ren Min to be this child-like, naive persona and WCR’s visuals don’t give cute (although I suppose with credible acting skills, that might not be an issue.)

    I’m fine with either ladies as FL; it’s just unfair that someone so much prettier than FL is 2nd FL (as a comparison point.) Like why they gotta do that? Is 2nd FL supposed to be gorgeous in the novel? In Ancient Love Poetry, they found a pretty plain Jane as the daughter of the queen and at least her looks didn’t make ZDY look plain in comparison.

    • In older Taiwanese dramas, the female leads are always the ordinary looking kind (like Ariel Lin) while the second female leads are the gorgeous type. People argue that it is easier for the average female audience to immerse themselves in the drama if the female lead looks plain enough. But seriously though, when I’m watching a drama I just want to stare at beautiful faces, not imagining myself as the female lead lmao.

      • I am reminded of this terrible comment that surfaced during Hu Yitian’s scandal. He was telling the lady he was sleeping with that he was not into Shen Yue (his costar in his breakout hit, A Love So Beautiful) -how she’s not his type because he’s into beautiful girls and how really pretty girls don’t get cast as the leads because you need a girl who feels relatable.

      • i agree tho, we are visual animals in the end. I gotta say at least make them have the same level of beauty rather than having this ordinary but charming cliche

      • Ohhh I could never get into Ariel Lin’s dramas because her lips weird me out – too visually distracting for me to focus on the plot and acting. And I never knew that people deliberately hired plainer actresses to be FL because it’s more relatable – wut! Mindblown.

      • @prettyautumn yea I remember reading the article about his comments. He did Shen Yue dirty. I always thought Shen Yue had her charm even if she wasn’t Chinese textbook version beautiful. I still found her pretty. After that, I could never see him in the same light again. Plus, who’s he to criticize her looks when the boy has horseteeth and needs braces.

    • That was a jerk move. Imo Shen Yue has a beautiful face. Her visuals are just overlooked cos she is on the shorter side. But anyways thats not true. Pretty girls are cast as female leads nowadays; I can name a few – Zhou Ye, Zhang Jingyu, Song Zuer, Wang Churan etc. Its just that the more popular ones right now are the more “relatable” type like Bai Lu, Esther Yu and Zhao Lusi.

      • Seriously though, those who see Bai Lu or Zhao Lu Si and think they look like them are in serious delusion!

      • Of course they look better than the average girl out there. They are just not top beauties. Although I would say both look significantly better than Esther to be grouped with her as 四晋

    • The reason is because Ren Min gained recognition and praise for her acting from her debut film, so her status and prestige is a bit higher. As opposed to Wang Churan, who hasn’t had a true breakout leading role yet (not to say that she hasn’t had a memorable performance). But she’s steadily getting there and it’s also not like she’s stuck in second lead roles either. So while it may be a thing to cast average looking girls in leading roles, it’s definitely much more common to see beautiful actresses as the female lead, often times even portraying an unattractive character.

    • In the original novel, Zhu Yan was only 8-9 yrs old when she met Shy-yin the first time and only 10 yrs old when starting her discipleship with Shu-yin, Xiao Zhan’s character. The heroine has to look like a teenager with childlike aura. Shu-yin teased Zhu Yan all the time in the novel. The heroine had very rash, childish, but innocent acts in the novel. Do you see the 2nd FL with such a huge physique and mature looks really fit Zhu Yan? LOL. I pretty sure the casting director knew the novel better than you do.

      BTW, I’m pretty Xiao Zhan participated in the process of picking his final female lead. He gave his own account of why Ren Min was picked as the FL out of all the candidates: Ren Min’s acting is ON POINT. That’s his response to all the naysayers.

      On top of that, not all the viewers including me think the FL is ugly. I personally prefer Ren Min’s looks to WCR’s looks.

  8. Also this drama is a flop already – I can already hear others commenting WhY ArE YoU WaTcHiNg theN?

    Because there’s a drought of good dramas in general and I need some brainless fillers and pretty visuals.

    The whole doomed destiny is played out ad nauseam with these teacher-disciple relationships. Wish they’d stop with these cliche tropes.

    And I know, I know, the old “if u got nothing better to say, don’t say it at all.” But here you are, still reading. Just don’t read/comment on me – move along.

    • Actually I have been putting of watching this since a lot of good dramas have been putting out lately. Destined, hidden love, when I fly towards you, I still haven’t finished watching them all. And some are still ongoing.

      How is the plot of the longest promise? Is there any unique point in the plot? I wanna know what I’m in for and decide whether to watch the longest promise or fireworks on earth after I finish watching destined and hidden love.

      • The Longest Promise is sizzling hot on the online streaming sites and all the C social media! TLP also tops streaming sites in several foreign countries including Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia. Several drama rating measures including well-known VLinkage already shown TLP beating all the web dramas (old and new) in just a few eps since premiere. XZ expectedly tops all the popularity charts. Yang Yang is no rival to him. Yang Yang’s new drama is no competition with TLP at all. So Koala worried for nothing. LOL

      • TLP is really good so far imo. The quality of the special effects are great for a xianxia drama and it has a good balance of funny, heart-fluttering, and tears-inducing moments. I’m tired of xianxia drama plots whereby the male & female leads are gods yet apparently their love matters more than the humans’ lives which they, as gods, are supposed to protect.

        TLP is different in the sense that the leads are just human beings and the male lead is a responsible person that prioritises protecting his people. His mindset is more “god-like” than the gods in most other xianxia dramas.

        By the way, The Longest Promise will be available on Netflix starting this Friday July 7th.

      • I watched both TLP and Fireworks and imo, both are dramas with alot of cliches and overdone tropes. It really depends on 1) whether you are in the mood for costume or modern dramas and 2) how much you like the actors. TLP might have more room for “unique plots” because its a xianxia and we all know there’s more room for imagination in fantasy. But idk, I think you can wait for better dramas because Legend of Anle and Mysterious Lotus Casebook are rumored to premiere very soon. Both dramas seem way more interesting, esp MLC as its a wuxia.

      • I like Hidden Love NOW, but only after suffering the first 8 episodes. If they took the first 8 episodes out, I would not be upset about it.

        Destined – the FL’s action so far has made me question her intelligence. I’m at the cusp of the episode where ML’s family is going to all perish, don’t have the patience to weed thru that pain just yet.

        I know nothing about Fly Towards You.

        Longest Promise right now is what I mentioned – a time filler. The plot is typical, ML is suffering hero with a heart of gold who loves his childhood FL (who will become his disciples) who is also destined to be the one who kills him in the future (although me thinks his master who prophecies this, is mighty suspicious.) This plot harkens back to Journey of Flower.

      • TLP is way different than the old tropes including Journey of Flower. The original book has A LOT of twists and turns, giving readers unexpected surprises. But I agree we watch dramas because

        1. we like the cast, specifically the main lead; or
        2. we like the storylines; or
        3. we like the directing.

        For me I like TLP thanks to all the 3 reasons above. As to other xianxia dramas, I’ve given many shots to all the most-talked about dramas since The Untamed but NONE of them was interesting enough for me to sit through last ep without falling sleep. LOL. In particular, there’re some actors whose works I’ll shun definitely, Cheng Yi and Luo Yunxi in particular, to just name two. I’ll check out Legend of Anle although the main leads’ previous dramas failed me big time too.

  9. Wang Chu Ran is stunning. Her looks are more of a throwback to the older generation of actresses – grand, classic beauties instead of the 傻白甜 type. She’s well suited for ancient dramas and imperial consort roles.

    I first saw her in 清平乐 and she fit the 贵妃 role to a T despite being so young. She outshone Jiang Shu Ying / the Empress even in that show.

  10. WCR is gorg. She has the looks and the talents. She was in Serenade of Peaceful Joy together with RM. She filmed the drama when she was around 19-20 but she did it wonderfully despite quite a complex character.

  11. Wang Churan was already getting traction from Love Heals, a modern drama nobody expected to do well but managed to garner decent viewership ratings. She’s been focusing so much on modern dramas but I believe she’ll start breaking out once she actually gets a lead role in costume dramas. Rumors she is probably going to pair with Zhang Wanyi in Jiao Cang.

  12. I think the people saying Ren Min just suits modern dramas are just trying to be nice. It doesn’t matter if she’s in modern or period styling, the girl just isn’t aesthetically pleasing at all. And the main problem is her nose, it’s so distracting. That’s the unfortunate thing, if an actress has a fat nose, it will always be super noticeable because it’s literally on the center of the face, taking up most space on her face and totally ruining her facial proportions. And then they gave her that awful bangs and it made her nose look even wider. That’s why full bangs isn’t recommended for women with fat noses, it highlights them even more 🤦‍♀️
    Big noses are fine in real-life people, but actresses are in front of the cameras, and the cameras emphasize big noses in that super unflattering way. That’s the reason why nose jobs are the most common plastic surgery procedure in any entertainment industry. Look at Scarlett Johansson, after her subtle nose job early in her career, you suddenly notice how she has such pretty eyes. Also, being able to express emotions through eyes is very important for actors, and that’s why it’s important to them that eyes should be the most noticeable feature, not nose.
    Yes, not everyone needs a tiny Barbie nose, but let’s just be honest, fat noses just aren’t pretty. Many big noses are beautiful if they have shape and structure, but Ren Min’s nose is just shapeless.

    Another issue is Ren Min just doesn’t have a female lead actress aura, while Wang Chu Ran does.
    Again, I don’t care about the overly positive “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” type of commenters here, I said what I said 🤷‍♀️

  13. Wang Churan looks like she had lots work done, but even that, she is not at Jessica Alexander level. Looks are one thing, but how the character is written and acted out, will win the viewers’ affection.

    • Why do people always hate on gorgeous actresses saying they got work done? What if all her looks are natural? I’m tired of hearing these remarks – it’s suggestive of envy – “she looks too good to be natural and all that BS”.

      Gorgeous women do exist in real life.

      • WCR doesn’t even look beautiful to me. Her physique is on the huge and heavy side. Her facial features are not delicate enough to be considered a classical beauty for costume dramas. She should focus on modern dramas instead with the roles of strong professional females something like that.

        Gorgeous women do exist in real life. I agree, but not her. LOL. Nobody bothers to envy someone who doesn’t have much to be jealous of. Ppl simply have different tastes of beauty.

  14. A lot of naysayers wishing to see The Longest Promise fail would be disappointed the big time because the drama is currently running hot like volcano eruption, beating all the dramas on all the rating sites. Your dislike and scathing criticism of the drama including the FL or whatnot don’t matter a finger to the overall popularity of the drama. Yeah, fans continue to enjoy the storytelling and get entertained regardless of irrelevant nobodies whining nonstop online.

    • Don’t confuse popularity for actual quality. XZ has a huge fanbase probably driving up views. But that speaks nothing about how good the drama is. MyDramaList rating is pretty low right now. Most decent dramas hit at mid-high 8s but this is sitting at 7.9. Not sure what Douban rating or if it’s available. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

      • Douban’s ratings have long since been unreliable, especially for actors/actresses with high liuliang. And for Xiao Zhan, because he is top in terms of liuliang right now, a lot of fandoms have been ganging up and deliberately gave his dramas low ratings on Douban. They have now moved on to MyDramaList too since Chinese dramas have been garnering popularity overseas recently. Take his other recent drama, The Youth Memories, for example. It was rated 7.5 on DB, but many people who had watched it all said it should get a higher rating, at least 8.0-9.0.

        I’ve long since learnt that the only way to know how good Xiao Zhan’s dramas are is to watch them yourself. I haven’t been disappointed with any of his dramas so far (didn’t watch Ace Troops because I’m simply not interested in military dramas). As for the current The Longest Promise, I personally think that it is one of the best Xianxia dramas out there. The CGI shown so far is really good for a Xianxia drama, Xianxia requires tons of CGI and has so many episodes, you can’t expect them to be same quality as a 2-3hr movie.

      • @4ever

        Your comment lacks a bit of objectivity. To say that Xiao Zhan is a good/great actor that does very well in his roles , sometimes even carrying his drama is an objective comment.

        To say that ALL his dramas are very good and should be rated highly is a definite NO. I can objectively say that he stars in a range of dramas, some with very good script and fair production values like Untamed. Some with a godawful script like the Oath of Love and Doulou Continent (he did very well, but the dramas were poorly done) and some fair dramas like the Wolf, and others I won’t mention.

        However, some of his hard core fans would say everything he stars in is wonderful, they are confusing their love for the main actor, with the production values of the script and drama.

      • Yeah talking about quality, XZ’s dramas after 227 ALL have good quality. He knows how to pick good projects and keeps advancing his acting skills. That’s why he’s my fave and the ONLY C actor I follow among such a huge school of entertainers in C showbiz while I like many K actors.

        The Longest Promise is worth my precious time watching off very busy work life, not other C dramas though. I’ll say TLP is the best xianxia I’ve watched so far since The Untamed. Even you don’t like XZ, you can’t deny that he personally carried The Untamed to a breakout of international fame. Even famous C directors acknowledged The Untamed was an epic classic in the history of C dramas. However ppl don’t like XZ, it’s an undeniable fact that XZ is not only popular but also talented with acting chops that ppl rave about even antis continue to bully him online. Naysayers’ degrading is useless and stupid! XZ’s popularity continues to rise, he continues to get the most endorsements among all, and his stardom is already established.

      • @Xoxo, I don’t disagree with you regarding XZ’s dramas, good or ok (at least not bad imo), and I consider myself his staunch fan. But both his dramas aired this year are really good. Even I have qualms about typical CCP state propaganda in all the dramas of post-Republic era including The Youth Memories (aka Where Dreams Begin), it is still a decent drama in terms of production value. The Longest Promise is even better than The Untamed in all the production quality, let alone the cast of TLP are much better than TU and XZ’s acting is way more mature now.

        Well if you dislike XZ because of your own fave, then it’s wasting time to even talk about his works here because obviously you already have bias against him as a rival to your fave. I got it. LOL

      • @Anon, who the heck in China cares about MyDramaList? Ppl there only talk about ratings and reviews on Chinese streaming sites and social media. It’s comical referring to the rating on an international fan site to assess the quality of a Chinese drama. Last time when I checked MyDramaList about a K drama, I found high rating on a cheesy romance school drama that I consider poorly made compared with another better K drama that got much lower rating. Not to diss international fans, but I found international fans who rely on subtitles to watch Asian dramas aren’t necessarily unbiased to evaluate the quality of a foreign drama.

      • @Xoxo My words were “I haven’t been disappointed with any of his dramas so far”, I didn’t say all his dramas should be rated highly. There’s a difference between these two points. I can be satisfied and happy watching a 6.5-7.0 drama because it has many other factors that makes up for the average script. And no, the scripts of TOOL and Douluo Continent certainly aren’t at the excellent level but they aren’t “godawful” either.

    • @4ever.

      I’m a XZ fan. Not an anti-fan. But I’m also an objective fan who does not blindly support everything my bias stars in. He’s a talented actor, very handsome and I support him, however I do not like ALL his drama choices, many of which I drop because either the script or genre doesn’t appeal to me (like his army drama, Oath of Love, The Wolf and his most recent The Youth Memory). The Longest Promise doesn’t fall into that category. You can see the quality in the production, so it has a high production value and Xiao Zhan is brilliant in it. However, the script and the lead actress grate on me (but that is my personal opinion). I’m still hanging on to the drama because I love watching XZ act and I love Xianxia (I just don’t know why C-dramas in general, love this clueless, cutesy female lead, who is clearly smart, but does a lot of dumb things. It’s so old and tiring to watch). I’m waiting for her to mature and biting my fingernails. So don’t confuse my comments for an anti-fan. I just have a different perspective.

      • I’m glad you’re a fan of XZ not an anti. Then I can communicate with you calmly. LOL

        Everyone has different preference of drama genres and acting styles. While I agree with you about his less likable choices of drama projects, I do like Ren Min as the FL of the TLP. I think her acting is on point and perfectly fits the character described in the novel that I read. Zhu Yan was even more annoying in the book a lot of times. The drama adaptation actually made her better. Most importantly she saved Shu Ying many many many times at critical moments. She is talkative, rash but kind, compassionate, and a talented Xianxia pupil at the same time. I don’t want want to spoil the plot. You’ll see how she is important to Shu Ying later on.

  15. If you look at WCR’s face, her too face around the eyes sunk and the rest of the face especially her cheeks bulging up looks like she has done plastic surgery. Her acting is boring and tiring and that’s why she is the supporting role, couldn’t understand what the director sees in her to put her as lead in the FWOMH.

  16. If you look at WCR’s face, her top face around the eyes sunk and the rest of the face especially her cheeks bulging up looks like she has done plastic surgery. Her acting is boring and tiring and that’s why she is the supporting role, couldn’t understand what the director sees in her to put her as lead in the FWOMH.

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