tvN Mon-Tues Drama My Lovely Liar Kicks Off with 2.589% Ratings and Mixed Reviews

This Monday was the premiere of My Lovely Liar (Korean title Useless Lies) on tvN with the time slot being lower in ratings compared to the more high profile Sat-Sun drama slot. The first episode got 2.589% which still is lower than its predecessor Delightfully Deceitful got which was 4.551%. The reviews are mixed but nothing too strong either way. Kim So Hyun has uniformly good feedback for her acting but Minhyun was mostly thought of as not strong enough in both his dialogue and his performance. The chemistry though seems to be there but there were also complaints about the first episode being slow and draggy. Like I said, a mixed bad with the good and bad reviews kinda neutralizing each other. I haven’t started watching yet as I’m sorta lost somewhere hopefully not forever and can resume other drama watching soon lol.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama My Lovely Liar Kicks Off with 2.589% Ratings and Mixed Reviews — 36 Comments

  1. Just checked the ratings for episode 2 and it went up to 4% (Seoul), whoo! 🥳
    It’s trending in my country too, and it ranks #2 in TVing most watched shows.
    I did enjoy it so much and the last scene in episode 2 was heart-fluttering! The two leads look so gorgeous and I love So Hyun’s styling here, she’s giving chaebol heiress when she’s all dressed up to meet clients!

    Excited for the next episodes! Hopefully the ratings continue to increase!

    • It’s a good show. Maybe Ep 1 a bit slow but Ep 2 picks up.
      Love the chemistry between the OTP.
      Both looking very good.
      Always like MinHyun’s acting since alchemy of soul
      And our girl Kim is lovely and talented as usual.

  2. the first two episodes were so much fun! i love sol hee’s character, she’s neither the over the top Strong Badass™ heroine neither is she a damsel in distress, she just feels like a very real person. i’m also intrigued with doha and his backstory. the chemistry is so good, both sohyun and minhyun stare at each other like they’re really in love, both actors have such soulful gaze. oh, and sol hee’s bodyguard is so cute, he reminds me of yook sungjae for some reason lol.
    i can’t wait for the next episodes!

    • I got what you say, in fact Sohyun herself say that despite her unrealistic power she want Mok Solhee feel realistis.

      First eps, first 30 minutes really entertaining but last 30 minutes a bit boring 😅 the writernim and director put too much unnecesary sceene. Also Minhyun acting feel better when Sohyun around him 🤣 i don’t know why but my favorite sceene of him is when she with Sohee.

      Also love eps 2, i hope the plot getting better and better 🥰 so rating can increase.

  3. It looks like the 1% queen title may now be passed soon to So Hyun. Poor girl. Her comeback is so underwhelming. Trust me Yoo Jung and Song Kang’s drama will triple MLL’s ratings. Because they are so trendy and relevant these days.

    • You’re comparing a Public tv drama to cable? That’s a dumb comparison. Especially comparing SBS Prime time weekend time slot or TVN unpopular weekday time slot makes no sense. Then Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk should also be considered outdated as should Park Hyung Shik and Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young since all their dramas ratings on TVN failed in the past year. They are all 1% loser actors who are not trendy. Coming after Kim Sohyun at a drama time slot which everyone knows is unpopular and has had very low ratings against a time slot that has always been popular is a low bar to hit at. Clearly shows that you have no other point of comparison since Kim Sohyun is obviously the superior actor and has more awards too. Plus her couple OTPs are far more popular as well.

      • Don’t forget JDY and RJY whose drama Lost actually did reach 1% and was considered one of the worst dramas of 2021 and especially RJY whose movies have also bombed at the box office many times and his looks are considered “ugly”. Baeksang and critically acclaimed actors and actresses survive even when their drama ratings or movies bomb over and over again. It’s the difference between being a “true actor” and being a “pretty face trend”. KSH is a true actor and star who doesn’t need endorsements to survive in the industry.

      • All the actors and actresses you named in your comment are all very good , I liked some of the dramas that aired at that time slot and was sad for the bad ratings . Perhaps TVN should stop airing in Monday/ Tuesday slot . I like ENA ‘s Not others drama and the ratings aren’t great either , and i don’t think that Park Sung Hoon and Choi Soo Young are outdated . If ratings reflect the popularity , given the last ratings of Song kang ‘s dramas , I doubt . Great ratings are a mix of good actors, good script, good timing, …and many other ingredients . That’s all .

    • I like both girls. I don’t know why some fans always have to pit them against one another. Can’t we wish both to succeed and do well? Grow up.

      • Because fans of that wide-faced bish are obsessed with So Hyun, they’re the ones always comparing the two. They’re so predictable that I already predicted they will comment nonsense on this article, they’re that obsessed with our girl. Don’t even try the “both sides are bad” argument, since fans of that girl are the ones always starting sh*t

    • Lmao except the ratings for episode 2 went up, so sit down d*mbf*ck 😎

      Also, you’re really stup*d to judge the ratings of this drama as if it’s in a public network lol it’s a cable drama. Just another proof that fans of that wide-faced bish are brainless little sh*ts 😂
      Also, Song Kang never even had a high ratings drama, so I don’t know why you think either of those two are audience draws lol

      • Can we not do this? that user @izzey is obviously a troll. We oris should not be getting riled up over omething like that. Even if they do say something, we do not have to retaliate like that. Not to forget both actress are friends too.

    • uhm, ratings for episode 2 increased so cry about it 🤡
      and you really think the drama of those two you mentioned will do better? neither of them are ratings magnet, you’re delusional 😂😂😂
      sohyun never had a 1% rating drama, and never will. she’s not a loser like your fave 🤡

    • Damn, you all obsessed with our girl, it’s pathological at this point lmao. But thanks for letting us know you all are keeping up with our girl, fan behavior for real 👏

    • I really really want to know where are kim yoo jung fans getting their arrogance and audacity from. I mean, their idol’s last drama had mediocre-ass ratings (keep in mind that was an SBS drama too, it should’ve higher ratings than that! lol) and kim yoo jung didn’t even get a Baeksang nomination, when even Suzy got one already lol. It’s baffling to me that they’re this arrogant, it’s not like their idol is Song Hye Kyo-level superstar lol she’s not even a critically acclaimed actress or anything. At this point, kim yoo jung is literally just another young actress, nothing about her sets her apart from other young actresses, except she has psychotic rabid fans, I guess 🤷‍♂️

    • relax.. any smart people will know that that the izzey isn’t even kim yoojung fan. she hates both girls and like to see oris goes crazy. please be more rational and don’t overreact whenever there are trolls when hating kim sohyun like this. even when you want to react to the hate comments, react sensibly and reasonably, there is no need to belittle kim yoojung. as an oris, I’m getting tired of the hate comments thrown to the other girl in this site under kim sohyun posts. so please.. be more HUMBLE. do you guys think that by shading kim yoojung all the time will make kim sohyun looks good? no it isn’t! in fact, it’s so embarrassing using the baeksang antics again and again.

    • Song Kang? That Song Kang with Navillera and Nevertheless flops? That Song Kang? Dear, you’re really delusional if you think he can bring in ratings lol. I can understand Korean and I frequent Korean forums, if you read what they’re saying about him, most koreans don’t take him seriously as an actor, he needs a critically acclaimed leading lady to give his projects credibility, so he’s lucky he was paired with So Hyun in Love Alarm. On the other hand, Kim Yoo Jung can have a high-rating drama but ONLY if she’s paired with a popular actor and the script is really great, otherwise, she’s not really a ratings draw herself. Their upcoming drama will most likely be on Netflix because Netflix has a weird obsession with Song Kang, and Song Kang’s international fans will literally watch anything he’s in, so that drama will probably be popular internationally, but I don’t get how you can be sure it will be a big hit in Korea, unless it has a top-tier script or something.

      And why are you even bringing up those two in this article? Are they part of this drama’s cast or something? Your fandom is really weird. Get help lol

    • The plot is them being chaotic so don’t see that settling down at any point. It’s a chaotic little world that Doha and Solhee the two loners live in with crazy neighbors and family trauma and past lovers. It’s been clear from the promos that it’s a drama that’s all over the place in terms of writing, plot and characters which is the charm of the drama. Romcom, suspense, comedy, fantasy and about every other genre in the book thrown in. The actors also said that during the poster shoot it’s a mix of everything. Lots of characters with screen time divided into 10 different sub-plot points that’s how they’ll fill 16 episodes since the story if straightforward. She needs to save him from his trauma while falling in love with him. That’s it. Nothing more or less. Don’t expect things to change or settle down. We aren’t watching for cohesiveness just silly and cute moments. No logic just cotton candy that makes your teeth hurt.

      • Pardon me if I spill any spoilers, but My Lovely Liar reminds me of a lighter version of Link: Eat, Love, Kill. One possessing a special ability, the other thinking he or she killed someone, neighborhood setting, pervs, missing corpses, and probably who’s the big bad guessing game. Like Link, this drama is a mash-up of genres so it’ll definitely come out as chaotic and all over the place. I understand the lower ratings and mixed responses from both domestic and international audiences. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    • If you’re not watching this for the visuals then it’s better to drop it because there will plot holes and lazy writing the whole time. It’s True Beauty but adult and with superpower. I’m loving it though because it’s just plain cute with nothing else expected but to stare at pretty people. It’s the only reason I watch Kdrama. Unrealistic pretty people falling in love for no reason is my go to trope salad.

    • It really is chaotic, but that’s the appeal for me as I love chaotic dramas 😂 I get why that wouldn’t be other’s cup of tea though. Each to their own lol

  4. I have only watched episode 1 so far, and I liked it alright. It is intriguing enough, even if I am a little bored by the obvious red herring (we all know that the ML cannot be the neighbourhood rapist). And besides the silly premise (someone who is a human lie detector), show vibes pretty realistic so far. Also, Minhyun is ok by me, and I am not even a fan of his. I mean, what was he supposed to prove his acting chops with right at the beginning of the show? We hardly know anything about him yet. Short verdict, I will keep watching for the time being at least.

    • I agree with all of this. Minhyun doesn’t have much to do so far (no scenes that require him to do, like, intense crying scenes and stuff yet) and he’s doing okay for me as well. He’s not distractingly bad or anything. He also looked really cool in that scene with him holding a gun and fighting guys lol. Yeah, overall, the show is good enough for me to keep watching for sure

  5. I enjoyed it, light watch. I also don’t have any new drama to watch in this sked, so that’s probably why lol. I also think the ML needs improvement in his acting.

  6. Oh this drama is so silly, cute and fun with absolutely grade schooler plot and no logic but for some reason I’m totally enjoying it. Just what I needed for a summer watch. I’m struck by how pretty everyone is. Definitely the best looking cast this year. Cute bodyguard has my full attention and ML is so puppy who needs to be cuddled once he takes off that mask that is. The whole MU vs LP was so real I was ROFLing! First two episodes were great and no clue what it’ll be like going forward but for now I’m in for the ride and all the pretty people staring at each other gives me butterflies. Not to forget our Liar Hunter is one fashionable babe. Every outfit is on point and gorgeously comfy.

    • Same haha. The part where they’re cheering for different sports team was hilarious rofl! And yes the visuals of the whole cast are insane! Also, I want what Sol Hee was wearing in the last scene, just really my type of outfit!

  7. eh, that’s a decent ratings for a cable show, not to mention the ratings increased a bit for ep.2. most people who are watching this are probably watching online anyway, given that it’s one of the most watched shows in tving. the two leads also have fandoms that are on the young side so again, probably watching online and that can affect the tv ratings. i liked both episodes by the way, nothing super great so far but nothing to complain about either, so i will just tune in for the fun ride and the pretty, heh

  8. I am yet to watch the drama but good that at least rating went up. Happy for sohyun. That means more people are watching it. I hope it keeps on increasing also I feel it is better this way than getting high no. on 1st epi and then going lower. Even I am also not really fond of ML but it seems Sohyun is enjoying off screen. So, yeah it feels good after her last drama’s off screen drama. I hope they will announce the release date of her other drama soon bcuz I am just way too excited for that one.

  9. I’ve seen the first 2 episodes of this drama and I loved it! Feel-good drama, I know the guy’s background story will be MEH, but they have decent chemistry and the drama is just light and comforting.

  10. Kim So Hyun is reportedly cast in a new drama with Park Bo Gum, yay! Hopefully that wide-faced bish’s toxic deranged fandom don’t ruin our excitement, but I already know they will 🙄

    • I literally don’t give a damn what that idiot fandom says because they’re always proven wrong anyway. Imagine saying KSH isn’t relevant anymore (like that moron izzey was saying above), when KSH is getting casting offers left right and center 😂

    • That’s a pity wanted to see him in another series with Kim Soo Jung they are perfect for each other also she has not agreed yet

  11. I don’t see anything bad with their acting at all. They act really good and I can even feel their chemistry 🥰 I am having fun and basing from the behind the scene clips, they’re having fun as well so I am not quite sure why some people talk shit all the time when they can just enjoy it. You do know that putting too much hate is just a waste of time right? And it just proves that they caught your attention 😅😊

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