Alchemy of Souls Releases New Cast Drama Photos and After Two Episodes Reminds of a Fantasy Period Drama Version of the F4 Dynamic

Last weekend’s start to tvN new Sat-Sun drama Alchemy of Souls was probably as good as it gets. The drama is headlined by a younger cast with two idol-actors in the mix and looked like a hodge podge of elements … Continue reading

Alchemy of Souls Episode 2 Turns on the Crack Factor as Character and Emotional Beats Combine Beautifully to Propel the Narrative

Okay, summer is officially here for me because HOMG where have you been all my life Alchemy of Souls? The Hong Sisters magic is back and ready to inject drama crack into my koala veins and I’m scrambling to find … Continue reading

tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls Premieres to 5.205% First Episode Ratings with an Intriguing and Steady-handed Narrative Start

So the big question mark around tvN fantasy sageuk drama Alchemy of Souls (Returning Soul) is now answered, and it’s not a definitive yes or no. The first episode premiered this Saturday and got 5.205% ratings which is the lowest … Continue reading

Alchemy of Souls Releases Deluge of Character Posters and Poised for Premiere this Saturday June 18th

We’re two days away from learning whether ambitious new tvN fantasy fusion sageuk Alchemy of Souls will excite viewers with the different and hopefully innovative story or crash on takeoff for being too weird or unwieldy. It won’t fail for … Continue reading

Alchemy of Souls Release New OTP Poster with Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook and Additional Stills of Veteran Supporting Cast

All those what the heck is this discussions will be laid to rest this coming Saturday as tvN fantasy sageuk Alchemy of Souls will finally meet viewers. Taking over the time slot from critically acclaimed and highly rated Our Blues, … Continue reading

Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook Bicker and Banter in New Teaser for Alchemy of Souls While the Posters and Stills Look More Serious in Tone

It’s about one week away from the premiere of tvN fantasy sageuk drama Alchemy of Souls (Korean title Returning Soul) and I remain as perplexed as ever what to expect. But if I dig into the Hong Sisters oeuvre this … Continue reading

Jung So Min’s Eyes Open and Covered Present Different Auras in First Stills From tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls Along with New Teaser for Second Male Lead Minhyun

Additional goodies dropped this weekend for upcoming tvN fantasy sageuk Alchemy of Souls, the Korean title is Return and I’ve also earlier seen it called Soul Marriage. I love love love the English title, literary and unique and actually captures … Continue reading

Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook Tease a Fantastical Broody Ancient World in First Look at tvN Drama Return From the Hong Sisters

The first teasers are out for upcoming tvN fantasy period drama Return, which I’ve also seen called Soul Marriage, and it looks beautiful and broody beyond belief. Starring Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook, this drama made headlines first … Continue reading

K-netizens Think Upcoming Hong Sisters Fantasy Sageuk Drama Return is a Hot Mess After Leading Lady Swap to Jung So Min and Demotion of Oh My Girl’s Arin from Second Female Lead Down to 8th Spot

Two decades of K-drama watching and a still keen memory tells me that a hot mess drama casting/production isn’t always indicative of a bad drama to come, buuuuuuut it does tend to turn out that way with only a handful … Continue reading

Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun Fired From Upcoming Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Return Reportedly Due to Poor Acting, Jung So Min Courted to Replace Her Immediately

Well this is certainly a rarity in K-drama but clearly stuff really went off the rails during filming. Rookie actress Park Hye Eun (but she uses Park Hae Eun on her own SNS account) has been fired from the currently … Continue reading