Cha Seung Won’s CF for Armani Men’s Skin Care

This is just awesomely hilarious yet mesmerizing. Cha Seung Won is the face of Armani men’s skincare line for Korea, and I cannot stress enough how Armani totally went against the grain to select a real man’s man to actually perform a multi-step skin care routine before our very eyes.

I was simultaneously enchanted by his great moisturizing technique, and worried that he’d pull out a gun and shoot the mirror after his final step. Cha Seung Won – you are one insanely sexy beast. Honestly, it takes a man completely at ease with his masculinity to shill eye cream.

Armani Men’s CF Featuring Cha Seung Won:


Cha Seung Won’s CF for Armani Men’s Skin Care — 35 Comments

  1. I can’t stop laughing. Cha Seung Won’s light touch reminds me of my Eastern European facialist’s technique. Really? Not only does he dab, he actually puts a dollop of moisturizer not on the palm but on the flesh between his index finger and thumb? And tops it all off with eye cream?

  2. Awwww! LMAO! I love how nonchalantly applying eye cream or whatever that is, he’s doing. I should really follow him and start doing a proper 2-3 step skin care regime, a note to self^^

    He’s seriously a sexy bastard. Thank you for posting this.

  3. This just opened my eyes to a kink I didn’t know I had o.O

    *cough* Who knew men and skin care could be so hawt

  4. Cha Seung Won! I have not watched him in any of his dramas yet. This convinced me I should try to watch them soon. Can’t miss out on the HOT, hahaha! Giorgio Armani and all the other high fashion designers with their beauty product lines are not making the huge mistake of dismissing the potential big market in Asia which kdrama actors can attract. Tnks for this bit of news, Ockoala.

      • haha! im weird right? not to have seen City Hall yet, positively criminal, eh? hehe…

    • I concur with sere. You should watch City Hall right now. Its amazing and the acting is top notch, something that is becoming rare in kdramas these days. City Hall made a CSW fan, his wife is so incredibly lucky.

      • …is he married in real life? (random, i know haha)

        but yes, agree agree – City Hall: watch it now!

      • Oh yeah, he’s been married for over 20 years, to the same lucky lady. He has a 20 year old son, and a young daughter named Rachel who he tattoed on his arm. He’s an awesome daddy, great actor, and a way too cool star. Love him~

      • sere and hapacalgirl…thanks for the added push!!!! here i am wasting my time reading books and watching news on tv hehe…

      • he’s married? wow! and for 20 yrs… with a son, cool! i’ve no illusions with actors that i get to like. it’s not like we will get a chance with them, hahahaha! so if they are already hitched that would make no diff at all. i’d still like them πŸ™‚ lucky gal! this makes him even hotter for being married that long! πŸ˜‰

  5. His looks scares me and stops me from watching City Hall and I couldn’t finish ep 1 even though CH has great reviews. I tried 3 times.

    • I watched all kdramas and movies of cha seung won, im a big fan and i’be watched the city hall 20 times already😘😘😘

  6. Gay men in Korea are running to buy this stuff by the droves. Maybe a few women, too. Yeah pretty brilliant casting by Armani on this.

    • are there many gay men in Korea, i wonder…the actors are becoming prettier and prettier you cant help but think if they are gay or not. good thing they have a required 2yr military service. perhaps there is still chance for them to shape up hehe. although gay men in uniform do abound too πŸ™‚ * sighs in frustration*

  7. whoa he has a 20 year old son?!……so he’s 41 now which means he probably got married really young…….i really thought he was just another hot bachelor star all this whilee….dang…wonder what it feels like to have such a hot Dad

  8. Guys, I’m now watching City Hall because of this post! WOW! How could I have missed it when it first came out? I’m insane. From the first scene you know it’s going to be different from the rest…way way better. I’m excited πŸ˜‰ Thanks to those who encouraged me to watch this. And to Ockoala, thanks for posting this news πŸ™‚

  9. Also watching City Hall now and love Cha Seung Wan way better than the lead actress (don’t know what’s her name but always find her a little too abrasive – in her other drama too.) First I have ever known of or watched CSW perform and he has definitely caught my attention (ie will regard favourably any drama that features him in the future). Totally agree that the Armani CF is hilarious and uber cool at the same time! What a manly execution of a skincare routine – nothing sissy or weak about it. Men and skincare is going to be the rave after this CF. There is indeed genus in the Armani marketing team.

  10. Goodness I just saw this.
    Cha Seung Won makes me all gooey… Goodness, how can a man be so MAN and so sweet at the same time.

    • His very mamly but he has a soft side, when he cries in his kdramas like in city hall and in the greatest love, he really is an awesome actor,
      You will ne carried away. He’s so sexy even when he cries. I’m really a big fan😘😘😘

  11. HOT DADDY…!!!! HE defeated others ( younger more than 10 years ….) and winning an award as the HOTTEST ACTOR AND SIX PACK (at 40’s )!!!!! …..*whew*…. Incredible sexy look…….What’s his secret??? at least i can tell my hubby about it so when he reaches 40 he’ll be as HOT as CSW…… LOL…..

  12. I’m a big fan of Cha Seung Won. I’ve watched The City Hall 20 times already and The Greatest Love 5 times because i really like watching him in his kdramas. I love his acting😘😘😘

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