Kim Yoo Jung Recovered to Start Filming Clean with Passion for Now but Leading Man Ahn Hyo Seob Leaves Drama

The good news is that K-actress Kim Yoo Jung is all recovered from her health scare a few months ago that led filming being halted on K-drama Clean with Passion for Now, the bad news is that now leading man Ahn Hyo Seob has bowed out of the drama due to scheduling conflicts after he accepted K-drama I’m 30 But 17 with Shin Hye Sun. Clean was already filming when Kim Yoo Jung fell ill so the footage will have to scrapped and filming resumption delayed until a new leading man found. I don’t think there is blame either way, just a set of unfortunate circumstances. I’m curious who the new leading man will be, and hopefully something that will complement Kim Yoo Jung very well. Continue reading