Kim Yoo Jung Graduates High School and Starts Filming Drama Clean with Passion for Now

This week is a great double happiness for K-actress Kim Yoo Jung as she graduates high school and starts filming her first K-drama modern rom-com leading lady role in Clean with Passion for Now. I still remember first laying eyes on the teeny tiny Kim Yoo Jung back in 2006 in Iljimae and being enchanted that such a young child actress could be so emotive and natural. Twelve years and countless K-dramas later she’s graduated to leading lady full time, and also graduated from the routine of primary school education. Congrats on balancing an acting career and still going to school to earn her degree, can’t wait to see her in Clean with Passion alongside newly elevated leading man Ahn Hyo Seob (who looks like a cross between Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin if you ask me) and second male lead Song Jae Rim. Continue reading