Ahn Hyo Seob Has Stopped Acting Like a Blind Man in the Second Half of Lovers of the Red Sky and It’s Can’t be Missed Acting Comedy

Somewhere the drama gods are laughing down on this drama, and I’m actually neither mad or sad but enjoying the off the rails ride at this point. Lovers of the Red Sky hasn’t just gone off the deep end in terms of the most nonsensical plot and character behavior I’ve seen in any drama in a long time, it’s also a masterclass now in bad acting. Actually I can’t even call it bad acting, its better described as wrong acting, and the number one case in point in male lead Ahn Hyo Seob. I’m fascinated by what’s going on behind the scenes because in front of the scenes he’s stopped acting like a blind person. Like, full stop, he’s not even making ANY effort other than using a cane to essay resemblance to a blind person. He tried in the first 6 episodes and gradually he tried less and less until the most recent two episodes 13-14 he is just flat out being a normal sighted person. If his character can see in the drama then Ahn Hyo Seob is actually doing okay with his sageuk acting, the diction is on point and he’s got that reserved poised scholarly demeanor down pat.

But Ha Ram is blind!!! And not just somewhat blind, a little blind, or pretending to be blind, he legit hasn’t seen anything since he was like 10 years old. So watching Ahn Hyo Seob constantly looking at his costars at the right eye level and making eye contact in every scene is so INSANE to see, a lead actually stopped acting one the main attribute of his character, It would be like a leg cripple just starting to walk normally midway through the drama. I thought Ahn Hyo Seob had so much potential in Thirty But Seventeen but since he’s gotten male lead roles it’s just been inexplicably flat. I hope he regains his spark and delivers on the potential soon. For this drama I’m more amused than upset because what’s tanking it is one of the the worst scripts in the K-drama script pantheon so his not acting correctly isn’t making it worse and is making it more fun for me because I’m so curiously following him staring at everyone and everything in all the scenes.

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