Lee Jun Ki Appears as Surprise Guest at IU’s Taipei Concert and Re-enacts Rain and Cape Scene from Moon Lovers

I love Lee Jun Ki so much that I’ll even accept his triggering of a memory I desperately want to forgot. Lee Jun Ki was in Taiwan over the weekend and showed up as a surprise guest at IU‘s concert in Taipei. This reunion of the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo OTP generated the opposite of squees from me in terms of feeling zilch for their onscreen narrative and/or chemistry. But as singers both are extremely talented and that avenue makes me happy to see them collaborate on stage.

Lee Jun Ki not only showed up at the concert, he even donned his best Phantom of the Opera black cape impersonation and got on stage to hold said cape over IU as she sang her track from the Moon Lovers OST. I did not get 4th Prince and Hae Soo vibes from this performance, more Vegas show antics, but in the grander scheme of things I’m glad the drama made him so insanely popular again and likewise maybe IU will now stick to singing. Continue reading

K-media Discusses How Descendants of the Sun is the Only Ratings Success Pre-produced K-drama in 2016

K-media is taking stock of 2016 and the results are not exactly promising for the future of pre-producing K-dramas. What was once a rarity such as the mega budget Legend felt like a norm in 2016 with a slew of … Continue reading