Stars Mostly Go Dark at the 2017 Elle Korea Awards

I don’t recall a drearier event than last weekend’s 2017 Elle Korea Awards to celebrate K-star fashions. The pitch black logo screen is one of the culprits and then things got worse when most of the stars wore black or grey and then some looked rather grumpy or dour. The shining light of color was Kim Ji Won with a different looking pink color high neck long sleeved dress that would be straight out of Great Expectations if it was dark and lace-trimmed but instead now looks like a shining beacon of light in the midst of so much dark. I like Gong Hyo Jin‘s dress but for the fact that she didn’t look pleased to be there, and Yoona went with a suit but it looked really odd with the double breast and paired with the giant ribbon tie. Both her and her Best Love former costar Cha Seung Won were so downer I couldn’t even squee to see them reunited together here. But then again I remember last week having such an unexpected sorrowful tragedy strike K-ent then all of this makes sense and I’m just glad to see these stars out and about. Continue reading