KBS Wed-Thurs Manhole Drops to 2.8% Ratings Lowest of All KBS Primetime Dramas in 2017

What a bummer for the cast and crew of newly arrived but likely DOA Wed-Thurs KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feel or Feels So Good). Episode 1 premiered with an anemic 3.1% AGB nationwide ratings but episode 2 managed to fall from even that low bar dropping to 2.8%. Ouch and kinda not a surprise, I figured this type of trendy oddball rom-com wasn’t a hit with domestic K-audiences but was hoping the drama was fun to watch nevertheless so it would gain a decent cult audience.

But early reviews have been mixed to low, mostly that male lead Jaejoong‘s character is just too unlikable and hard to root for. That was my concern since making him such a loser at the beginning in work and love life makes one think female lead UEE made the right choice in not being with him and getting married to another guy. I’ve banked the first two episodes for a Saturday night catch up watch but those who have already check it out, share thoughts good or bad to flesh out what’s working and not so far with this Manhole that can’t crawl out of its ratings hole. Continue reading

K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie

It’s so cute when celebrities recognize their own lookalikes, it saves fans the trouble of doing double takes. Last week Sistar‘s Bora ran into K-actress Han Chae Young at an event and the two took a selfie asking their fans … Continue reading