Jaejoong Cast in Channel A Drama Adaptation of Jane the Virgin

The story of Jane the Virgin got the most publicity after the US show a few years ago but it was first adapted in Venezuela and based on a source novel. It’s always got a latino flavor and cultural background but now South Korea is giving it a go with cable network Channel A readying a drama adaptation for later this year. The K-drama Jane the Virgin has it’s first cast member and it’s not the titular Jane but her love interest, with Jaejoong on board as the male lead. He’s playing a hotel heir and current manager, handsome with a bit of bad boy vibe. He was married but got divorced soon thereafter and also someone who beat stomach cancer. The drama will of course be a comedy and will air in December 2019. Continue reading

After Her Private Life and Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young Reigns as the K-drama Female Lead Racking Up Successive Chemistry Wins

I’m having a hard time thinking of another K-drama actress with as many romance dramas under belt as Park Min Young AND has also delivered performances that generated strong chemistry with her male lead(s). In some dramas she even sparks … Continue reading

Hilarious Lack of Hair Photoshopping Turns Oppas into Ahjusshis

What happens when a beloved bastion of male visual perfection is tweaked to show us that even the worst hair fallacies cannot be overcome. C-ent is rolling in laughter over a recently released series of photoshops turning famous Korean and … Continue reading

Manhole’s Episode 4 Drops to 2.0% and Enters Top Three Lowest Rated Prime Time Ratings of Last Two Decades

If something doesn’t succeed then sucking so badly as to enter infamy may be a viable alternative to paddling in the middling center of mediocrity. Recently premiered Wed-Thurs KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feel or Feels So Good) is sliding into … Continue reading