Jaejoong and Jin Se Yeon Offered Leads in K-drama Adaptation of So I Married an Anti-fan

I think the casting of Jaejoong as a fictional top idol star for a K-drama is too perfect but at the same time not really needed anymore. After Triangle I’ve seen that he can act and his last drama Manhole was an epic fall down a bottomless manhole of a failure in ratings not due to an acting lack from Jaejoong. He can do more but maybe it’s not a bad idea to do a fun drama right up his real life alley as K-ent is reporting that he’s been offered the leading man role in the K-drama adaption of webtoon So I Married an Anti-fan. In talks as his leading lady is Jin Se Yeon who is coming off a ratings success in her last drama the Chosun TV sageuk The Grand Prince. The story is about a top star and the woman heading his anti-fan club and their fake marriage turned real romance. The story was made into a Chinese-Korean joint collaboration movie starring EXO‘s Chanyeol back in 2015. Continue reading

Manhole’s Episode 4 Drops to 2.0% and Enters Top Three Lowest Rated Prime Time Ratings of Last Two Decades

If something doesn’t succeed then sucking so badly as to enter infamy may be a viable alternative to paddling in the middling center of mediocrity. Recently premiered Wed-Thurs KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feel or Feels So Good) is sliding into … Continue reading