Night Light Drops Intense Long Teaser with Lee Yo Won Stealing the Show


I think Lee Yo Won may hog the spotlight in upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Night Light (Illumination), but then no one will mind because she’s doing it not on buzz but on substance. Sure there are the other two leads Jin Goo and UEE, but neither suck the air out of the screen when they appear the way Lee Yo Won is bringing it in her alpha female power player role. There’s shades of Choi Ji Woo in Temptation, which was all sorts of messed up in concept and writing, but which actress wouldn’t want a chance to dig into a meaty role of the active puppet master rather than always being reactive. The latest drama still showing Lee Yo Won holding a gun to her head like those HK movie gangsters do makes me lub her more for her take no prisoners girl boss ways. Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Takes Home Daesang at 2016 APAN Star Awards

It’s not exactly awards season yet in K-ent but the chips are falling as expected even for the one-off awards event such as the just held APAN Star Awards sponsored by the Daejeon Drama Festival. The big winner was Descendants … Continue reading

Late Fall Mon-Tues K-dramas The Man Living in Our House and Night Light Finalize Lead Casting

There will be a contrasting selection of Mon-Tues K-dramas coming in late fall, and which one piques your interest may depend on mood as the casting has been finalized and both are packed with plenty of talent. Arriving first at … Continue reading

K-stars Attend Seoul Premiere of Hollywood Movie The Magnificent Seven Costarring Lee Byung Hun

The summer blockbuster movie season has wrapped and Korean entertainment found worldwide glory with the hit zombie on trains thriller Train to Busan. Starting off the fall season an old school Western movie The Magnificent Seven which had an early … Continue reading