Song Joong Ki Declines Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee’s Joseon Zombie Drama Kingdom

I’m not surprised this casting didn’t come through but I actually think it’s a missed opportunity both ways. Song Joong Ki has confirmed to pass on 2018 Joseon era fantasy-tinged drama Kingdom by critically acclaimed screenwriter Kim Eun Hee, who wrote Signal, 3 Days, Phantom, and Sign. The drama will be produced by Netflix and aired exclusively on that streaming medium, with a broadcast date in the second half of 2018. Song Joong Ki’s side explained that he ultimately passed due to his impending wedding to Song Hye Kyo and wanting to focus on that knowing the grueling drama shoot to come. I’m not sure there is that much scheduling conflict as Kingdom won’t air for another year, but it will be pre-produced so likely filming will start before year end. I’m sad Song Joong Ki passed on this as Kim Eun Hee writes gritty and intelligent dramas which will be a welcome change for him as his last drama Descendants of the Sun was so fluffy and less substantive. Continue reading

Famed K-drama Screenwriters Kim Eun Sook and Kim Eun Hee Hold Joint Question-Answer Session in Seoul

If you love screenwriter Kim Eun Hee and/or Kim Eun Sook, the two sat down for a joint question-and-answer session this week in Seoul to share thoughts on their streak of successful K-dramas through the years. First they were asked … Continue reading

K-drama Viewers Polled Picked Kim Eun Sook as Favorite Screenwriter Followed by Kim Eun Hee and Noh Hee Kyung

Ranking K-drama screenwriters whether by quality or personal like is much harder than the actors and actresses that bring their narratives to life on television. Very few become household names, requiring hit after hit after hit and a longevity that … Continue reading