K-netizen Claim Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Min Suk are Dating But Agencies Deny the Rumor

Sudden wedding announcement and surprising pregnancy isn’t the only relationship bombshell this week in K-ent, on the same day Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee took their relationship to the next level there was news that a new couple had been formed. The rumor started that 29 year old actress Oh Yeon Seo was dating 27 year old actor Kim Min Suk after a netizen claimed to have spotted them out on a date in Seoul. They were seen walking closely together as a couple with Kim Min Suk taking care of his lady love. Put aside the Oh Yeon Seo looks like Kim Min Suk’s cool but strict noona, this rumors comes straight out of nowhere and reeks of random mistaken sighting or putting names into a jar and picking out two random ones to pair together. Their respective agencies have quickly responded by saying this isn’t true, the two aren’t dating, and frankly don’t even know each other. Continue reading

Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama Doctors

I never thought I’d see Park Shin Hye in a doctor genre drama, and conversely I’ve wondered why Kim Rae Won hasn’t done one yet since all his generational male colleagues have wielded the scalpel already. Filming started on upcoming … Continue reading