Kim Yoo Jung Bright and Bubbly for La Palette and Resuming Entertainment Activities After Hiatus

It’s was pretty startling to see how high actress Kim Yoo Jung’s star rose late last year thanks to the runaway success of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and then how quickly it plummet in a fiery blaze due to what netizens perceived as rude behavior during movie promotions. She ended up skipping all the year end awards and even was hospitalized for stress twice. The whole thing was blown out of proportion and hopefully has blown over as quickly as it mushroomed. She’s returning to entertainment activities next week at a brand promotional event in Seoul, and there’s also a new pictorial for accessories line La Palette which features her in various charming outfits and fresh youthful styles. I hope the setback won’t have any long term impact on her personality or psyche and she can resume her fast rising acting career. Continue reading

Park Bo Gum Beats Out Song Joong Ki as Winner of Gallup Poll Korea’s Top Drama Actor of 2016

Wow, I’m rather impressed someone beat Song Joong Ki in this year’s vote for a drama category poll, but then again I don’t think Joong Ki minds in the least when it’s one of his best friends Park Bo Gum. … Continue reading

K-stars Attend 2016 Asia Artist Awards in in Safe and Pretty Fashion Choices

Last week was the 2016 Asia Artist Awards, which was by all accounts a giant steaming mess with ceremony glitches and a hodge podge of categories that made the very award seem superfluous. With that said, this awards ceremony managed to … Continue reading

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung Attend Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Drama Wrap Fan Meeting

The supreme cuteness that is sageuk drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds reversed the ratings bottom trend for KBS on Mon-Tues and delivered a much needed buzz for the viewing audience. I like dramas to get viewers hooked and excited, the … Continue reading

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Jumps in Ratings and Takes the Mon-Tues Lead Over Premiering K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

The showdown of the Mon-Tues sageuks has an out of the gate winner – congrats to KBS youth period drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds for vaulting in the ratings for episode 3 this Monday and taking the runaway lead against … Continue reading

Adorable Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung Shine in Long Preview for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

KBS premieres youth romance sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds this Monday evening, and those still on the fence can check on the ten minute long preview released at the press conference a few days ago to decide whether to watch … Continue reading