Kim Yoo Jung in Radiant and Healthy in Fila Pictorial

The lovely Kim Yoo Jung dropped a new pictorial for sportswear brand Fila last week, a familiar face for the campaign for the past few seasons and reassuring to see back in action. She battled a health scare earlier this year that caused the drama Clean With Passion for Now to halt filming. It’s since resumed filming but swapping out the male lead to Yoon Kyun Sang, which will make for a very shoujo-esque height differential between the leads onscreen. I’m not going to harp about the age differential of the leads in real life, I think both are good enough actors to convince me they are playing a role and I just want a cute story that’s worth their involvement. Kim Yoo Jung’s Fila pictorial for this summer season is just as warm and breezy as the vibe she gives off. Continue reading

Korean Acting Stars Shine on the MAMA 2017 Hong Kong Red Carpet

Since I don’t follow K-pop the interest in the pan-Asian Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is solely on the attendee star power of many K-stars. The Hong Kong show last night was a total win for me on the actors … Continue reading

Lee Young Ae and Song Joong Ki Lead Big Name K-star Appearances at 2017 MAMA

Keep you eyes peeled on November 25th for the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), the latest spectacle put on by music network Mnet to further promote Hallyu pop and entertainment. I’m guessing big K-pop winners are likely the big … Continue reading