Kim Yoo Jung Ascends Epic Visual Plane in New Cosmopolitan Korean Pictorial

If some pictorials and/or the star modeling in them are oft criticized for delivering images that all look the same, the latest Cosmopolitan Korea spread with K-actress Kim Yoo Jung avoids that critique completely by having every picture be unique. From her body pose, head position, and facial expression, she’s channeling a wide-range of visuals that capture her acting talents in being able to deliver different emotions onscreen. She’s also come a long way in her acting career, and in her last drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds the grown up child actress actually has her own child counterpart. That’s cute and a nice reminder that time marches forward in only one direction and we have to do our best in the present and be prepared for the future. I think Kim Yoo Jung did her best as a child actress and is more than prepared for an adult acting career, next up a plucky heroine for K-drama Clean With Passion For Now. Continue reading