Kim Yoo Jung Epitomizes the Casual Playful Youth in New Fila Summer 2022 CF

So summer is the season of countless outdoor possibilities and K-actress Kim Yoo Jung‘s latest pictorial for Fila can be done both indoor or outdoor. I see it as roller skater girl cute or tennis girl chic, either way she’s still that prime age where energy and vigor is aplenty to tackle more athletic endeavors. It’s midway through 2022 already and she’s not announced for a K-drama on deck so far so chances are she won’t be back on the small screen this year which is fine. Reset and find the right next project and in the meantime enjoy life!

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Kim So Yeon Wins the 2021 SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Penthouse with Plenty of Other Stars Getting Lauded for Well Received Dramas

SBS handed out a heck ton of awards at the year end celebration today and the 2021 SBS Drama Awards was definitely more jam packed with dramas and stars than the prior night over at MBC. The Daesang went to … Continue reading

Park Seo Joon and Kim Go Eun Top the Japan Viewer Poll on Favorite K-drama Female and Male Stars

I still remember when Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo would top every Japan viewer poll on anything Hallyu related for a good decade and more after Winter Sonata swept the nation. They’ve dropped off for years now but … Continue reading

2021 Year of the Youth Sageuks with Grown Up Child Actresses Kim So Hyun, Park Eun Bin, and Kim Yoo Jung Fails So Much Talent with Lee Se Young on Deck for the Final at Bat

It hurts my drama loving heart to have seen so much talented wasted so far and I wish these young actresses came of age a decade ago when there was actually good female lead sageuk roles and amazing scripts. The … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Ends with an All Over the Place Conclusion with Loose Ends and a Saccharine Sweet Happy Ending for the OTP

Crack is wack, chingus! This 1980’s slogan is perfect for SBS drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) which wrapped up this week from its wild run. What was a promising sageuk devolved gradually into a crazier and … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 13-14 Jumps the Shark Where Every Character Does Something Dumb and Makes Everything Worse

This drama is estúpido, so so stupid now that I wonder where that bright, charming, creative, weird sageuk with potential went? Probably got contaminated by the addled brains of EVERY SINGLE MAJOR character, because that’s the only way to explain … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 9-10 Get Back on Track as Everyone Knows About the Demon in Ha Ram But He Just IDGAF and Keeps On Spending Quality Time with Chun Gi

It’s week 5 of Lovers of the Red Sky and after last week’s relatively dull and plodding two episodes the drama resumed being a delicious slice of sageuk crack. Ha Ram activates his alter ego Demon Mode in the middle … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 7-8 Resumes with Similar Ratings of 9.3%, 8.9% as the Week Hiatus Slows the Momentum

I was super excited on Monday for the resumption of Lovers of the Red Sky, with episode 7 picking up from the end of the painting competition and the arrival of Chun Gi’s mentally damaged dad to cause a ruckus. … Continue reading

Lovers of the Red Sky Resumes Airing After Week Hiatus with New Stills Showing Chun Gi Having Curious Encounters with Ha Ram, Prince Yangmyeong, the Mountain Goddess Grandma

I hope everyone had a great Chuseok/Mid-Autumn week because it better have been good to make me not go rabidly angry that the family holiday led to a one week preemption of airing new episodes of SBS Mon-Tues drama Lovers … Continue reading