Moon Geun Young has Third Surgery and Avoids Serious Complications Such as Amputation

There’s good news to report on Moon Geun Young‘s recent medical scare, with a frightening worst case scenario element to it. Moon Geun Young has undergone her third surgery on her arm for compartment syndrome, with the remaining performances for the stage production of Romeo and Juliet now fully cancelled. Her agency confirms that she is in recovery but the situation was so severe that her inured arm could have been amputated had she not gotten surgery just in time. Compartment Syndrome is when there is severe internal bleeding and swelling to the tissues after a sudden injury, and if not treated swiftly could cause permanent tissue and nerve damage. I’m so relieved Moon Geun Young is in recovery and praying there are no lasting repercussions. Continue reading

Joo Won Takes Home the Daesang for Yongpal at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards

The SBS 2015 Drama Awards wraps up the trio of year end big K-drama awards shows, and while network was the overall ratings winner for the year the selections for its awards were somewhat underwhelming. Joo Won took home the … Continue reading