Police Continues Alleged Sexual Harassment Investigation of Onew Who Bows Out of K-drama Age of Youth 2

There‚Äôs been updates to the alleged sexual harassment allegations lobbed at idol-actor Onew from the boy group SHINee, some conflicting statements but so far nothing fully incriminating or exonerating. Onew was reported to the police by a woman at a club who claimed he touched her inappropriately, with Onew’s agency SM Entertainment admitting the touching happened but claimed he was too drunk and it was inadvertent as he mistook her legs for a pool when she was dancing on a raised platform by his table. Apparently she dropped the charges after giving a police statement but later said it was due to pressure from SM.

Further information such as her boyfriend being the one to call the cops has raised the specter of her motivations, but then again Onew is alleged to have touched her so whatever her side wants it doesn’t negate what he did. For Onew’s part, the smartest career move for now is to quietly exit upcoming K-drama Age of Youth 2 which he has now confirmed will happen after initially saying that he will remain in the drama. How his character will be dispatched with remains to be seen but I just hope for a swift resolution to this scandal so all parties can move on. Continue reading