First Impressions: All About My Love with Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung

With the end of That Winter, The Wind Blows, Spring has officially arrived in dramaland and with it comes a spate of new primetime dramas to check out. Will it continue my ennui from Winter, or will I snap to rapt attention? This week saw the premiere of When a Man Loves and All About My Love, the former is garnering notoriety already while the latter continuing its low key appeal and interest. I checked out AAML first since a rom-com with a solid cast is always going to pique my interest over some broody love melodrama. I enjoyed the first half of this production team’s last drama Protect the Boss, which had a snappy vibe and quirky fun to be sufficiently entertaining, at least until the second half went down the extension pointless angst crapper. AAML sounded like PtB but set in a political versus corporate world, this time with two different skewing older leads Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung. Throw in Park Hee Soon and I was sold! Sadly I should have given it a pass because the result was so disappointing I’m pretty dismayed at the people involved. AAML is a totally nonsensical ridiculous farce with characters behaving nowhere near real people spewing dialogue that is stilted, with the two leads overacting like their pants was on fire. Shin Ha Kyun’s hair is so awful I half expect it to drip grease, and his pants so tight he must use super glue to keep it from splitting. And Lee Min Jung, sigh, what more can I say other than all her limitations as an actress are laid bare in this performance that is filled with all her trademark tics and line deliveries without any subtlety. I like her natural affability, but it’s like Lee Min Jung is onscreen and this time she’s decided to pretend to be a politician. Continue reading