Ahn Hyo Seob and Jeon So Ni from Encounter in Talks for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

There’s two young names being added to the upcoming season 2 of hit medical drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. I figure the younger leads Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok don’t feel the need to come back understandably, so in their place the drama is going to cast Ahn Hyo Seob and rookie Jeon So Ni. Of course the titular male lead the Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim himself Han Seok Kyu will be back. Ahn Hyo Seob has been steadily building his resume and his most recent was a higher profile male lead opposite Park Bo Young in the body morphing in death drama Abyss which was abysmal but I had to finish for the sake of trying to see what the heck the writers had in mind to wrap it all up. Jeon So Ni is more recognizable by face rather than name, she debuted last year in 2018 and has one drama under her belt, playing Park Bo Gum‘s high school classmate and work friend in Encounter (Boyfriend), she was great and made an impression on me so yay for her. I do feel like K-dramas are not creating the same level of star power as a decade ago but it’s still important to elevate promising talent, so I like this casting. Continue reading

2016 Year End Dramas Goblin and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Lead the 2017 Nielson Korea Content Power Rankings for Television Programs

The content power rankings for Korean televisions programs for the entire year of 2017 is out and it’s a quite a feat that the leading show premiered in late 2016 and only aired three weeks into January 2017. tvN‘s fantasy … Continue reading

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Ends With 27.6% Ratings for the Final Episode

Combining together three veterans may have played a big role in creating the winning formula for the recently finished SBS Mon-Tues drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Veteran Han Seok Kyu played the titular Romantic Doctor and got awarded with the … Continue reading

SBS Releases Nominees for Best Couple at 2016 Year End Drama Awards

I can’t believe the year end drama awards are right around the corner, I’m still enjoying the final offerings of this year rather than in previous years when I couldn’t wait for the next year dramas to arrive. Each network … Continue reading

Surprisingly Successful SBS Mon-Tues Drama Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim Hits 21.7% Ratings for Episode 8

Get ready for more doctor dramas in the near future if that’s the reason for the winning success of Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim, on top of the winning success of Doctors. SBS has now aired two hit Mon-Tues medical dramas, … Continue reading

Teaser and Stills Prep SBS’s Return to Medical on Mon-Tues with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

The impending conclusion of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo means SBS can return to the winning formula on Mon-Tues with the medical themed drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Its title is basically the underpinnings of the last SBS medical drama … Continue reading

SBS Goes Back to Medical for Upcoming Mon-Tues Drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

Looks like SBS wants to shake off the ratings doldrums with current Mon-Tues drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo to try and recapture the audience with another medical drama to follow. Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won … Continue reading