C-novel Three Lives Three Worlds Gets Two Adaptations: Movie with Crystal Liu-Yang Yang and Drama with Yang Mi-Mark Chao

I guess it’s confirmed now that C-actor Yang Yang is the current It Boy of the industry. Last year it was Li Yi Feng thanks to the hit fantasy wuxia drama Legend of the Ancient Sword, and probably more than coincidence that Yang Yang is this year’s big popularity surge since the two guys did the summer drama adaptation of popular C-novel The Lost Tomb (Grave Robber’s Journal) together. It’s now time for Yang Yang to don the period costume as he’s just landed the high profile and much coveted male lead role opposite Crystal Liu in the C-movie adaptation of fantasy novel Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

The novel is an epic romance between godly deities, with multiple lifetimes and even reincarnation thrown in. The novel didn’t rope me in so I bailed after a few chapters, but leads Ye Hua and Bai Qian and their multiple lifetime love story is quite popular among Chinese period romance readers. Fans have been waiting for this story to hit the screens and now they are going to get not just one, but two adaptations coming next year in 2016. There will also be a C-drama version of Three Lives starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. Hoo boy, let the comparisons and competition begin! On visuals alone the edge goes to effortless period beauty Crystal and male model looks Yang Yang, who resembles the C-version of Song Jae Rim actually.


C-novel Three Lives Three Worlds Gets Two Adaptations: Movie with Crystal Liu-Yang Yang and Drama with Yang Mi-Mark Chao — 35 Comments

  1. Not a fan of Yangmi. Wish LYF and YangYang were castd for the drama version instead of the movie…guess I won’t be watching the drama one than and only watch the movie one.

  2. Wow 2 adaptations at once oO That’s quite something… Though I probably won’t watch either since I didn’t quite like the book…
    I prefer LYF & YY couple though cause I’m not a big fan of YM

  3. Yang Yang actually isn’t a professional model. He’s trained in dance, and he started out as an actor. He first came into the spotlight as Jia Baoyu in the New Dream of the Red Chamber drama. I’m a huge fan of Yang Yang. He has very crisp, clean features and look, and his acting keeps improving as he challenges himself with a variety of roles. I’m happy that Yang Yang landed the role, and although I haven’t read the novel, I trust that he will do well in portraying the role of Ye Hua.

    • As for the Song Jae Rim comment, I actually always get a Yang Yang vibe whenever I see L of Infinite for some reason.

      • Hahahaha…Why????? I’m a hardcore fan of Infinite and Yang Yang is my new crush. I don’t really see resemblance between these two hotties. LOL…Yang Yang is more manly and determined in his true self although he acts cute from time to time. But L is in nature very sweet, soft-hearted, and an introvert of very few words. They both are extremely handsome without any ps done. Since I watched a substantial amount of TV interviews and variety shows of these two guys, I’m sure they’re way different in personality. But I love them both and want to own them in my dream. LOL.

  4. Agree with everyone about yang mi… I Don’t have anything against her but she hasn’t impressed me at all lately… With her Similar roles… Well see how she pulls off BQ….

  5. Disappointed about the drama version casting, but I’m definitely going to tune into the movie version since it’s Yang Yang playing.

    • ugh same here, i personally don’t like LYF and yangmi acting, it just makes everything awkward and stiff and unnatural. would be nice to see different/fresh faces since they’re already well known so ppl are going to have high expectations…but with them two…nope, won’t work out at all. hopefully it’s not too late to recast the main female leads.

  6. Yang Yang! Big fan of him. Has some great acting chops. Saved The Lost Tomb for me (Li Yi Feng was absolutely horrible in it, as always).

    • I was SOOOOOOO disappointed at the Lost Tomb. The plot is so boring and the cast so bland to watch except for Zhang Chi-Ling (Yang Yang.) Unfortunately, Yang Yang’s screen time is very limited. They should have filmed him more. I hope the Lost Tomb sequel 2 will give more storylines to Yang Yang’s character.

  7. I LOVE the movie casting. Liu Yi Fei is THE perfect Bai Qian & Yang Yang is so beautiful. Also because they BOTH have strong foundation when it comes to dancing, the fight scenes are going to be SO good.

    The drama casting is just disappointing though. Yang Mi does look pretty foxy and is an okay fit as Bai Qian when she was younger? As for Mark Chao… just no… waaaaaay off.

  8. I am disappointed in the drama casting. I don’t feel any type of way about Yang Mi but I am not a Mark Chao fan and definitely don’t want to see him in this role.

    Who’s Little Dough though?

  9. Not a fan of LYF so not anticipating the movie. I do love mark chao and yang mi is ok so will definitely check the drama for mark. ^_^

  10. Will check out both since I like the cast in the movie but there is no way they are going to fit everything in so I’ll watch the drama for the plot.

  11. Yang Yang is one of my favorite actor, so I’m going to see the movie for sure but I’m not sure if he’ll pull off Ye Hua well. I agree that his look and his dancing skill are perfect for this role, but to me, Ye Hua is very mature and elegant since he’s a crown prince and has a tough past. I saw Yang Yang from The Lost Tomb and I like his Kyling; tacit, silent, very good at fighting, and cool. His lead role from The Whirlwind Girl, apart from the romantic plays, it’s not much different from Kyling. So it’s very interesting to see how he’ll play Ye Hua who is quite complicated, mature, stressful, noble, good at dealing with people in the politic world, has aspect of being depressed. For LYF, I like her look very much and think she’s one of the most beautiful chinese women and I have always imagined that LYI would play Bai Qian. But Bai Qian has funny scenes and sometimes clumsy and I can’t imagine LYF being clumsy and funny. Apart from that, I think she’ll be a good or at least acceptable BQ. Both lead roles are challenging for the two and I wish for a good adaptation. For the drama cast, I haven’t seen any works of Yang Mi and Mark Chao. But I think Yang Mi’s look is very acceptable for Bai Qian. I will see both adaptations, can’t wait!

  12. Will check out the movie for Yang Yang. I liked him in Tornado Girl in which I think he pulled off the character in the original novel pretty well. Not sure if I’d like mythology genre, but am curious about how he interprets the role. BTW, anyone knows how to watch The Lost Tomb online?

  13. Me too. I never was a fan of Yang Mi Her acting skills are very horrible. Not that I hate her. She should be the supporting role. Not the leading role. I agreed, with all of you. They should cast Liu Ying Fei.

  14. The drama actually turned out really really good. Now I have super high expectations for the movie! I hope it doesn’t become a flop. Yang MI and mark chao had great chemistry…although I cannot compare the drama to the novel by I didn’t read..but the drama alone was great I was super hpoked from beginning to end!

    • The above comments are too horrible for the cast of the drama. But how about now I really wonder their opinion. What will they say They are still thinking the same. Have they watched the drama. I really want to know. But I am glad most of the comments are hate speech for Yang Mi . Only a few comments for Mark. But too much good comments for Yang Yang. But most of the comments are he is so handsome and beautiful and cool. Appraising his look only. By the way I’ve also seen the movie. He is only good looking but nothing. He can’t show his acting skill. For the actor their performance reflect the character but he could’t. I accept the movie is too short to potray the character fully. But LYF can do it well. The movie version is only for LYF. Not for him. Because he istoo popular for his pretty face the producer want him for commercial only. But I accept he is pretty than Mark. But There are so many good looking actors more than him.

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