Top Three Rated C-dramas in Recent Years are The Journey of Flower, Princess Agents, and Whirlwind Girl

While K-drama ratings have been down in the past five years consistently year after year, with 2012 in my mind as the last year ratings could get above 20% for more than just one or two prime time dramas a year, C-dramas haven’t yet reached its peak or decline, and in fact is still on the upward trajectory for its industry. A recent media coverage showed that the weekday drama ratings have seen quite a few hit dramas, and impressively the top two rated C-dramas both had the same leading lady, no wonder Zhao Li Ying is so insanely popular in China. The average rating for the number one rated C-drama in the last three years was The Journey of Flower¬†with an incredible 2.123%, followed by recently aired Princess Agents averaging 1.702%, and a close third and the first non-period drama is Whirlwind Girl with 1.680%. Just for comparison this year’s early hit Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms averaged 1.11% ratings which already made it successful, so Journey of Flower is really something to average over 2%. Continue reading

Striking Sideways Posters for Upcoming Period C-drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

New and dramatically sideways drama posters for upcoming big budget period C-drama Princess Agents has me mildly hopeful I can find a new C-drama worth watching. Can’t say I love either leads Zhao Li Ying or Lin Geng Xin but … Continue reading

Period C-drama Princess Agents Releases First Stills Starring Zhao Li Ying with Lin Geng Xin and Shawn Dou

Actresses rarely get the accolade of aging beautifully, reserved for actors who grow older onscreen with dignity while the fresh-faced beauties are held up to impossible standards. With that said, leading lady Zhao Li Ying is absolutely aging beautifully and … Continue reading