Lin Geng Xin Confirmed for Replacement Male Lead in C-drama The Golden Hairpin with Yang Zi and Chen Zhe Yuan Both Needing to Return for at Least 2 Weeks of Reshoots

So this is going to be an interesting drama to watch when it comes out because eagle-eyed fans are going to wonder what was re-filmed and whether the three year gap made some of the OG cast look different when back for the reshoots. The Golden Hairpin has been on ice since male lead Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) was arrested for a myriad of actual crimes and is currently in jail for what is likely a very long time. This was a S-level production with so much money spent on a finished product that the production has finally bit the bullet and next month in September will be starting reshoots. The replacement male lead is for sure Lin Geng Xin and he’s already done costume fitting. Female lead Yang Zi and second male lead Chen Zhe Yuan are both going to return to set for at least two weeks to reshoot some of their scenes with Lin Geng Xin and others, while Lin Geng Xin will have a much longer period of shooting to fully replace Wu Yi Fan’s scenes. Sets are being rebuilt as we speak so this is not a CGI reshoot only. The goal is for a summer 2024 airing.


Lin Geng Xin Confirmed for Replacement Male Lead in C-drama The Golden Hairpin with Yang Zi and Chen Zhe Yuan Both Needing to Return for at Least 2 Weeks of Reshoots — 13 Comments

  1. Wow, this is such an interesting situation! I think Yang Zi looks quite different recently in promos for Lost You Forever compared to before due to weight lost and some minor face tweaks. Even Chen Zhe Yuan looks different. I wonder how this will manage to pull this off!

  2. I hope for Yang Zi’s sake that this drama comes through, though I anticipate the criticisms to be far beyond those related to WYF. The costume design is just asking for trouble, given it’s similarities to Japanese period costumes.

      • I agree and think she’s tweaked her face multiple times over the years. Think she should’ve stopped at her Ashes of Love era look. Sometimes when she cries or smiles, her face looks a bit unnatural.

        That said, theres nothing wrong with wanting to look better especially when your career depends on it.

        I’m really loving her acting in Lost You Forever, especially when she is a man during the first half! Can’t think of anyone else that could pull off that role.

    • Lost her baby fat? She looked even more bloated throughout LYF than in the prior dramas. I watched LYF until ep 19 after she officially came out as the princess from the lake. That scene turned me off and I just chuckled how she looked exactly the same as her man version. Lol. I decided to drop LYF cos the only thing worth attention was her crying scenes that touched me a bit.

      She did not look ugly with her natural look. Then she did something on her face at some point that couldn’t be called a success. A wrong decision for her obviously.

      • Her fans are lying to themselves if they don’t think she got work done to her face, she looks so different from QYZ to now. Let’s not lie to the audience. She’s been tweaking her face since then until now and her face in LYF is so bloated to the point it yo-yos back and forth.

    • Attacking an actress face just because some haters can not say anything about Yang Zi’s excellent acting. If Yang Zi was a male actor no one would comment about her face.

      • They aren’t attacking her but stating a fact. And male actors get shitted on all the time don’t turn this into a gender-war as if YangZi herself wasn’t caught S/H other actors (DL, WDX) and didn’t get cancelled. But if it was any other male actor and they were rubbing an actresses’ thighs multiple times they would’ve long gotten canceled.

  3. Oh please… i enjoyed reading the novel, eventho the engsub isnt fully available… but i hope, the drama will be aired as soon as possible, fighting!!!!!!

    I just know that CZY is part of the cast. FIGHTING!!!!!

    PS : i dont understand why people focus on YZ snd CZY’s faces. I mean, some beauty treatments will do magic. And makeup too. Everyone wants to be pretty and prettier. Nothing is wrong with it.

    • Cdramas are known for doing those crazy filters. Any discrepancies will be filtered away.

      Even if there are slight discrepancies, I feel it won’t be as distracting as know that this drama was originally headlined by a rapist and everyone has been and is still working hard on replacing him and get it released years later. People know the story.

      I hope Lin Geng-xin is clean and that he doesn’t run afoul of anyone. If he gets cancelled, I feel like there will be people interested in seeing him cancelled – in a more permanent, unalive manner.

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