Popular C-stars Deliver on Glamour Yet Again at the 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards

This week Tencent held its own 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards to celebrate the actors and actresses who did a Tencent project this year. It’s like the network drama years in South Korea so all attendees are there basically known he/she will get an award. And there were a lot of awards with very creative names so recipients could feel feted. Some big things from the evening: most actresses had multiple dress changes for example Yang Zi pulled off three, Tian Xi Wei is using the event to hard launch her image change from sweet to spicy and her sexier attire matched it, Wang Yibo‘s entire look was like surly poet turned hobo dressed by Chanel and was unintentionally hilarious, Dylan Wang is still going for the blond look but this time no dreads thank god, and Zhao Lu Si‘s dress was the most elaborately designed and I thought looked better in pictorial shots than live on the red carpet.


Popular C-stars Deliver on Glamour Yet Again at the 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards — 27 Comments

  1. Queen of trash Zhao Liying has no face to show up. Funny how she said she won’t mingle with all the low tier attendees. About Angelababy, she got cancelled by the government.

  2. Dylan FTW lol. He actually looks decent in that dirty blond color.

    Leo Wu comes second. A very gentleman-y attire.

    TXW is a little too bland. Nini and that other girl who wore the same dress, both look fabulous, and provided their own type of style to its design.

    I like ZLS’s dress, but agreed with Koala. Something is off about it IRL. Some folks can wear a painting and look fabulous, but I don’t think this kind of art fits ZLS.

    Yang Zi is fine in most dresses,,.she never really seems to make a dress stand out. They all look good, just not awe-inspiring to me

    • There’s a difference between wearing a dress and letting the dress wear you. (There’s no other way to put it). Nini looks like she’s wearing the dress – her personality and personal style is full to the fore, but many of the other actresses look like the dress is wearing them. That’s why Yang Zi will only look okay, but never stand out in those dresses. It’s because they look like mannequins modeling the dresses.

      I do wonder if many of the dresses can be worn for practical purposes with that mount of tulle or with such tiny bodices. Might explain why many of the actresses look uncomfortable in them! I read an article about how a supporting actresses tripped multiple times on the red carpet because the skirts of her dress weighed too heavily – even had some nose bleeds in the process! These dresses should come with disclaimers – warning your health is at risk!

    • It’s more modelling dresses for designers as they get sponsored… it’s all about the Benjamin’s!

      I think these stars look soo glamorous… men and women… Very photogenic!

  3. I wish YZ wore the first dress (above) with the shoulders instead of off the shoulders. If just makes her arms look shorter…She looks very tiny for that dress.

  4. Ideologically and rhetorically so anti-America but ironically fashion taste could be so Hollywood-ish. Comical! They all look fabulous even WYB looks artistically derelict. LOL. While there may not be a lot of room for C-ent to boast of brains and creative brilliance in drama, it may make sense to invest more energy in showing off boobs in public events instead. LMAO

    • ???? There’s nothing Old Hollywood about it, it’s just Koala saying it though. Most of them just look like typical red carpet styling plus in recent years a lot of the designers chosen aren’t American or Western but Middle Eastern like Elie Saab, Reem Acra, Georges Hobeika & Zuhair Murad or Asian like Guo Pei, Chung Thanh Phong, Rahul Mishra. There’s nothing Hollywood about these designers and frankly “Hollywood” doesn’t mean much when most of the fashion is either from old school haute couture brands like Dior, Chanel, LV (kinda ugly these days sadly) or the Asian designers I mentioned who live and work in Asia. But you probably never heard of Elie Saab or Guo Pei….

      • You got my point completely wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Regardless of who designed these red carpet fashions, they just mimic the Hollywood culture superficially. Do you want to deny that the idea of actors walking red carpet in all glamor came from Hollywood? LOL

      • @Somebody

        That’s rich. It clearly shows you have zero idea about the topic you are commenting when you said they are coping hollywood just because of the red carpet glamour lmao

        Go and check all those Chinese ancient fashion since thousands of years ago from different dynasties and how glamorous they were and not to mention the cheongsam. Hollywood was not the first to discovered fashion. It didn’t even exist before the Qing dynasty period. You go and watch Chinese ancient dramas and compare of those from Hollywood with their ‘limited’ glamour fashion.

      • I don’t feel like Somebody is talking about the fashion but rather the act of “walking down the red carpet”.

        @Guest, I totally agree with you, LV is looking really ugly these days, and there are many great designers in Asia. I love Guo Pei. Her work are literally pieces of fine art. Even the outfits she designed for a Barbie doll are so beautiful.

      • @Lana, I know Chinese would most likely get worked up bcos of my comments. But your emotions still can’t deny the fact that ent celebrities walking red carpets originated from Hollywood! My point is nothing to do with how fancy or how creative these red carpet fashion shows displayed. I want to emphasize C-ent looks more shining on red carpets than they do with drama productions. LMAO.

  5. 1, NEVER EVER trust studio pictures lol, 2, Jing Tian is really beautiful, the yellow of the dress she wore indoors was stunning on her even if the design was plain.

  6. a lot of the make-up seems ghostly white. The lips and eyes have a lot color to soften the ghostly image. At least on the women. I do like the variety in gowns and how beautiful most of them are in them. Especially compared to the bland K -ent gowns.

  7. Are You Wearing The Dress or Is The Dress Wearing You? We can see from these photos who wears the dress and who’s dress wears them.

    Not everyone can carry afew of these dresses…

    I dont recognised afew of these actresses. I wish Koala has their names at the foot of each photos.

    • You speak my mind. It’ll be great if Koala can put their names at the top or bottom of the photos.

      It’ll also be interesting to have a side-by-side comparison of the edited photos vs the red carpet photos. Some of them above only has either the former or the latter.

    • Actresses from top to bottom:
      – Yang Zi
      – Tian Xiwei
      – Victoria Song Qian
      – Zhong Chuxi
      – Dilireba
      – Tang Yan (Glad she got into the venue this time)
      – Jing Tian
      – Zhao lusi
      – Nini + Zhou Yutong in similar black dresses
      – Nini + Zhou Yutong again
      – Yang Zi (yellow)
      – Yang Zi (black)
      – Zhang Jingyi

      • Thanks!! I did not recognised Victoria Song, Zhou Yutong… A couple of young newbies I did not now.

  8. Though I enjoy the pretties but I would pick my favourites as Ni Ni and Tang Yan, simple and gorgeous, and they have the model body proportions to carry it.

  9. Chinese celebs really know how to dress-up. Some of them wore black, but they were still look stylist and not like funeral dress code. Shout out to them! Very nice!

    • To be fair, many posted here are pretty similar to what they look like irl other than that little extra filter to even out skin tone and playing with angles so they all look taller than Zhang Linghe. The usual suspects though, still refuse to be realistic when editing their photos, and made a mockery of themselves on the red carpet.

      WYB was probably going for the same nonchalant attitude towards the event as NiNi but failed miserably.

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