Fall 2023 K-dramas Drops Lots of Posters Running Gamut of Stunning to Standard

Summer 2023 K-dramas have been just okay except for the breakout hit Moving on Disney+ but it’s time for the spate of fall 2023 K-dramas to arrive. A bunch of posters have been released in the recent week so it’s … Continue reading

Seoul Prosecutors Re-submit Arrest Warrant to Court for Yoo Ah In Claiming Additional Investigation Unearthed Coercing Accomplice Testimony and Assistance with Fleeing Jurisdiction

I feel like the big hammer has come down on K-actor Yoo Ah In after his drug arrest and investigation earlier this year but he hasn’t yet really felt the brunt of his criminal ways. At most he was summoned … Continue reading

Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun Kicks Off with Solid Plotting, More Action, and the Same Expansive and Confusing World Building

So I finally checked out the first two episodes of Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun and I love it! Season 2 starts off by being directed better, less squinting of the eyes needed to see in dark scenes and … Continue reading

My Journey to You Director Guo Jingming Uses Stage Name in Drama and Song Writing Credits and C-netizens Split on Whether He Should Comeback after 2020 Plagiarism Scandal

So I was never ever a Guo Jingming (Edward Guo) fan when he was huge in the mid-2010’s when he wrote those books and did Tiny Times movie series and L.O.R.D. the movie. What little I saw was all flash … Continue reading

K-netizens Upset that the 2023 Seoul Drama Awards is Giving a Prize to C-drama Meet Yourself with Liu Yi Fei and Li Xian Which is Accused of Plagiarizing Hometown Cha Cha Cha

So I’ll leave it to viewers who have watched both dramas to make the objective assessment but a brouhaha is going on with K-netizens upset about what they consider a blatant case of plagiarizing. Modern C-drama Meet Yourself with Liu … Continue reading