C-drama Wonderland of Love with Xu Kai and Jing Tian Release War Torn Epic Love Story First Trailer

I sorta dig when a C-drama early promos show one story and then a substantive trailer hits and it’s a totally different beast. C-drama Wonderland of Love with Xu Kai and Jing Tian doesn’t have an airing date yet but Tencent did a promo over the weekend and dropped a new poster (above) and first official trailer and it’s so not what I expected I did double and triple takes. With such a breezy title and the early promos are all Xu Kai looking young and earnest and Jing Tian taking charge of the flirtiness I expected a reverse girl chases boy trope. In fact love and romance may not even take second or third spot on the core story which is about a world in political battles and war torn strife and two generals from opposing sides trying to find the best solution for peace in between internal conflict and their external complications. There is battles (so many battles), court intrigue and fighting, and lots of scenes of the OTP clinking swords. This drama feels like a more action oriented version of Story of Kunning Palace.

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Two Upcoming C-dramas with Xu Kai Release New Stills for Moon Festival – Modern Romance She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Period Drama Wonderland of Love with Jing Tian

It’s weird, I’m not a Xu Kai fan probably because I won’t touch his breakout drama Story of Yanxi Palace with a ten foot pole (allergic to palace dramas and Yumama), but I am oddly super looking forward to both … Continue reading