Yoo Seung Ho Pulls Off a Red Turtleneck Sweater and His First Rom-com Drama Role for I am Not a Robot

Leave it to Yoo Seung Ho to look simultaneously like a cute little boy and a very accomplished young actor. It’s a testament to his depth of acting and life experience, with a full child actor resume and having completed his two years of active duty military service all before turning 23 years old. He’s now 24 years old (25 in Korean ago) and recently tried out his first classic style K-drama rom-com male lead role. I am Not a Robot in this day and age was a pretty good rom-com but honestly years ago would be considered a lackluster failure. Nowadays it garnered very low ratings but the audience that did watch seemed to enjoy it, and I certainly did for it not sucking too much and that’s not the ideal reason to like drama. I did love his chemistry with leading lady Chae Soo Bin and the narrative in his character’s personal growth, a good role for this man young still brimming with untold potential. His ability to make a red turtleneck sweater look manly is also a feat, or maybe I’m just blinded by the twinkle in his eye. Continue reading