New Pictures of Kim Soo Hyun Healthy and Training Well in Military Service

With all the recent attention on mandatory military enlistment in South Korea, and the stars or powerful folks who seek to delay or get out of it, I hope K-netizens are mollified to start the week off with new pictures of acknowledged boy-next-door Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun doing his military service in his full capacity. Kim Soo Hyun enlisted on the earlier side in October 2017 since he’s an ’88er and there are still 1987 born male stars who have not enlisted yet. He completed basic training and is stationed in the army rather than a police or desk assignment. This batch of new pictures shows him boyish still but filled out a little more physically, and looking very believable as a baby-faced but earnest soldier. His career plateaued a little before his enlistment after rocketing sky high very early on with mega-hits, and hopefully he can ramp up properly when he returns in mid-2019. Continue reading