Rainie Yang Promotes Charity Fundraising at 7/11 for Senior Citizen Care

The spate of weddings in Taiwan entertainment for the better part of last year has seen over half a dozen top name actresses taken off the singles list. There’s still a few more eligible ladies left for the media to keep track of but some don’t even have boyfriends so Rainie Yang immediately jumps to the front of the list because she’s been in a stable relationship for the last three years with Chinese singer Li Rong Hao. The two remain very low key and recently got snapped by the paparazzi while walking on the street hand in hand, with other friends around them.

I think there is a high chance Li Rong Hao could be the one, they share the same love of music and have a thriving career, not to mention Rainie’s expressed her contentment with the relationship. She made a public appearance this week at the 7/11 Taiwan kick off charity event this summer benefiting senior care, a pressing topic on the island with a growing population of elderly with many without family safety nets. Love her commitment and her adorable fresh look with bun on top and gold colored belted silk drape dress. Continue reading