Kim Soo Hyun Celebrates Turning 32 as 2020 Gears Up His Official Acting Return

You always remember the firs time you fall in love with a performer coupled with the character and for me Kim Soo Hyun will always be Song Sam Dong. Dream High was his true leading man breakout performance after making waves in a teen role for Will it Snow for Christmas and it didn’t matter that compared to the idols in cast he couldn’t really sing or dance. But he could act and he brought to life a high school student so earnest and devoted it was the stuff of second male lead shipping dreams where the long waiting guy gets the girl in the end. I’ll always remember him as that high school student so I legit was floored to hear that today February 16, 2020 Kim Soo Hyun turned 32 years olds! He’s actually 34 years old in Korean age and that’s even more bizarre because he still looks exactly the same 10 years after I laid eyes on him. But he’s accomplished so much and I can’t wait to see what he does in 2020 after coming back from military service. Happy Birthday sweet young man! Continue reading