Yoon Eun Hye Updates Beautiful Pictures from Skincare Brand Event in China

I’m trained to accept that my favorite male actors have to serve nearly two years of military duty and be away from the screen during, but the hiatus of an actress rare nowadays especially when married ones keep on working and even the mommy ones come back after maternity leave. It really makes Yoon Eun Hye the outlier in taking a five year break from K-ent but I’m ready for her upcoming return with K-drama Love Watch (also referred to as Excitement Warning). She’ll be playing a top star who gets involved with a much sought after doctor after the usual rom-com crossed paths and the male lead is most likely going to be Chun Jung Myung which satisfies the drama fates after their near misses in doing Coffee Prince and Missing You. She was in China two weeks ago at a brand event for Mageline and posted updates to her SNS that show her glowing and beautiful as ever. Continue reading