Kim Woo Bin Spotted Looking Healthy and Handsome at Buddhist Teaching Event with Jo In Sung

It’s not a diss on K-actor Jo In Sung that he was cropped out of the picture above, it’s a testament to how thirsty and eager fans are to see his fellow K-actor Kim Woo Bin back in business. In the entertainment business that is, as Kim Woo Bin has been on a two year hiatus not for the usual military service break but to deal with a cancer treatment which also understandably got him exempt from serving. The treatment reportedly was a success but he’s still not indicated a return to acting and has been spotted in recent months out with girlfriend Shin Mina living a normal life. This week he made a more public appearance at a Buddhist teaching event alongside Jo In Sung so it might be the first step towards a return. Either way my bae looks great! Continue reading

Current K-drama Male Leads on the 10 Year Challenge Have Aged Like Fine Wine

The current It thing on Facebook is the 10 Year Challenge, to post a picture of yourself today versus 10 years ago on your first post when Facebook started. Some people have aged hard, some hardly at all, but looks … Continue reading