Gong Hyo Jin Incurs Controversy After She Pleads with Fan to Stop Posting Her Old Works

This seems like such a weird thing to do and I sorta get the blowback on it. K-actress Gong Hyo Jin, coming off what may be a career banner year with K-drama When the Camellia Blooms got her the KBS Drama Awards Daesang, is in the cross hairs of K-netizens this week after she posted a comment on one of her fan’s SNS account. The fan posted a video clip of her old drama Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School and Gong Hyo Jin actually responded and asked the fan to please stop posting videos of her old works. She said please twice and overall the request seems bizarre and actually counter productive to a devoted fan sharing positive things about her online. Netizens criticized Gong Hyo Jin for the request and entitled to make such a request, and whether it means down the road even her recent dramas will be old works and people shouldn’t be posting about it. Gong Hyo Jin later apologized and said she was simply shy about her earlier works being shared because of her lack of skill back then. The fan also posted that she wanted to support Gong Hyo Jin, wasn’t insulted or unhappy with the request, and was sorry this has caused negative attention on Gong Hyo Jin. Sigh, perhaps everyone stay off social media for now. Continue reading