Park Sung Hoon Out and Kim Kyung Nam in as Male Lead of Upcoming jTBC Drama Just One Person

I would call this an even trade and I’m just glad the casting got switched up early and finalized quickly. Upcoming jTBC drama Just One Person is replacing one person for another person this week. Male lead Park Sung Hoon, who signed up for this drama three months ago after the Joseon Exorcist cancellation fiasco, has stepped down reportedly due to scheduling conflicts. Right after the news came out there was reports that Kim Kyung Nam has accepted as the male lead. The drama is about a prickly woman who gets a terminal illness diagnosis and decides to take one just one person before she goes, and she gets involved in a murder investigation with the male lead police detective and the two end finding each other as their most important person in life. Rising actress Ahn Eun Jin plays the female lead with Joy of Red Velvet as the second female lead, and the drama is from the writer of Matrimonial Chaos with the PD of Find Me in Your Memory and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo at the helm. The drama is slated to air in December 2021.

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Kim Kyung Nam, Jeon Hye Bin, Go Won Hee, and Lee Tae Ran Confirmed for KBS Weekend Drama Happy Other People

Weekend K-dramas remain a safe and happy place for actors and actresses, devoid of fanwars and the viewers tend to connect with 50-episode lengths like a family. The number of weekend dramas being produced has also gone down and hopefully … Continue reading

Past and Present is Rewritten in Final Episode 16 of The King: Eternal Monarch Ending with 5.8%, 8.1% Ratings

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The King: Eternal Monarch Releases Cheerful Energetic BTS Stills Ahead of Friday’s Final Episode 16

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The Cast of The King: Eternal Monarch are Chummy and Chill in Netflix Promotional Stills

I came across this week Netflix promotional stills featuring the cast of K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch. The drama is streaming an hour after it airs on SBS every Fri-Sat so that’s fast consumption for online and international viewers. I … Continue reading

Second Episode of The King: Eternal Monarch Remains Consistent in Ratings of 8.4% and 11.6%

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The King: Eternal Monarch Holds Star Studded Press Conference Ahead of Friday April 17th Premiere on SBS

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