Lee Jong Seok Transforms into Big Mouth in First Teaser for Upcoming MBC Drama Costarring Yoona

If just premiered KBS drama Cafe Minamdang is way more goofy and quirky than expected, then upcoming MBC drama Big Mouth is continues to drop way more serious, action, and dangerous promos than this drama was announced as. Not a bad thing but it’s giving me Mouse crossed with Flower of Evil vibes, and I don’t know if Lee Jong Seok really is playing a third rate lawyer mistaken as a criminal baddie or the big twist is that he IS exactly that. All in all, this is definitely a big budget high profile drama with Yoona as the female lead to double up on the popularity and visual appeal for viewers.

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Rising Young Actress Shin Si Ah is The Other One in The Witch: Part 2 with Big Shoes to Fill Behind Kim Da Mi’s Hitmaking First Movie Performance

The production of upcoming thriller movie The Witch: Part 2: The Other One has gone out of its way to keep “the other one” hidden until now. The first stills are out of new female lead Shin Si Ah, who … Continue reading

Highly Anticipated The Witch Part 2: The Other One Releases Movie Trailer and Posters with Rookie Lead Shin Si Ah and Cameo Appearances by Part 1 Leads Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik

K-actress Kim Da Mi debuted in 2017 with small roles in two movies before landing her break as the relative unknown female lead in horror supernatural thriller The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion. So it make sense that the upcoming … Continue reading

Yoona on a Roll with Drama Big Mouth, Movies Miracle, Happy New Year and Confidential Assignment 2, and New Film Casting in 2 O’clock Date with Kim Sun Ho

K-netizens are calling the upcoming period the Era of Yoona. I don’t disagree because it’s rare to see a star with so many big projects on her plate. Yoona is currently filming the upcoming tvN drama Big Mouth (also referred … Continue reading

K-ent Industry Focus on the Return of the Big Three Young Actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Seok, and Lee Min Ho in Late 2021/Early 2022 K-dramas

The summer wave is over and now K-ent is turning its eyes to a trio of stalwart buzz makers. Whether each brings in actual ratings is only part of the picture, each also generates copious media coverage, online fan buzz, … Continue reading