Lee Jong Seok Starts Promotions for Thriller Movie VIP and Requests Postponing Military Enlistment Date

Celebrities get their personal decisions pored over by fans much less career ones so it’s no surprise to hear the backlash after K-actor Lee Jong Seok updated that he will be asking for a postponement of his military enlistment. He received official notice last week and was supposed to enlist by the middle of August, but due to work commitments he is asking for a postponement which is perfectly fine to do. It’s not even guaranteed that he’ll get it, but simply by asking he’s incurred the wrath of K-netizens who see this as an attempt to get out of service or at least indicative of his intention to not do his civic duty meekly. Lee Jong Seok has been out promoting the upcoming thriller movie VIP with Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, and Park Hee Son, and he arguably is the supporting actor for that movie opposite three acting titans.

The movie is being released August 24th so he could still do most of the promos and enlist, but in doing so he won’t be able to do any promos for the SBS drama While You Were Sleeping which doesn’t air until September so promotions don’t start until late August. In that drama his promo presence would be more needed since he’s the male lead, and recent enlistees Joo Won and Im Shi Wan both finished promoting their dramas before shipping off. I don’t know why K-netz panties are in a bunch other than not liking Lee Jong Seok which is fine but don’t conflate that with ascribing improper behavior from him for this particular decision. Continue reading

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