US Netizens Backlash Against C-actress Crystal Liu’s Upcoming Disney Mulan Movie Over Support of the HK Police in the Democracy Protests

I’m going to try and lay out both sides and hopefully people don’t get too riled up. I think the issue with the HK protests going on 2 months now are viewed from completely diametric lenses where there is no compromise point of view. Either the HK protesters are in the right, fighting for freedoms they were promised and against encroaching Mainland Chinese government suppression and control, or the HK protesters are rabble rousers being paid for by the Western government forces looking to stick it to Mainland China by creating unrest. But taking a side may have other consequences and C-actress Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) was poised to become the most well known Chinese actress in Hollywood after Zhang Zi Yi when she was cast as Mulan in the titular Disney live action remake. But the backlash has started against her and the movie after she posted on her SNS the stock support statement for the HK police. The movie won’t drop until 2020 so we’ll see how things settle down by then, but for now her movie posters are being doodled on by folks upset at her position but she’s not backing down, issuing another comment “Different positions, then let’s part as nicely as getting together.” Continue reading