Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young Lead the Namoo Actors Group of Five in Sparkling New Chilsong Cider CF

The agency Namoo Actors has always been one of my faves because it’s stable of actors and actresses contained some of my baes and its always been steady in choosing going projects for its talent. This week five of its stars were assembled Avengers style in a Chilsong Cider CF that’s a splash of refreshment. Led by Lee Jun Ki, the five-some including Park Min Young, Park Eun Bin, Song Kang, and Kang Ki Young gather for a lunch party complete with cold carbonated cider perfect for toasts. It’s a cute CF made better by so many Namoo stars hanging out. I still think Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young HAVE TO do a drama together but I’m sure it’s just a matter of when and not if.

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Park Min Young and Yoona are Most Popular 30-something Line of Korean Actresses in Japan in 2021 Poll

When I heard that 2018 drama Why Secretary Kim was still popular enough to be added to a recent drama showcase in Japan, my first thought was Park Min Young. She is so popular in Japan for which started with … Continue reading

jTBC Cancels Next Week Airing of Mon-Tues Romance When the Weather is Fine to Give Staff Filming Break Due to Coronavirus Fears

This is the smart thing to do right now at the height of a panic regardless of whether it’s a bit overblown. jTBC announced that it will not air next week’s episodes of Mon-Tues drama When the Weather is Fine … Continue reading

Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon Embark on Slow Burn Romance as jTBC Drama When the Weather is Fine Premieres Today February 24th

There is a whole lot of melancholy wrapped in comforting warmth in the poster and long preview for upcoming jTBC romance When the Weather is Fine. Park Min Young returns to the countryside hometown of her high school days, escaping … Continue reading

Adult and High School Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young Switch Sides in Contrasting New Posters for I’ll Come Find You When the Weather is Good

The setting for upcoming jTBC romance drama I’ll Come Find You When the Weather is Good is the countryside so the backdrops for the posters are really capitalizing on the scenery. The just released second poster includes also separate character … Continue reading