Why Secretary Kim Stays Strong in Cuteness and Chemistry with One Week Left in Airing

I’m legit blown away by tvN drama Why Secretary Kim not because it’s really the best drama ever but because it’s managed remain simply very very good for the near entirety of its airing. This past week’s episodes 13-14 sent the Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young lovebirds on an adult romance path (finally!) while not creating real roadblocks to annoy the viewers who just want to see this couple enjoy happiness together. Park Min Young remains so incredibly beautiful, fun, and charming to watch onscreen, she actually steals the show just a little bit more than Park Seo Joon for me, the way she deftly toggles between passion, professionalism and even petty jealousy is so pitch perfect. Rating stayed steady in the 8% range and I’m thrilled this will go down as one of the best rom-coms in the last few years. Continue reading

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min Make Cameo Appearance in Why Secretary Kim Directed by PD of This Life is Our First

This is a very timely and nice cameo appearance with lots of synergy to spare. Former drama costars Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min will be making a guest starring appearance in hit tvN rom-com Why Secretary Kim, with … Continue reading

Sung Dong Il, Go Ara, and Park Min Young Top the June 2018 K-drama Actor Rankings

The monthly K-drama actor and actress buzz rankings are out and June 2018 has the fast surging jTBC drama Miss Hammurabi place leads Sung Dong Il and Go Ara in the top 1 and 2 spots. Good for them! Coming … Continue reading