Park Seo Joon in Talks as Male Lead of K-drama Mount Jiri Opposite Jeon Ji Hyun

I think the buzz level if equivalent here – Jeon Ji Hyun continues to collect her top K-drama male leads and Park Seo Joon is rolling off a career high K-drama success into a pairing with one of the walls of K-ent actresses. Just days after finishing Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon has gotten an offer that matches his newfound higher level of fame. He’s in talks for the male lead role in upcoming national park based K-drama Mount Jiri with confirmed female lead top actress Jeon Ji Hyun. Her last two male leads were Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho so clearly she’s not getting out of bed for anyone less than one of the biggest name young male actors of that generation. He plays a former army captain turned rookie park ranger with a hidden secret and goal to rescue people seeking to die on Mount Jiri and shares his emotional conviction with fellow veteran park ranger played by Jeon Ji Hyun. I hope they have a third park ranger who is a Saint Bernard dog. Continue reading

jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Ends with 16.548% Along with Park Bo Gum Cameo and A-list Arrival for Park Seo Joon

There’s no denying it now, K-actor Park Seo Joon is officially an A-lister and totally deserving of it. His headlining jTBC drama Itaewon Class finished this Saturday with a ratings high 16.548% which is a series high though not a network … Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun Tops the Sports Chosun 30th Anniversary Poll of K-ent Industry Experts on Top K-drama Actors and Actresses

Consider me perpetually impressed with Kim Soo Hyun‘s popularity and staying power. This week Sports Chosun celebrated its 30th anniversary by conducting various polls of Korean industry insiders including agency heads, network presidents, PDs, screenwriters, and with over 100 votes … Continue reading

Gong Yoo Number 1 Most Loved Celebrity CF Endorser by Korean Brands Followed by Park Bo Gum and Soccer Star Son Heung Min

The year is coming to a close so there are more and more lists and polls to try and rank what happened in 2019. On the CF side, it feels like every single ad in South Korea features a celebrity … Continue reading