Park Seo Joon Goes Extreme Hair Crop and Signs on for New Movie with Director of Mega Hit Extreme Job

I am so mesmerized by Park Seo Joon‘s head thanks to his new hair cut it’s hard to look away. I can’t tell if it’s because it makes his head look too tiny for his body or how extreme egg shaped it it, but this is a total no bueno no mas look for him to avoid ever again. Luckily bad hair doesn’t mean bad project choices and this week Park Seo Joon has been confirmed as the male lead for upcoming K-movie Dream about him leading a football team. More importantly is the movie is from the Director of Extreme Job, the number 1 box office Korean movie in 2019 and now the #2 K-movie of all time. Nice job, Park Seo Joon, you can’t pick your hair style but you certainly know how to pick a hit-making director to work with. Continue reading

Park Seo Joon, Ahn Sung Ki, and Woo Do Hwan Promote Boxing Exorcism Movie Divine Fury in Bazaar Korea Pictorial

The summer months are more than halfway over and hopefully the heat hasn’t melted anyone yet. The South Korean box office hasn’t been sizzling for the local fare other than the award winning social commentary film Parasite but next weeks … Continue reading

After Her Private Life and Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young Reigns as the K-drama Female Lead Racking Up Successive Chemistry Wins

I’m having a hard time thinking of another K-drama actress with as many romance dramas under belt as Park Min Young AND has also delivered performances that generated strong chemistry with her male lead(s). In some dramas she even sparks … Continue reading

Popular Dramas and High Profile Stars Like Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin Lead 2018 APAN Star Award Nominations

Following behind the nominations for the Korean Drama Awards come the nominations for the 2018 APAN Star Awards which is on its 6th year now. It’s skewed towards the popular more than elite selection metrics but as always an interesting … Continue reading