Dispatch New Year’s Day Dating News Continues with 2021 Couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Who Have Been Dating 8 Months

There have been so many shocking (as in never thought of those two together) Dispatch dating news breaks on New Year’s Day though the last two years have felt rather meh in big names. I still remember RainKim Tae Hee as I was running through the airport to catch a early morning New Year’s Day flight out of Hokkaido, and then the following year it was Lee Seung GiYoona. Ah, good times good times. This year the Dispatch New Year’s Day couple reveal is simultaneously squee and meh, allow me to explain and start with the exciting stuff. The tabloid news agency broke the squeeworthy news that top stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating! For the past 8 months! Since March 2020! So it’s after their drama Crash Landing on You finished filming, which makes sense.

Dispatch says they started missing each other after the drama finished and realized their feelings, and often date at the golf course as they both love to play. With the squee part out of the way, the meh part comes from these two having multiple rumors of dating already including before CLOY after they filmed thriller movie Negotiation and were snapped in Los Angele grocery shopping together. They denied the rumors then and it died away until being revived with CLOY fan shipping. I honestly think they look great together onscreen, have undeniable and lovely chemistry, and in paper (career, personality, background) would make a great couple. If they really are dating for realz this time, and not trolling us for the umpteenth time, then yay and congrats and thanks for starting of 2021 on a positive note!

Update: both agencies have confirmed so *fireworks*!

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