A Star-studded Premiere for K-movie Secretly, Greatly

This might be one of the most star-packed K-movie premieres I’ve seen in a long time, which goes to show that Kim Soo Hyun’s star is incredibly high and his agency Key East Entertainment has lots and lots of A-list stars under founder Bae Yong Joon’s vest since everyone was trotted out for this premiere to support Kim Soo Hyun. I won’t even bother to list the names of the attendees but check out the tags below to see if your favorite star showed up. The premiere is for the upcoming half slap-stick/half action spy movie Secretly, Greatly based on a webtoon called Covertly about three North Korean trained spies who reside in South Korea under assumed identities of the village idiot (Kim Soo Hyun), a high school student (Lee Hyun Woo), and an aspiring crappy rock star (Park Ki Woong). They despair of ever being called into duty until a truly covert operation requires all three to band together and kick into action.

The long trailer is out and it looks pretty neat, equal parts flower boy ogling, silly undercover hijinks, and finally a thrilling spy military caper to top it off. I love the main three cast since all three guys are adorable and can act. Earlier this year Kim Soo Hyun was rumored to be back in K-drama land after this movie hits theaters and the proposed drama was the medical-themed Green Surgical Knife, which has know confirmed Joo Won as the lead so chances are Kim Soo Hyun won’t be back on television until year end if at all this year. This movie seems to be tracking well on audience interest with a first week of June premiere date should do well to start off the Summer box office in Korea. I only wished Kim Soo Hyun wore better fitting pants to his own movie premiere and also some shoes that don’t look like my grandpa’s beach sandals. Check out the star walk and the movie trailer below.

Choi Kang Hee. She must really love New York.

Im Soo Jung. So washed out and bland. And “mom shorts”? You can do so much better, Im Soo Jung.

Bae Yong Joon. This man has officially turned the corner into middle-aged ahjusshi forever. With a whiff of ahjumma tossed in.

Jung Ryeo Won. Lovely, simple and classy.

Kim Kang Woo. Is he colorblind, because that is some hot mess he’s got on from head-to-toe.

Jo Jung Seok. Such a cute nerd.

Kim Hyun Joong. Not feeling the hair, the weird palazzo pants, and the electric blue suede loafers.

Park Ji Bin. Okay, this boy is growing up way too fast and much too good looking for his own good.

Kim Yoo Jung. Someone is officially a little lady now.

Yeo Jin Goo. He better watch out, both Park Ji Bin and Park Gun Tae are hot on his heels for top-dog amongst the rising young male actors.

Song Joong Ki. Are you auditioning for the joker? Want everyone to ask you a question? Please explain that sweater to me, Joong Ki, I beg of you.

Jung Il Woo. He’s like the all-black version of Jo Jung Seok’s cool nerd look. I approve.

Han Ga In. She’s all good if she takes off that blanket draped over her.

Cha Tae Hyun, Im Joo Hwan, and Song Jong Ho. That’s a whole lotta bromance going on there.

Lee Yo Won. Nice to see her out and about as her new drama Empire of Gold starts filming.

Suzy. Is anyone surprised she found time to attend her Soo Hyun oppa’s movie premiere.

Min Ho. That’s a whole lotta sexy going on up there.

Kim Sae Ron. The dress is very busy but she pulls if off with her youth and the stylish shoes.

Eom Ki Joon and Lee Yoon Ji. Kyaa, its Dream High’s other cute adult couple. Or I could have put Yoon Ji with Jo Jung Seok and revisit the doomed romance from The King 2 Hearts.

Joo Won. Looking good and comfortable.

The cast of the movie Secretly, Greatly.

Trailer for Secretly, Greatly (English subbed):


A Star-studded Premiere for K-movie Secretly, Greatly — 46 Comments

  1. Song Joong Ki… I love the shoes but the sweater not so much. xD He should fire his stylist he/she definitely has a bad taste.

    LOVE Kim Yoo Jung, Park Ji Bin and Yeo Jin Gu…. who cares about the adults when the young generation of actors are so talented and goodlooking? :3 Can’t wait to see them on the small screen again.

    • Shes gonna grow up to be a pretty thang, that girl. And 100% natural too, that is if she decides to stay that way.

  2. Kim Yoo Jung is going to be such a heart stealer…

    I’ve always found Kim Soo Hyun to be something of a butterface (buttisface?) and the first picture just reinforces that for me.

    P.S. Bae Yong Joon = Jang Geun Suk in 10 – 15 years.

      • I think the butterface or buttisface comment was meant for Kim Soo Hyun. Personally, I also don’t find Kim Soo Hyun classically handsome, but the 2 dramas that I’ve seen him, he was just so good that it evens out everything else.

        And Kim Yoo Jung is really growing up beautifully. I always get surprise whenever I see her coz I thought last year was her physical “storm growth”, but then I see this lovely pictures….and I guess she’s not yet done wow-ing us. I love hers and Lee Yoon Ji’s smile, smile that lights up their eyes.

        I didn’t like most of the guys fashion that night except for few like Park Ji Bin. And the girls are mostly chic/casual but didn’t really like Im Soo Jung and Kim Sae Ron’s.

  3. Park Ki Woong’s hair reminds me of FH2..

    I am loving the nerd looks of the premiere both Jung Il Woo and Jo Jung Seok (why does his smile seem mischievous to me?) As for the girls, my favorite is Jung Ryeo Won.

    • kim kang woo, seriously. either that is a very daring, new and innovative thing, or he has been putting off doing his laundry for quite a while, and thats all thats left.
      Additionally to hopelessly misplacing all suitable pairs of shoes.

  4. Wow. So many familiar faces and so many ugly oufits. Who is dressing them?
    Love how korea is really incorporating their child actors into these kinds of events, really shows their appreciation for them. Hope these kids never forget who they truly are, growing up in the spotlight and whatnot.
    I can already see yoo jung being paired up with all the boys in her generation atleast once. Same goes for Kim So hyun too.
    And lols suzy — why am i not surprised she found time to come even though she’s been super busy lately?
    All these actors/actresses showing up for support makes me feel good for kim soo hyun. come back to k-dramaland soon, we miss you lots!

  5. That is one great cast for a movie, gushing at all the eye candy! Lot’s of top stars present though some were questionably dressed. Oh Park Ki Woong and his hair..you’re still hot though!

  6. Haha Joongki looks like a kid in that sweater.

    BTW, Ms. Koala, there is a news that Joongki’s discussing to star in “the Sea of Fog” by director Bong Joon Ho. Apparently, he’s a high profile director, do you know him?

    • Was he the guy who directed Won Bin’s Mother? If so Joongki’s in good hands..though I want to see him in another drama before he leaves.

      • Based on the news, he directed “the Host” and Wonbin’s “The Man from No Where”. I didn’t watch any of his movie so I don’t know him.

    • He’s directed the forthcoming “Snowpiercer”, which a lot of my K-film blogging buddies are very excited about.

      Me not so, but just because the apocalypse films are not my thing.

    • bong joon ho is a really big name, there cant go anything wrong with him. he is massively loved by the critics for ‘memories of murder’, i guess thats his most famous work up to now.
      and the upcoming snow piercer is gathering up quite alot of publicity, yes.
      i might have some reservations towards apocalptic things too, but more because its something thats hard to get right. this specifically is an important production because it could help move the korean industry a littly more into the international spotlight; i think its quite a problem that they have more or less hit a ceiling in what they can earn from domestic audiences only, and need to expand beyond the domestic market to go for bigger budgets.

      • Actually the reason I’m considering watching Snowpiercer is that Tilda Swinton is in it.

        Love her!

  7. I’m just trying to figure out how Song Joong Ki, Joo Won and Im Joohwan are related to either the 3 leads or the production team. I know Jung Ilwoo appeared in Moon Sun with KSH and of course Hyunwoo was such an adorable kid in Return of Iljimae.

  8. Man I was more excited scrolling through the photos than for an award show.

    Would a female member of the audience be able to concentrate with so many male hotties?

    I would so love Jo Jung Seok as my arm candy. Sigh.

  9. The only one looking sensibily descent with polished fashion sense is Jung Rye Won. You go, girl! I love this girl more and more as she gets older. She looks healthier and eventually a better actress.

    Everytime I browsed through red carpet events in South Korea, I always ended up suffering due to the eye-sore of fashion fugliness. Korean starlets just do not know how to dress up well, that always left me wondering and puzzled of what’s going through their heads or probably they cracked their mirrors to be so blind not to notice such hot mess.

    Coming in second in the Best Dress department was Suzy (though I think she looks too fleshy in the skin tight pants) and Im Soo Jung still look quite lovely even with that grandma’s shorts.

    Bae Yong Joon, I don’t know what happen to you? You made the fangirl in me shouting “Nooooo”.

    • Probably a cultural thingy… I mean Koreans have different taste and aesthetics. What they find cute and handsome may be ugly and overly cute for us. 🙂

      I mean American celebrities aren’t better sometimes. Some people may like it and other don’t. French celebrities also dress up differently then American celebrities and so on.

      I got used to the fugliness of Korean celebrity fashion and I suffer in silence. lol

  10. WOW! What a star studded event! It seem like everybody that did a drama with Kim Soo Hyun was there! LOL…I wouldn’t be suprise if this movie hits box office with an all time high because Soo Hyun’s agency is pretty good in promoting this movie in general. THey always make sure he’s in the public eye recently with all the promotion on Running man and Suzy…I can’t wait for his drama comeback though!

  11. OMG Bae Yong Joon is scaring me like Michael Jackson did. I seriously thought those photos were of a woman before I read the caption. Is it a case of too much cosmetic surgery?

  12. wow that’s A LOT of famous people. I see some of his old co-stars. Are a lot of these celebs also from Key East?

  13. Why are so many people wearing denim and/or trainers to a movie premiere? Are they trying to give off a comfortable, we’re-just-going-to-the-cinema vibe?

  14. I’m happy Suzy finds time to attend the VIP premiere of her oppa although she is busy, Hyunzy friendship <3 and I love that most of Kim Soo Hyun's old co-stars were there to support him. ahh, I'm missing Dream High and Moon Sun now.Can't wait for his drama comeback.:)

    Hope their movie become box office hit! I'm excited to see their +10000000 viewers commitment. haha!

    oh,I noticed that the shoes Song Joong Ki wore were the same with the shoes Kim Soo Hyun wore last VIP premiere of Mina's Stationary Shop movie. 😀

  15. Korean stars depend too much on stylists. I wish they’d be less image and trend conscious and be more personal with their style. Most of them look like mannequins in store windows.

  16. Choi Kang Hee’s outfit has that 90’s feel to it, I like it.
    Im Soo Jung – bermuda shorts is not really something I fancy but it somehow works on her.
    Bae Yong Joon – never understood his appeal and those pics just reinforce my thoughts about him…he looks like an ajumma. Period. Zero appeal.
    Jung Ryeo Won is stunning…very classy. I love it.
    Kim Kang Woo’s outfit made him look shorter than he is (1m80),moreover it hurts my eyes, too colorful to my taste. Fashion mishap indeed…
    Kim Sae Ron – her dress is a tad too flowery but still it matches her youthfulness…
    Eom Ki Joon – very casual, I like it (though I don’t know him)
    Lee Yoon Ji – very pretty, flawless…I dig her clothes!!
    Joo Won – looking awesome as usual…I like it as well.
    Im Jo Hwan, Song Jong Ho and Cha Tae Hyun – casual clothes, I like it. Minus Cha Tae Hyun’s hat <<
    Secretly, Greatly actors :
    1/Kim Soo Hyun – It's ok, I guess…minus the shoes.
    2/Park Ki Woong – OMG, what's with the awful hairstyle? Clothes are not that great either…Did he lose a bet or what?
    3/Lee Hyun Woo – best outfit out of the three, I like it.
    Jo Jung Suk has this 'boy next door' vibe on this pic. I like it, not love it (this kind of pants are a bit out of fashion imo)… But those arms are hmmmmm *swoon*
    Kim Hyun Joong – top half is good, I like this hairstyle, is it me or he looks manlier these days? Better than his BOF days imo. Lower half,on the other hand is all wrong…
    Park Ji Bin is one cutiepie and may grow into an handsome man to top it all. Nice choice, it fits his age.
    Kim Yoo Jung's 'beach dress' is really cute…very suitable for her age.
    Yeo Jin Goo is good-looking but he would look better without the atrocious vichy printed jacket…just blah.
    Song Joong Ki – where on earth did they find this sweater? It's just awful but the guy remains handsome nevertheless…
    Jung Il Woo – Flawless and I'm not even a fan to begin with…I love it.
    Han Ga In – uninspired.
    Lee Yo won – not a fan of the 'army shoulder strap' on her shirt…
    Bae Suzy- very casual, I like it very much.
    Choi Min Ho- looks wise, he's not my cup of tea but his clothes are spot on there. I like it.

  17. Kim Soo Hyun – it’s your movie premiere, some of those stars who came to support you were better dress than you are… kill your stylist… wearing a sandal… sigh

    Kim Yoo Jung very pretty!!!!!!!!

    Kim Ryeo Won – like you said, simple and classy

    Lee Yoon Ji – pretty

  18. My favourite didn’t show, but I didn’t expect that. Glad to see Im Soo Jung, Jo Jung Seok and Song Joon Ki there though.

    I don’t think the fashion is that bad as just kind of out place… looks like they nearly all went for quite casual and either in black, white, or dark blue (Kim Sae Ron is a one of the few colour dots. And the guy with the green shirt.)

    I wear sandals a lot… so I’m not going say anything against that 😀

  19. Most of these outfits won’t even pass our dress code at the office … on a casual Friday! If you’re going to a high profile movie premiere where you know there will be lots of fans and paparazzi and your image will surely end up in international media… Yeah, I don’t get K-celebrity fashion sometimes.

    Aigoo, what a waste of eye candy. So… Thank you Jung Ryeu Won, Jung Ill Woo, Min Ho and my bias – Jo Jung Sook. I would have loved more elegance in the casual, but at least these four look “put together”.

  20. yay! what a guest list here!

    love joong-ki even with that questionable sweats!

    my fave baby Joo Won!

    isn’t it wonderful to have EKJ, LYJ and JJS in one event! lovely, just utterly lovely!

    thank you koala sis for this post!

  21. lol i was scrolling and scrolling, and i was about to flip out if Joo Won wasn’t there, but of course then i saw him looking mighty fine. Of course he’d be there for park ki woong!! i am having gaksital withdrawals :/
    and aww i got all amiley when i saw the dream high teachers there, and suzy 😀

  22. Would pay my fricken life to attend that my all favorites ! Suzy why so chic love you so much I’m starting to admire her lately ! The child actors ar the best Omg they are grownups now and I think they all went casual ! It’s like a night out ha ! WITH THE ENTIR WORLD WATCHING !!gaaaaaah I envy those reporters !
    .. Who sat next to joo won oppa ?! Haaa !!dig your grave ! Hh
    PS . KHJ you r So not a city concer or whatever in that look ! U look like you r wading the traditional Lebanese folklore Hhahah trust me we dance DABKE with that !

  23. Kyaaahhh….I don’t care others as long as Kim Soo Hyun’s baby Suzy attended….I’m very happy, yes I am really surprised that she (Suzy) manage to attend and support her Soohyun oppa despite of her tight schedule…my goodness I still can’t get over with Dream High…SooSu/HyunZy couple please reunite in a new drama again..or please Dream High 3 or Dream High The Movie….

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