A Star-studded Premiere for K-movie Secretly, Greatly

This might be one of the most star-packed K-movie premieres I’ve seen in a long time, which goes to show that Kim Soo Hyun’s star is incredibly high and his agency Key East Entertainment has lots and lots of A-list stars under founder Bae Yong Joon’s vest since everyone was trotted out for this premiere to support Kim Soo Hyun. I won’t even bother to list the names of the attendees but check out the tags below to see if your favorite star showed up. The premiere is for the upcoming half slap-stick/half action spy movie Secretly, Greatly based on a webtoon called Covertly about three North Korean trained spies who reside in South Korea under assumed identities of the village idiot (Kim Soo Hyun), a high school student (Lee Hyun Woo), and an aspiring crappy rock star (Park Ki Woong). They despair of ever being called into duty until a truly covert operation requires all three to band together and kick into action.

The long trailer is out and it looks pretty neat, equal parts flower boy ogling, silly undercover hijinks, and finally a thrilling spy military caper to top it off. I love the main three cast since all three guys are adorable and can act. Earlier this year Kim Soo Hyun was rumored to be back in K-drama land after this movie hits theaters and the proposed drama was the medical-themed Green Surgical Knife, which has know confirmed Joo Won as the lead so chances are Kim Soo Hyun won’t be back on television until year end if at all this year. This movie seems to be tracking well on audience interest with a first week of June premiere date should do well to start off the Summer box office in Korea. I only wished Kim Soo Hyun wore better fitting pants to his own movie premiere and also some shoes that don’t look like my grandpa’s beach sandals. Check out the star walk and the movie trailer below. Continue reading