Park Ji Bin to Guest Star in Upcoming KBS Sageuk Red Single Heart as Younger Lee Joon Who Plays the King

The third of the red in the name sageuks Red Single Heart is coming in the first half of 2022 on KBS, following Lovers of the Red Sky on SBS and The Red Sleeve Cuff on MBC. I’m sure it’ll get a different English title but the drama will star Jang Hyuk, Lee Joon, and Kang Nan Na in a traditional sageuk with political conflict between the young King trying to consolidate power back from the politician who helped his father gain the throne. Filming has been underway for months now but there is a cool guest appearance in the early parts of the drama with former child actor Park Ji Bin playing the young Crown Prince who grows up to become Lee Joon’s King character. In real life Park Ji Bin is 26 years old and Lee Joon is 30 years old and both actually did military service around the same time lol, but the former can definitely pass as younger and the latter older so I can suspend disbelief on this same role casting.

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