Ha Ji Won is a Sultry Queen for High Cut Magazine

Hubba, hubba, hubba. Let’s all collectively fan ourselves, shall we? If I try to go back into the annals of my K-drama watching history, it might be accurate to say that Ha Ji Won was my first K-drama lady crush. The drama was What Happened in Bali, and I watched that sucker three times in a row. Yes, I was surely a glutton for punishment, but dang it the drama was brilliantly subversive and Ji Won was achingly pitiful in it. I followed that up with Damo (yup, still on my punishment binge), where I pretty much worshipped the ground she walked on. I don’t always like her performances or projects, but when she hits one of the park, it’s a keeper for me. Currently she’s setting my screen on fire with her turn as North Korean solider-turned-South Korean Queen in The King 2 Hearts. So it’s fitting that her latest dazzling photo spread for High Cut magazine is called “The Queen.” She’s been the queen of my actress stable for years, and deserves every accolade I give her when she chooses to bring it. Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Gets First Drama Leading Man in Nice Guy Written by Lee Kyung Hee

Okay, this is like Christmas came early…..but then you didn’t quite get the present you were hoping for. It’s not a disappointment per se, I simply need some time to process this and wrap my head around it. Song Joong Ki FINALLY gets his leading man role in a prime time drama, and it’s so meaty I could weep in happiness for him. He’s just signed on to screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee‘s latest melodrama (don’t tell me you were expecting anything else) Nice Guy. Barring the shudder-inducing flashback to Bad Guy simply by the similarity in titles, I was already a million percent on board the second I knew this was a Lee Kyung Hee-penned drama. She has written some of my all time favorite K-dramas ever, and I consider her a writer that always attempts to dissect and delve into the emotion of love (not romance, not passion, but love). Toss in Song Joong Ki, I’m now a billion percent committed. The only hitch is that the rumored leading lady isn’t one of my fave young actresses.  Continue reading

The King 2 Hearts Episode 11 Recap

The King 2 Hearts DAEBAK!!! Lee Jae Ha, you are slowly but surely earning your penance. I approve. I had an epiphany today while driving to work. I finally figured out the modus operandi and symbolic purpose behind the cartoonish villain of Kim Bong Goo/John Mayer. I’ll explain in my thoughts later, but oh boy does it suddenly all make sense. TK2H continues to do a stellar job at delicately balancing the greater political narrative with the personal emotional chasm between Hang Ah and Jae Ha. They are trying to figure out a relationship already complicated by their personality clashes and tendency to lash out, but doing so when under tremendous pressure from their own countrymen is a herculean feat.

I’m impressed with how the writer is developing Jae Ha, which is two steps forward one step back, consistent with what we know about him. He’s pushed where he doesn’t want to go, but each time he gets there, he realizes it’s where he belongs. Episode 11 finds Jae Ha headed into enemy territory, not just politically but emotionally. He’s defying his own country to win back the woman he loves, and in K-drama terms, it’s hard to find emotional stakes as romantic as that in a modern drama. Heading into the second half of the Wed-Thurs drama runs, The Equator Man now has a decent lead over the other two, while today’s episode flip-flopped the ratings with TK2H slightly edging out Rooftop Prince. Continue reading

Yoon Eun Hye Showcases the Cartier Juste un Clou Limited Edition Collection

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Yoon Eun Hye being oh so pretty when photographed is nothing new, and her latest endorsement pictures for Cartier continue her trend of always bringing it to any photo shoot. She’s modeling the relaunched Juste Un Clou collection, which if you look closely is a nail wrapped around into a bracelet. Cartier is my favorite jeweler and every time they launch a new collection I immediately love it. Eun Hye is wearing all the various metal finishes.

I can’t decide if I like the platinum or the rose gold better, but I definitely prefer the thinner band to the thick gigantic nail around the wrist. I find this an edgier cousin to the Trinity collection, and in addition to the bracelet (which ranges from precious metals only to all blinged out with diamonds) it also comes in a ring which Eun Hye sports all over her hand. It’s hard for Eun Hye not to make whatever she’s modeling look even better. I wish she’d come back with a drama or movie soon, but I understand her reticence to pick a project unless it really appeals to her in her own judgment. Continue reading

Unconfirmed Spoilers for Upcoming Plot of The King 2 Hearts

Have some new stills of the return of Kim Hang Ah, North Korean special forces operative trained to kill Lee Jae Ha on sight. I can’t wait to see Hang Ah dust off her fighting skills and use it with Jae Ha to kick a certain crazy lunatic back to whence he came from (hell?). What’s more exciting than these new stills is a wholly unconfirmed spoiler flying all over weibo this morning that actually reads so probable. Don’t shoot the messenger if this turns out not to be true, but I think it is, so this just makes me even more anxious for this week’s new episodes. Like, so anxious I woke up gnawing on my arm kind of anxious. Continue reading

Yun Zhong Ge Chapter 20: So Close Yet So Far Away

I really liked how Tong Hua spent all of volume 1 developing the relationship between Yun Ge and Meng Jue. If Yun Ge met her real Ling gege right away, then it’d be game over before Meng Jue even has a chance. And I’m a firm believer that Meng Jue deserves his chance with Yun Ge, and the rest of it ought to be up to the three of them to sort out in the usual messy love triangle ways. But the gritty reality stemming from one mistaken identity is that what ought to be a simple love triangle now expands outward to include Xu Ping Jun and Liu Bing Yi, two commoners who have somehow gotten swept up into Yun Ge’s love life. Without Meng Jue running interference on Liu Bing Yi and secretly assisting Xu Pung Jun, would those two have gotten married? What happens if Liu Bing Yi ever finds out there were forces nudging his future down a certain path? Now that Liu Fu Ling has found Yun Ge, it doesn’t mean that Yun Ge is going to sudden transfer her affections immediately. I suppose some things that are meant to be can’t be stopped, it only means the journey is a rockier path than one initially thought it would be. Continue reading

I Need Romance 2 Casts Jung Yumi, Lee Jin Wook, and Kim Ji Seok

I Need Romance 2? With this cast? Oh hells yeah, bring it on baby! The long-rumored second season to last year’s surprising hit cable drama I Need Romance finalized its main cast today. It’s a combination of which I have never once considered, but now think has the potential to be brilliant. Quirky leading lady Jung Yumi (the one from Que Sera Sera and not the one who is currently the evil bitchy sister in Rooftop Prince) will be picking between Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok in another look of modern dating in Seoul. Considering how the first season of INR pushed the boundaries in the making out (and then some) department, I might need to take some tranquilizers before watching INR2. Robot Ryu from Spy Myung Wol being all hot and sexy times? *fans self* Continue reading