Happy Spoiler Pictures for Next Two Episodes of The King 2 Hearts

I love spoilers. Spoilers are good, it makes the wait between weeks easier to bear. A bunch of spoiler pictures have popped up for the upcoming two episodes of The King 2 Hearts, which should bring some measure of comfort to those worried that our King and future Queen will be kept apart for much longer. Of course they won’t. Some hurt feelings and Secretary Eun-induced misunderstandings aside, at least the parental and sibling units are around to be the rational and sensible voices to two in love and emotional people. I think the miscarriage will bring them closer together, but not after they worked through more unresolved issues. Continue reading

Ha Ji Won Picks Lee Seung Gi as her Most Ideal Co-star and Most Memorable Kiss

On the heels of Lee Seung Gi picking Ha Ji Won as his ideal co-star (amongst the three leading ladies he’s worked with, the other two being Han Hyo Joo and Shin Mina), now its Ha Ji Won’s turn to set the tongues wagging once when she returns the favor. On the April 19th taping of the variety chat show Happy Together, Ha Ji Won made a surprise appearance to join her Korea (the movie) cast mates. During the interview, Ha Ji Won was asked about all the male stars she’s worked with and who she finds the most ideal. Unlike Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won has easily worked with quadruple the number of co-stars he has, and some of them are quite famous for pairing up with her. Such as Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub in What Happened in Bali, and Hyun Bin in Secret Garden.

Of all her countless male leads, Ha Ji Won shocked the hosts by picking her current The King 2 Hearts leading man Lee Seung Gi as her ideal man of all her co-stars to date. But wait, she’s not done yet. When asked which of her onscreen kisses was the most memorable, Ji Won picked the refrigerator kiss with Seung Gi. Buh? This coming from the lady who kissed Binnie left, right, and upside down in SG and famously made out with Jo In Sung in WHIB? Thanks to all this juicy cuteness, I think the SeungWon ship is so close to setting sail. All it needs is one more little puff of smoke to send it hurtling towards the horizon. Continue reading

Colorful Trailer for C-drama Female Prime Minister a Prelude to the Yun Zhong Ge OTP

Hhhhmmm, this might be the first Yu Zheng drama I’m looking forward to. Though my reasons are totally unrelated to how interesting the drama looks. The upcoming Female Prime Minister (Nu Xiang), about the only female prime minister in thousands of years of Chinese history, Prime Minister Lu Zheng of the Northern Qi dynasty, has just released a pretty gorgeous trailer. The leads are Zhao Li Ying as Lu Zheng and Chen Xiao as Gao Dan, the Crown Prince who later becomes the Emperor she counsels in the role of prime minister. This drama will be all the devotees of Yun Zhong Ge‘s first look at the chemistry and onscreen pairing of those two leads, who have been unofficially tapped by Yu Zheng to play Yun Ge and Liu Fu Ling in YZG.

I have to say Chen Xiao is ROCKING the royal aura and he’s got Ling gege’s piercing stare already down pat. And Zhao Li Ying is so adorable, I can totally see her being Yun Ge. I think the costumes in this drama are rich and colorful in Yu Zheng’s usual style, but hot damn are those are ugly as heck hair styles on the ladies. I hope the costuming for YZG gets toned down a bit and avoid these elaborate hair craziness. Nevertheless, I’m totally checking this out when it airs this Summer so get an early head start on some YZG drama prelude goodness.

Continue reading

The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap

I’m sorta speechless at the doozy of an ending to episode 10 of The King 2 Hearts. I can’t believe the writers went there, and expect me to be all verklempt at how it’s going to create all this emotional angst. I’m all for emotional angst, and I think Jae Ha and Hang Ah have tons of organic angst to mine without needing to deal with completely obvious plot twists for the sake of being a plot twist. I loved how this episode was Jae Ha-centric as he deals with trying to solve the mystery of Club M and stepping up against his known adversary Bong Goo. Jae Ha continues to be that odd combination of smart but slightly immature, so he’s better equipped to deal with crazy Bong Goo than straight-laced Jae Kang.

It’s no longer a question that Jae Ha and Hang Ah love each other, but right now each feels like their love can’t transcend the greater political divide between them. If they can’t even weather one bad patch caused by Hang Ah being doubted, how can they deal with a lifetime of bumps and bruises? I want them to work through obstacles and tribulations, but not ones that are purposely planted. Unlike a bomb going off out of the blue, shocking and thrilling to behold, I felt like the final plot twist at the end was the writers planting a very obvious landmine and then having neon signs leading up to it. I dislike being led by the nose, but what I love about TK2H remains stellar and I’ll just have to swallow this and move on. Continue reading

New C-Couple Alert: Mark Chao Confirms Relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan

After months of speculation and paparazzi hounding, Mark Chao confirmed today during the press conference for the China release of Black & White the movie that he is indeed dating famed C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan. Mark, you sly dog, how’d you get such a gorgeous and talented lady? Ha ha, I’m totally kidding, though I’m happy to report that the relationship is quite serious, plus she’s older than him by five years so this gives hope to all those noona-dongsaeng romance dreams. The press is speculating nuptials within two years, especially since word is that the couple is madly in love and extremely compatible. They first met on the set of Director Zhang Yimou‘s latest movie, and apparently has been dating since late last year. When rumored ex-girlfriend Janine Chang was asked about this breaking new couple news, she wished Mark well and complimented Gao Yuan Yuan as being lovely. So the Black & White couple is not meant to be, but I hope Mark and Yuan Yuan go all the way. I’m a sucker for happy endings. Continue reading

Park Min Young Confirmed for Timeslip Dr. Jin as Love Interest for Song Seung Heon

Oh my freaking bejeebus! Before I get to the casting talk about Timeslip Dr. Jin, I have to first announce this new piece of information I gleaned. Apparently the good Dr. Jin will be written by two screenwriters, one of whom did Road No. 1, and the other did Spy Myung Wol. No, I am not joking and this is not some sick prank. Two of the worst dramas to come out of the Korea in the last 3 years, and those two writers are going to put their itty bitty creativity together and spit out a time-traveling drama based on a mega-popular Japanese version? My head is definitely spinning. I hope Park Min Young knows what she’s doing since today she just confirmed that she will be joining the cast. Still no word on Kim So Yeon, but Park Min Young will be playing the lead actress, and she has two roles. One is as Dr. Jin Hyuk’s (Song Seung Heon) surgeon girlfriend in the modern era, and the other is a Joseon young lady from a well-to-do family. Continue reading

The King 2 Hearts Episode 9 Recap

This episode was a bit rough, and the exposed seams where the narrative borders on unrealistic starts to unravel a bit. Where The King 2 Hearts excels at is delving into the personal relationships between characters inhabiting a fantasy world that involves royal families, a Romeo and Juliet love story based on one culture split into two countries, and the possibility that a wastrally Prince would fall in love with a tough military girl. But all of that works in TK2H, but when the story wants to manufacture more conflict between the North and South, as orchestrated by Bong Joo, it just falls spectacularly flat. Jae Ha continues to step up and this time around he doesn’t even doubt Hang Ah for a minute. But sadly Hang Ah’s still got the emotional scars from his proverbial shot to her heart back in episode 4, and this time it’s she who doubts Jae Ha’s trust in her. Continue reading