SBS Airport Drama Fox Star Bride Confirms Cast of Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Dong Gun, and Kim Ji Soo

Screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung has finally melded her 2018 bipolar drama switcheroos into one drama with a now confirmed cast. Her upcoming SBS drama will be called Fox Star Bride but the story will be about people working at Incheon Airport. First she announced Fox Star as a healing romance, then decided to do a slice-of-life workplace drama called People of Incheon Airport, and now she’s decided to mash it together into an unholy combo of weird titled Fox Star Bride and rather boring sounding story about the personal and professional lives of people working at Incheon Airport. After multiple male and female lead names were associated with both dramas, this final Fox Star but about airport people drama will headline Lee Je Hoon, Chae Soon Bin, Lee Dong Gun, and Kim Ji Soo. Take off will be on the Mon-Tues time slot after Thirty But Seventeen. Continue reading

K-actor Kim Joo Hyuk Laid to Rest Surrounded by Friends, Family, and Costars

K-ent gather along with the friends and family to accompany Kim Joo Hyuk on his final journey as the actor was laid to rest. While the circumstances of his October 30th car accident remain unanswered, in the end this talented … Continue reading