Lee Min Ho Shares Work and Play Moments in Latest Instagram Posts to Fans

Gosh, I didn’t realize how much I needed real life Lee Min Ho, as opposed to airbrushed to perfection and playing a perfectly written male hero role Lee Min Ho. Real like Lee Min Ho is a real life version of a derp hottie, so preternaturally handsome but really a big dork at heart. It’s so clear to see in his Instagram and other SNS updates, he’s not afraid to show off less that perfect snaps and always you can glimpse that he’s just soaking in his life. He works so hard so please enjoy Min Ho-sshi! There’s also some good new on his last dramas, a new tracking site called Flixpatrol which started around February 2020 keeps tabs on the Netflix streaming numbers and right now The King: Eternal Monarch is on track to be in the top 20 most streamed television shows of 2020. As of the last week of August 2020, it sits at number 14 and earlier broke into the top 10. A surge put It’s Okay to Not be Okay ahead of it at number 12, and honestly neither of these dramas ought to be ahead of Crash Landing on You but for CLOY airing from Dec19-Feb20 and before Flixpatrol started their tracking. It’s all good, I love seeing K-dramas getting more mainstream reach thanks to Netflix and the more the merrier! We’ll know by December 2020 how it all shakes down but I don’t see Lee Min Ho back with a drama or movie for the remainder of the year so if I miss him I’ll rewatch Legend of the Blue Sea heh. He was so derpy in there from time to time too, love it!

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Past and Present is Rewritten in Final Episode 16 of The King: Eternal Monarch Ending with 5.8%, 8.1% Ratings

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