Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun Offered Leads in Early 2022 tvN Drama Eve’s Scandal

Alrighty then, I expected this at some point but it’s frankly so quick it’s a bit of whiplash. tvN has announced early 2022 K-drama Eve’s Scandal and the lead roles have been offered to Park Eun Byung and Seo Ye Ji. The former is an actor’s actor who excels at any role but this would be his first leading man turn and I’m thrilled for him, other than the latter was basically persona non grata just four months ago and appears ready to jump right back in. I’ll leave it up to the K-netizens to decide if they are ready for Seo Ye Ji back on their small screen, I actually thought her way back should be in 2022 and in a movie where she can really showcase her acting talents without being subject to the same level of scrutiny that a two month turn on TV entails. The drama is about the most expensive divorce of a chaebol at $2 trillion won and Seo Ye Ji plays a dangerous femme fatale at the center of the litigation that has riveted the country. It’s a bit of a life imitating art situation haha but honestly her scandal was basically that she was a sociopathic control freak in a relationship with some bullying allegations from workplace difficulties but nothing so egregious she has not choice but to leave the industry. Whether she can stage a comeback remains to be seen but doing a drama with a non superstar male lead is probably a good start.

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