K-ent Discusses How Currently Popular Stars are Doing Back-to-Back Dramas Including Ahn Hyo Seob, Lee Se Young, Song Kang, and Kim Se Jung

I knew it wasn’t just me that so many articles I write in the last year or so keep including the same stars frequently. A recent K-ent post (article click here) discusses what is going on right now – there are so many K-dramas in production due to the new popularity on Netflix, more streaming sites getting into producing their own, and the shorter dramas allows for the production to be shorter on each so more can be made. Recently Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung finished A Business Proposal and both are already lined up with new projects, he’s in the K-drama remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day and she’s in the K-drama remake of J-dorama Today’s Webtoon. Song Kang has been see in 5 straight dramas in a row and is reportedly fielding multiple new drama offers and is expected to accept one soon. Lee Se Young recently did the hit sageuk Red Cuff and will be starting filming the rom-com with Lee Seung Gi. This is also leading to supporting actors and actresses more quickly getting leading roles after just one breakout, including Hwang In Yeob, Kim Young Dae, Ahn Eun Jin, Shin Hyun Bin, Lee Se Hee, and more. With all this growth in K-drama land, it also increases the paychecks for the leads and is expected to continue with the seeking of lead roles.

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Success of Forecasting Love and Weather Leads K-ent to Notice that Song Kang’s Last Drama Nevetherless Did Very Well in Japan Opposite the Lackluster Domestic Reception

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Song Kang and Park Min Young Actually Look Good Together For the First Time in Netflix Pictorial Promoting jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

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The Premiere Weekend Promising Ratings for Twenty Five, Twenty One and Forecasting Love and Weather Portends Well for Nam Joo Hyuk and Song Kang in Delivering a Win

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Romance Between Park Min Young and Song Kang in Forecasting Love and Weather Moves at the Speed of Sound as They Steam Up the Screen in Episode 2

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New Sat-Sun K-dramas Off to Promising Starts as tvN Series Twenty Five, Twenty One Gets 6.370% and Forecasting Love and Weather Brings in 4.514% on jTBC

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K-netizens Disagree with Reporter Article on Nam Joo Hyuk Needing to Redeem Himself with Next Drama After Start-up But Agree that Song Kang Still Needs to Prove Himself

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Official Drama Posters for jTBC Workplace Romance Forecasting Love and Weather is All Over the Place in Projecting the Drama Feel

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Song Kang Looks Distractingly Like a College Intern Character in New Stills from jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

Once the leads are cast in dramas its out of my hands and I just pray it all works out. For age difference gapped leads I also hope the drama explains why their characters fall for each other (personality and … Continue reading

Song Kang is Intrigued by Capable Sunbae Park Min Young in New Preview for jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

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New Substantive Previews for jTBC Drama Weather People Shows Subdued Park Min Young and Spirited Song Kang Connecting with Each Other

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Park Min Young and Song Kang Showcase Sweet Romantic Gestures in First Teaser Previews for jTBC Drama Weather People

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