Vincenzo and It’s Okay to Not be Okay are the Most Watched on Netflix Television Simulcast K-dramas of the 2020-2021 Period

Everyone’s talking about the Netflix produced K-dramas of the last two years which really has been an incredible success for the streaming platform, but it also has shelled out generously for the streaming rights to K-dramas that aired on television whether cable or prime time. For the period of 2020-2021 the viewership numbers are in and Vincenzo is the most watched K-drama that also aired simultaneously on television. After that it’s It’s Okay to Not be Okay in second spot, followed by The King: Eternal Monarch in third. It should make fans of that drama happy to know their claims for how widely watched on Netflix it was, very impressive for sure even if not the most watched. Then in 4th we have Nevertheless, so for sure younger viewers were probably streaming it rather than watching on the network. Hospital Playlist 2 came in 5th followed by Sisyphus: The Myth, which hopefully goes to the Netflix grave of crappy dramas that people watching hoping it would eventually make sense (it didn’t). And super impressive is Hometown Cha Cha Cha in 7th, it’s only 2/3 way through airing and I can see it going up a few more notches by the end. On a side note, Crash Landing on You is NOT considered in this time period, it’s considered a 2019 drama since it started airing in 2019 and finished in early 2020, plus Flixpatrol did not collect data during the entire period of CLOY’s airing. If it did and the period was expanded to 2019, I think it would be either CLOY or Vincenzo in number 1.

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