Episode 4 of Vicenzo is Operatic Fighting Fire with Fire and Brings in Smoking Hot Ratings of 10.215%

I found my new crack drama ladies and gentlemen! Patience has paid off as episode 4 of Vincenzo was so good I have the shivers and shakes and can’t stop thinking about the exquisite details. Our Vincenzo may still have his own agenda (tons and tons of gold, who wouldn’t?) but he’s going to mete out some of his own brand of punishment while he’s waiting to start digging. This episode was just *chef’s kiss* and not the flavor that Chef Toto’s fake Italian food must taste like to V. Daddy Hong went to his long rest, as I expected though happening way earlier in the drama so that was indeed a surprise, and with it Cha Young flipped a switched from screeching over-acting shrew to channeling all her rebellious weird energy into avenging Daddy and carrying on his cases.

She’s not wholly altruistic but her total about face against Babel (which is clearly a Purdue Pharma stand in and the drug a proxy for Oxycontin) was satisfying to watch and she will be useful to Vincenzo as she knows the ins-and-outs of the Korean legal system in ways he doesn’t so their partnership makes sense. I do love that after she calms the F-down in her manic energy we see how perceptive and smart she is, she knows Vincenzo is the real building owner and totally sticking around for his own plan and that’s fine by her. This episode had a truck of doom, tears and more tears, Vincenzo feeling even more stirrings of guilt and acting on it, a brilliant syringe pillow homage to The Godfather, dorky NSI agent turned Vincenzo fanboy, corrupt former Prosecutor Choi getting a first taste of her own medicine, a towering inferno of an ending perfect for Vincenzo’s soaring operatic scores, and the reveal of the Real Big Bad that I’m so ready for his arrival.

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