SHINee’s Taemin to Transfer to Public Service for Remainder of Military Enlistment After Worsening Anxiety and Depression

I don’t follow K-pop much beyond having a playlist and whenever idols decide to also act, but some news is worth sharing broadly to bring more positive attention to it. SM Entertainment‘s second gen idol group SHINee has been through ups and downs and has such a positive and strong image even a non K-pop follower like me feels warm and fuzzy towards them. Member Taemin has been in the army for the last 7 months serving out his mandatory enlistment, assigned to the band unit to make use of his musical talents. But this week the military confirmed that Taemin has been transferred to public service, basically desk duty, due to his worsening depression and anxiety. I am so happy to hear he’s getting the right assignment to help his mental condition though sad to hear he’s suffering. For once K-netz are not ragging on him for “taking it easy” and are in full support for his transfer and wishing him well.

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Wang Leehom’s Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei Takes to SNS to Accuse Him of Bringing Three Men for His Child Visitation and Also That He’s Hired Web Services to Press Likes and Support Him Online

One of the messiest celebrity divorces in TW-ent in recent memory is back in the news this week, thanks to male lead singer Leehom Wang coming out of his two weeks quarantine after coming back to Taiwan from China in … Continue reading

Snowdrop Cast and Crew Share Pictures and Remembrance of Deceased Supporting Actress Kim Mi Soo as jTBC Discusses with Her Family Whether to Postpone This Weekend’s New Episodes

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Powerhouse Soop Entertainment Releases Adorably Hilarious Doodles by Choi Woo Shik of His Fellow Agency Colleagues Including Gong Yoo, Seo Hyun Jin, Suzy, and More

In the currently airing SBS drama Our Beloved Summer, male lead Choi Woo Shik‘s character is a successful adult artist after being an academic loser in high school. He belongs to Soop Entertainment agency and this week he’s the pen … Continue reading

Lee Jing Lei Publicly States that Married Stars Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Did Not Have Inappropriate Relations with Leehom Wang Which Causes Further Scrutiny on Vivian Hsu

Wow this is another smoke bomb bwahahaha, but it certainly continues the week long expose on Taiwanese-American singer Leehom Wang’s execrable sordid married and dating conduct. After Leehom Wang apologized and took full responsibility two days ago, albeit in that … Continue reading

Leehom Wang Breaks Silence Claiming He Will Explain the Untruths in Ex-wife Lee Jing Lei’s Statements then Later Apologizes, His 80 Year Old Dad Gets Involved and Writes Letter to Media Claiming Lee Jing Lei is Greedy and Manipulative, She Responds by Leehom and Father-in-Law’s Claims One By One

Okay, it’s extra large size of of popcorn time with TW-singer Leehom Wang‘s divorce from ex-wife Lee Jing Lei. In the last 48 hours there is now the following developments, first is Leehom’s 80-something year old dad writing long letter … Continue reading

Vivian Hsu Issues Statement Vehemently Denying She’s the Married Star Cheating with Leehom Wang as He Starts to Lose Endorsements in Wake of Divorce Scandal

TW-star Leehom Wang‘s soon to be ex-wife Lee JIng Lei’s 10,000 word revelation about her meeting, dating, marrying, and life with him was so packed with information there are multiple threads to unpack about his bad behavior. One of the … Continue reading

Leehom Wang’s Wife Lee Jing Lei Posts 10,000 Word Screed in Aftermath of Divorce Announcement Accusing Him of Cheating, Prostitution, and Using Her as a Brood Mare and Abandoning the Family

Hold on to your horses because this is the most heartbreaking and raw post-breakout tea spilling since Show Luo‘s ex-girlfriend Grace Chow went to town on his repeated cheating nearly two years ago. That ended up genuinely halting Show’s showbiz … Continue reading