TW-actress Jian Man Shu Gets Married in Exquisite Wedding Dress with Sleeves, Open Back and Long Train

I posted a few weeks on TW-actress Jian Man Shu‘s wedding pictorial, the ones taken prior to the wedding as memories to cherish, and it elicited quite polarizing responses. I LOVED hew two dresses: a red and white sleeveless confection and a lace deep-V ballgown, finding them lovely on her willowy frame and also refreshingly different. One can have fun even moreso with wedding pictorials. She got married this weekend to her non-celeb fiancee, a super cool dude from the looks of it which makes sense since he’s a famous hair dresser, and for the actual wedding went full on traditional with a modern twist. She channeled Grace Kelly with a long sleeved high boat neck all-white wedding dress with floral embroidery along the hem, with the stunning backside that was cutout and featured a loooooong train. It was so swoon worthy and both newlyweds looked so happy. Congrats to the married couple and thanks for the wedding dress visual treats! Continue reading

C-ent’s Salary Cap Goes into Effect and Top Stars Zhao Wei and Shu Qi Return Majority of Paid Salary for Hit Show Chinese Restaurant

The second part of the Chinese government crack down on celebrity earnings is now in effect. The first part was investigation and self-reporting of tax evasion with the biggest scapegoat being top actress Fan Bing Bing, you fly the highest … Continue reading

Modern China’s Most Famous Wuxia Novelist Louis Cha Passes Away at 94 Years Old

I know so many people who can date themselves by which drama version of a Louis Cha (Jin Yong) novel adaptation they consider the best, which is usually the first one they watched and couldn’t stop watching thereby becoming a … Continue reading