Suzy Continues Charitable Efforts, Donates Money to Support 200 Poverty Stricken Families Through the Winter

Tis the holiday season and time to be merry but also more than ever to give back in any way. For the high earning celebrities many are continuing their charitable efforts and honestly this is a zero competition field. There is no such thing as anyone’s favorite donating more and winning some non-existent race. K-actress Suzy has donated every year on her birthday 100 million won (about $85,000 USD) and a charity revealed this weekend that she recently made a big donation to them that will be enough to buy jackets, bedding, and food for 200 low income families to support them during the cold winter season. What a great charity and I hope folks whether stars or ordinary people can find a way to pay it forward that works for each. Continue reading

Basketball Player James Ma Gets Married in Taipei and Leaves Best Man Spot Empty for Best Friend Godfrey Gao Three Days After His Passing

Life is so unpredictable and the saddest of event could lead to the happiest in the span of mere days. Three days after Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model Godfrey Gao unexpected passed away while filming a C-variety show, his best friend … Continue reading