Lee El and Kim Jae Wook Dating Rumor Spreads After She Posts Sleeping Picture of Him on SNS

It’s probably a smart idea for stars to use SNS only for their professional lives and have it curated by their agent or assistant. There are way too many SNS accidental or ill-advised posts and it’s time to add one more from this weekend as K-actress Lee El posted a sleeping picture of her musical costar Kim Jae Wook. He’s totally passed out and likely topless as his shoulders are showing above the blanket, and what would be a intimate sweet picture between a couple suddenly seems seedy when it’s posted by Lee El and then deleted quickly. Lee El’s agency said it was a joke post and the two are not dating but are close friends after working on Amadeus together. I don’t have a problem if their are dating or just friends with benefits but getting sloppy and outing oneself via SNS is so amateur. Or intentional, I dunno, but Lee El and Kim Jae Wook are always a treat to watch onscreen so whatever their relationship is just be happy! Continue reading