Kim Ji Won Hits a Big Success with jTBC Drama My Liberation Notes and Graces the June 2022 Edition of Big Issue Magazine

Not every drama pick is a success but the track record for Kim Ji Won now says way more successes then meh ones and I’d pick that route for sure. She just finished jTBC drama My Liberation Notes which got rave critic reviews when it premiered and then got audience love plus an increasing ratings trajectory to nearly double in ratings by the end. Her performance showcased an introspective character and presented in a way that audiences felt brought the script to life and felt relatable. She’s trading the countryside threads for pretty in pink and white frocks in the June 2022 edition of Big Issue and she’s definitely hit a big homerun for this project pick.

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Kim Sae Ron Revealed to Have Personally Apologized to and Compensated the Businesses Affected by the Electricity Shutdown After Her Drunk Driving Destruction of a Street Transformer Box

I think this news should be taken at face value, it’s neither something to applaud but also not something to read into anymore as future planning. K-actress Kim Sae Ron has been living the legal and public consequences for the … Continue reading