Yang Kyung Won Poses with Song Joong Ki Filming Space Sweeper Movie and Having Best Career Year After Crash Landing on You and Baeksang Nomination

One of the best parts of hit drama Crash Landing on You was the North Korean soldier squad supporting male lead Hyun Bin, and the best of that bunch was by far gruff and proud Yang Kyung Won. He got a deserving Baeksang Award Best Supporting Actor nomination out of it and will know in two weeks whether he’s taking home the prize to cap off what has been an extraordinary career year. In addition to Crash Landing, he did a cameo in Hi Bye, Mama! and up next acting-wise is a supporting role alongside Song Joong Ki in the big budget sci-fi Korean movie Space Sweeper (Battleship Victory). New BTS pictures were posted last week with the two goofing off, clearly close pals after filming the movie together. K-ent especially Chungmuro always has room and recognition for genuinely talented character actors of which Yang Kyung Won is following in the footsteps of many a great before him.

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Show Luo Pisses Off Everyone by Posting 7000 Word Weibo Love Letter Remembrance and Apology to Ex-girlfriend Grace Chow on 520 Love Day

As if his habitual and incessant cheating wasn’t enough, TW actor-singer-host Show Luo managed to one-up his own level of douchebaggery today and do so in a way to inflict maximum emotional harm. Show posted a nearly 7000 word (that’s … Continue reading

Yoona, Lee Seung Gi, and Suzy Take Part in Thanks Challenge Showing Gratitude for First Responders in Covid-19 Crisis

K-ent has a new picture challenge and in 24-hours tons of famous stars have participated sincerely by posting really low key every day backdrop pictures to support medical professional first responders facing the COVID-19 crisis. It’s called the Thanks Challenge … Continue reading