Song Hye Kyo Shines with Simple Elegance in New Jewelry CF

This week is actually the 21st premiere anniversary of classic Hallyu K-drama Autumn in My Heart, and I mention it because female lead Song Hye Kyo has basically reverse glowed up herself from that drama to now and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Back then she was youthfully cute but now she’s all sorts of layered pretty. The latest set of CFs were released this week for her jewelry brand pictorial and it’s a very white on beige clean look which normally I would find boring but I think she looks so radiant and lovely here. It’s probably my nostalgia and sense of aging catching up to me, like if any woman can traverse two decades and not only not noticeably age but get prettier then goodness it’s worth admiring.

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Penthouse Villains Uhm Ki Joon, Bong Tae Kyu, and Yoon Jong Hoon Join Forces for Healing tvN Variety Show We Won’t Hurt You and Releases Epic Poster

Man, I wish K-dramas were half as creative as whatever brain trust came up with this new variety show. tvN is launching We Won’t Hurt You (Don’t Hurt) with three male actors assembled together to take care of and celebrate … Continue reading

China’s Tightening of Citizenship Starts as HK-actor Nicholas Tse Applied to Relinquish His Dual Citizenship with Canada and Same with Young Actor Chen Fei Yu With His US Citizenship to Continue Working in China

I write about dramas and industry not just in Korea but also covering Taiwan, Japan, and Mainland China so the recent uptick in articles on the latter is solely because so much wild stuff is happening there some of which … Continue reading

C-actress Zhao Wei Rumored to Have Taken Private Jet Overnight to France to Reunite with Her Singaporean Husband After Being Erased from All C-ent

The rumor is spreading wild and fast that formerly top C-actress and producer Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao) has flown the coop, and cue all the Little Sparrow jokes. The tabloids and various online news portals are all saying that Zhao … Continue reading

Son Dambi and Jung Ryeo Won Alleged to Have Received Gifts and Had Relationship with Man Who Has Been Arrested for Fraudulently Bilking Rich and Powerful People Out of Nearly $10 Million USD

Well this is kinda a shady story but honestly probably something that is quite common place in the entertainment industry. I mean the sponsorship part, not so much the fraud element. Actresses Son Dambi and Jung Ryeo Won, in the … Continue reading