Nth Room Crime – South Koreans Incensed and Horrified by Vast Sex Abuse Chat Room Operated by Trio of Men

All of South Korea, regular folks, entertainers, and even politicians are talking about the Nth Room (N Room or N Bang) vast criminal network unearthed after months of investigation. A Telegraph chat room started by a user GodGod offered up sex abuse videos and pictures and charged users to access it. The chat room was moderated by a user Cho who went by the username Baksa (Professor or Doctor) and along with a third moderator they would hack women’s phone accounts and then blackmail them to send sexually explicit material. There were over 70 victims and many were underage women, and over 260,000 viewers paid to access the content. Nth Room was the latest iteration of the room which continued to migrate to avoid detection in the dark web and the viewers paid in cryptocurrency making it harder to track them down. Cho has been arrested and his face released to the public but the masses want all the men exposed and prosecuted for this horrifying crime. Apparently the videos and pictures are just awful awful stuff so I won’t even describe it. Continue reading

Bong Joon Ho, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun Tops Sports Chosun 2020 Power People Poll For Film and Kim Soo Hyun Only Actor to Make Both Film and Drama Lists

The Sports Chosun 30th Anniversary poll of South Korean entertainment insiders on the Power People within the industry is definitely worth discussing especially in the drama category. For the film category it’s harder to have biases as movies remain a … Continue reading

K-netizens Discuss South Korea’s Top 10 Beauties Which Remain Unchanged Since the Early Hallyu Days

A poll and post has been making its way through K-netizen ranks and it’s relatively consensus driven on who is considered one of South Korea’s top 10 beauties here in 2020. It’s like the same list since 2005 if you … Continue reading

K-stars Release Denials of Being Members of Shincheonji Church at the Center of South Korea’s Coronavirus Outbreak

This is totally a witch hunt if anyone thinks there is anything to dig into here. This week an anonymous netizen posted a list of Korean celebrities reportedly members of the cultish Shincheonji Church that is at the origin and … Continue reading