Kang Ji Hwan Dropped From Agency and Text Message to Victims Revealed Where He Said He Should Be Locked Up

I’ll follow the Kang Ji Hwan sex crime case to the finish, it’s the least to do for the two victims who thankfully have been vindicated from their victimhood being called into question by netizens. The latest case update is that the two women submitted very thorough statements to the police and it turns out they were at Kang Ji Hwan’s house that day with a much larger group drinking to celebrate, and after people successively left Kang Ji Hwan suggested the two ladies stay and rest in one of his guest bedrooms. They helped him to the third floor to his bedroom to rest as he was drunk and then they went down to the second floor to rest. One woke up three hours later to the sensation of sexual assault and saw Kang Ji Hwna move other the assault the other woman. Together they put up a fight and got him out of the bedroom after which they locked the door and tried to call for help. But the house was in the countryside so they couldn’t get cell service and only after connecting to a free WiFi they used a text messaging app Kakao to text a friend for help. The friend called cops who arrived an hour later and arrested Kang Ji Hwan. Sigh, good riddance. Continue reading