K-ent Reports that IU Spent 3 Days at the Memorial for Good Friend Sulli and Cancelled Promos for Her Own Upcoming Album Release in November

The last major entertainment activity that Sulli participated in prior to her untimely passing was doing a cameo for her very good friend IU‘s summer supernatural drama Hotel Del Luna. That will remain Sulli’s departing work and I’m so happy she got to do it in support of IU and also spend time together. IU’s name hasn’t been publicly in the news in connection with Sulli’s passing other than noting that they were the closest of friends. Now K-ent is reporting that IU spent all three days of Sulli’s wake at the hospital memorial and Sulli was laid to rest at a private family and friends funeral on the fourth day. IU also quietly cancelled scheduled promos for┬áher upcoming album Love, Poem. She announced the album on October 11th and it was supposed to drop in early November, but Sulli passed away on October 14th. Continue reading

Gu Hye Sun Posts Supposed Cheating Bathrobe Picture of Ahn Jae Hyun, Deletes After His Side Says Picture is From 2012 Before They Met

The trainwreck divorce proceedings between Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun continues unabated, clearly she didn’t hear my pleading in my last post to stop airing her grievances in public. Gu Hye Sun posted a picture of a man … Continue reading