Song Joong Ki Starts Filming K-movie Battleship Island with Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub

There are tons more eyes on Song Joong Ki nowadays thanks to his hit drama Descendants of the Sun, and he’s parting ways with the trendy fare and taking on a heavy hitting acting project for his next role. Filming has started on Battleship Island, a movie based on the nickname of¬†Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) also known as Hashima Island in the Southern part of Japan. The Korean pronounciation is called¬†Goonhamdo and all refer to an island that is an isolated residential and military installation.

The movie is about hundreds of Koreans forced or tricked into laboring on the island during the Japanese colonial occupation, and brings Song Joong Ki together with two other A-list actors in Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub. Triple nice. Director Ryu Seung Wan has worked together with Hwang Jung Min multiple times most recently with Veteran and The Unjust, and also directed Ha Jung Woo and Jeon Ji Hyun in The Berlin Files. This will definitely be a top movie when it’s released next year in 2017. Continue reading