A Long Awaited Mommy-Son Reunion Finally Arrives in New Stills for Episode 16 of Legend of the Blue Sea

I can’t be the only one worried about a potential truck of doom once Legend of the Blue Sea set its long awaited mommy-son moment in an intersection of all places. But then I realize that super strength Shim Chung is right next to mommy and can keep her safe, but it looks like the writer isn’t headed down that path and will instead happily let the long separated Joon Jae and Joon Jae mommy reunite.

I’m happy both with their well deserved chance to fill the gap in their hearts from the forced separation, as well as giving sticking it to the baddies for keeping them apart then and even now as annoying Si Ah tried to delay things. Hopefully Joon Jae daddy won’t bite the dust before he realizes the error of his ways in bringing evil second wife and her just as evil son into their lives. Until then, let Joon Jae finally have some happy mommy cake and share it with his Chung. Continue reading

Jeon Ji Hyun Waits for in the Department Store for Lee Min Ho in New Episode 11 Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea

This week’s episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea will hopefully build on the fantastic last two episodes, heralding a connective thread and emotional sincerity breakthrough for Lee Min Ho‘s Joon Jae. It follows from the two episodes prior where … Continue reading

Park Bo Gum Beats Out Song Joong Ki as Winner of Gallup Poll Korea’s Top Drama Actor of 2016

Wow, I’m rather impressed someone beat Song Joong Ki in this year’s vote for a drama category poll, but then again I don’t think Joong Ki minds in the least when it’s one of his best friends Park Bo Gum. … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Dethrones Jeon Ji Hyun in Top Spot for 2016 Annual Poll of Most Popular CF Star in South Korea

Congrats is in store for yet another accomplishment for this year’s Hallyu star breakout Song Joong Ki. already a well known and acclaimed young actor in South Korea but reached a much wider stage this year with the success of … Continue reading