Kang Ji Hwan Gets 2 1/2 Year Suspended Prison Sentence for Sexual Assault

This is a rather odd sentencing package but at least this guy’s life is ruined and sometimes that’s a way harder punishment than jail time. K-actor Kang Ji Hwan was officially sentenced today by the South Korean court, he was given a 2.5 year prison sentence which was suspended for three years, which means he doesn’t need to check in to jail until 2022. He was also sentenced to 120 hours community service, 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program, and prohibited from employment for three years. I’m not sure why the jail sentence was suspended, could be his side asked for leniency for personal reasons and the court granted it. Either way this sexual assaulter and attempted rapist is getting incarceration and a life long sentence of never being a popular actor again. Continue reading

All Employees Wants to Kill Boss Kang Ji Hwan in Previews for KBS Office Drama Feel Good to Die

The posters and teasers for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Feel Good to Die actually look good but I’m not terribly optimistic about the drama getting high ratings. Recent office dramas have been middling to flops and this one looks a tad … Continue reading