Korean Court Extends Kang Ji Hwan’s Detention Another Two Months During Pre-trial

I’m gradually forgotten K-actor Kang Ji Hwan even existed, seriously making the effort to erase his works and existence so to move on and not feel even slightly ambivalent about his onscreen performance versus real life current criminal incarceration pending trial for sexually assaulting two women while claiming to be so drunk. It helps that he’s not in the news anymore but this week K-ent is reporting that the Korean court has extended his detention in jail another two months as requested by the prosecutor. He’s been in detention rather than out on bail because the prosecutor was afraid he would destroy evidence, and his initial two month detention period is up so the prosecutor asked for another two month extension and got it. Fine by me, I just wonder why all the other recent alleged star criminals like Seungri, Jung Joon Young, etc. are still walking free during their investigation? Continue reading

All Employees Wants to Kill Boss Kang Ji Hwan in Previews for KBS Office Drama Feel Good to Die

The posters and teasers for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Feel Good to Die actually look good but I’m not terribly optimistic about the drama getting high ratings. Recent office dramas have been middling to flops and this one looks a tad … Continue reading

Kang Ji Hwan, Baek Jin Hee, and Gong Myung Lead Script Reading for KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Happy if You Died

The Wed-Thurs time slot remains a ratings depressed zone and I’m not feeling optimistic that the upcoming KBS drama Happy if You Died will inject a boost to the proceedings even if I love the dark humor of its drama … Continue reading