K-netizens Upset that Kang Ji Hwan Hired Four High Powered Lawyers for Upcoming Rape Trial

Despite K-actor Kang Ji Hwan admitting publicly that he was guilty of the allegations of rape and sexual assault on two women last month in July 2019, he still is still planning to go through a proper trial. He has apparently hired a four lawyer strong team to defend himself, likely arguing his initial defense that he was drunk and therefore not (as) culpable for his actions. He has every right to a defense that he can afford but K-netizens are upset that his strong lawyer team indicates that he’s not just accepting responsibility and whatever penal consequences to come. I’m all for defendants hiring lawyers as is a right but in Kang Ji Hwan’s case he’s probably thinking that his acting career is over might as well try to mitigate his potential jail time in real life. I think he’s trash either way and hope his case goes fast and he gets slapped with the proper sentence for his crimes. Continue reading

All Employees Wants to Kill Boss Kang Ji Hwan in Previews for KBS Office Drama Feel Good to Die

The posters and teasers for KBS Wed-Thurs drama Feel Good to Die actually look good but I’m not terribly optimistic about the drama getting high ratings. Recent office dramas have been middling to flops and this one looks a tad … Continue reading

Kang Ji Hwan, Baek Jin Hee, and Gong Myung Lead Script Reading for KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Happy if You Died

The Wed-Thurs time slot remains a ratings depressed zone and I’m not feeling optimistic that the upcoming KBS drama Happy if You Died will inject a boost to the proceedings even if I love the dark humor of its drama … Continue reading

Children of a Lesser God Delays Broadcast for One Week After Jo Min Ki Leaves Cast Due to University Sexual Harassment Allegations

There’s no end to bad news around K-dramas recently and another one has run into a roadblock of sorts. Upcoming OCN police thriller Children of a Lesser God will delay it’s premiere one week until March 3th due to supporting … Continue reading