Lee Seung Gi Settles into Fall for L’Officiel Hommes Pictorial

The transformation of Lee Seung Gi continues, now in increments in his 30s rather than leaps when he was in his 20s. As a long time fan I’m still impressed at his sincere hardworking intensity, he’s really earnest about his entertainer role without coming across as too thirsty or desperate. He’s also looking mighty fine in the fall 2018 issue of L’Officiel Hommes magazine, pensive and probing as if already in character of his upcoming drama Vagabond. That makes sense as the drama is fully pre-produced and already filming with overseas shooting in Morocco and Portugal. His character is an aspiring action star who suffers a plane crash and gets embroiled in a national level conspiracy, with Suzy as his female lead playing a NIS agent. The drama is scheduled to air in the latter half of 2019 on SBS. Continue reading