Vagabond Finally Gives Lee Seung Gi the Upper Hand But Episodes 9-10 Continue the Action Over Engaging Narrative Development

There is a reason that summer Hollywood movies are called popcorn flicks, it’s brainless fun and the emphasis is on FUN. tvN action drama Vagabond has been no fun so far, earlier on it had to be serious and sad because an entire plane full of passengers including a bunch of kids died because of a greedy government and corporate conspiracy. But the task on unmasking the conspiracy has been tedious so far, putting Lee Seung Gi on pure adrenaline mode with sidekick Suzy who turned out to be exactly a plot device as I worried about so her limited acting doesn’t even matter because no one can make that character work. But the conspiracy felt so unbelievably far-reaching, like the Deep State Conspiracies right wing nutjobs talk about, that it made it impossible to enjoy the ride. This week’s episodes 9-10 finally turned the tide a bit, giving the good guys at the end the upper hand and I can’t believe I’m so wanting this drama to actually get good by the end I’m still along for the ride. Sadly no further viewers are turning in as ratings remain steady to last week. Continue reading