Netflix Japan Daily Top 10 Dominated by K-dramas Led by The King’s Affection and Squid Game

Every few years K-drama will get super popular in Japan, the trend starting with the granddaddy of them all Winter Sonata and continuing most recently into Crash Landing on You, with plenty in between. But those standalone hits did not seem indicative that K-dramas were fully mainstream there which makes sense since J-doramas are still being churned out in droves. With that said, Netflix has not capitalized on J-doramas and instead it’s focus and investment into K-dramas has yielded the medium conquering Japanese streaming viewing habits. The most recent Daily top 10 in Netflix Japan had 7 K-dramas on the list! Starting with The King’s Affection in the top spot, which I totally understand why J-viewers would love it as it’s so gorgeous to look at on top of a compelling story. Then it’s global hit Squid Game, followed by oldies Touch Your Heart, Crash Landing, then Itaewon Class. Then another Netflix produced drama My Name made the list, with the final K-drama in the top 10 being Hometown Cha Cha Cha. I’m sure not having much J-dorama selection available on Netflix helps direct Japanese viewers to the next most similar thing, I mean there is only so many times one can watch Alice in Borderland.

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Han So Hee Reveals in Post Drama Interview that the PD of Netflix Thriller My Name Added a Sex Scene with Ahn Bo Hyun Midway Through Filming and Was Not Agreed in Advance Since it was Not in the Original Script She Reviewed

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This Friday Netflix Premieres Revenge Thriller K-drama My Name with Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Park Hee Soon

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