Tears Flow at Memorial Concert for TW- star Alien Huang Capped by Heartfelt Words From His Best Friends

It’s only been 3 weeks since TW singer-actor-variety host Alien Huang (Huang Hong Sheng and nickname Xiao Gui) passed away on September 16, 2020 but the grieving process feels truncated as everything passed in a whirlwind. From his friends and family memorial to cremation and funeral, he was laid to rest with shock, disbelief, and solemn sorrow for those who knew him in person and those who were merely fans. This Monday a fan memorial concert was held in Taipei, first come first serve for 2000 attendees to celebrate and commemorate Xiao Gui’s life. The media covered it and from all accounts the event was a mix of tears and laughter. Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui) dressed up like her oppa Xiao Gui while Rainie Yang and Tiffany Hsu along with two other of their high school classmates who together with Xiao Gui formed the famed “5-person gang” read their eulogy for Xiao Gui, promising to live their own lives carrying his memory on their shoulders. *Sniffles*

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Rainie Yang Leads the Parade of TW-stars Paying Visit to Alien Huang’s Memorial on the First Day of Service

I can’t fault the hordes of media stationed outside the memorial location for deceased singer-actor Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), it’s the biggest entertainment news on the island and remains such a shocker. Alien was confirmed to have passed from a … Continue reading

Tiffany Hsu is Married News Heat Up Again After She’s Spotted with Wedding Ring and Rumored Hubby Liu You Nian and His Parents Attend Her Stage Performance

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Bolin Chen and Gwei Lun Mei Lead Chic TW-star Contingent at Chanel Store Opening in Taipei

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Top Stars Attend 2017 Golden Horse Awards and Shu Qi Wins the Fashion Red Carpet Yet Again

Taiwan’s biggest movie awards night was this weekend with the 54th annual Golden Horse Awards, feting the best of cinematic achievements in 2017. I haven’t watched a lick of Taiwan or Mainland awards worthy movies this year so I was … Continue reading

Luxury Brand Piaget Partners with Golden Horse Award Nominees in Exquisite Movie Set Pictorial

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Chris Wu and Alice Ke Win Best Acting Trophies at the 51st Annual Golden Bell Awards

The glitziest night of Taiwanese television took place at the 51st annual Golden Bell Awards Friday night in Taipei. I only pay attention for the fashion and if certain TW-dramas or acting talent that I happen to like for that … Continue reading

The Assassin Leads the Big Win at the 52nd Annual Golden Horse Awards

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