TW-actress Cheryl Yang Confirms Marriage to Non-celeb Boyfriend of Three Years

This TW-actress has been to so many of her close age fellow actress weddings in the last few years the tabloids were getting ready to crown her a title that came from her biggest drama hit. Cheryl Yang was about to become a Queen of Failure (the Chinese title of 敗犬女王 Bao Quan Nu Wang from the TW-drama My Queen) where she was the aging spinster having a hard time finding love. Her real life gets a happy ending this week with news that the actress has married her boyfriend of three years Ben, a non-celeb working in the oil industry in the US. She confirmed the news with attached three casual and full of love beach pictures of the couple to share with fans. They look brimming with happiness and I’m thrilled for the couple, with Cheryl also confirmed that they are working on having a baby right away since she’s already 41-years old. Go for it girl! Continue reading