K-singer Mina Marries Younger Idol Ryu Philip After Three Years of Dating

I’m in such a good mood and June is totally the month of wedding hopes and dreams so there isn’t an ounce of snark in me writing this congratulatory post for Korean stars Mina and Ryu Philip on their marriage this weekend. The couple made gossip waves three years ago in 2015 when they announced a relationship with the age difference of Mina at 42 years and Philip was 25 back then. The couple made it through the K-netizen saltiness and eye rolls, with Philip going off for his military service for two years and returning. This weekend the couple married after dating for three years, and the 45 year old bride looked lovely with her 28 year old husband doting on her. Congrats to the happy couple and go prove the naysayers wrong. Continue reading

Johnny’s Entertainment V6 Member Okada Junichi’s Wedding Announcement Accidentally Delivered Early and Stirs Up J-ent Excitement

This is a hilarious news to report and a happy one at that. Thanks to the super efficiency of the Japanese post office, a breaking news story broke two days early and frankly I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. … Continue reading