Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao Breakup After Four Years Together After Love Triangle Start

I’m not going to feel schadenfreude to hear this news but there are some who are understandably going to react with a “you get what’s due” sense of inevitable. TW-news is reporting that dating stars Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao have called it quits after four years together, or five years together if you add the year prior when she was the third wheel interloper in his super messy breakup with Sonia Sui. Yao Yuan Hao and Sonia dated for 8 years and the breakup was the biggest tabloid fodder in 2012, when reporters caught Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi together multiple times despite him still dating Sonia and worst being Sonia learning about it by reading said tabloids. Of course Sonia ended up just fine, nurturing a broken heart for two years after the breakup before meeting and marrying her husband Tony and now having adorable set of son and daughter. The media stopped following Cyndi and Yao Yuan Hao as much once they started to openly date, and this breakup has been confirmed by both sides as amicable and a return to just being friends. Continue reading